Toto - Rosanna (Live At Montreux 1991)

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pablo2by4GotBanned : The video quality is amazing. It looks like it was recorded yesterday!

Guitarist6494 : Lukather is a boss

GaryandMarcie Perkins : Not a single smartphone in sight. Ahhhh the 90s!

Poyax : What? 1991? Wow, the resolution is so high it feels so recent.

ksound65 : the backup singer does a great job with the Kimball parts!!!

Arvindh Mani : Jeff Porcaro, King of Groove

Jordi Ruiz : Jeff Porcaro is the reason I'm a drummer.

Kiddowesth : This video needs more Jeff. Why isn't the camera on him at all times? Dear lord!

nicolhaidi : This is so HD it doesn't even feel like 1991

Lewis Phillips : Never knew that Lando Calrissian could sing...

David McCain : That cheek kiss on Mike at 4:43 means so much to us Toto fans. We all miss you Mike and Jeff. RIP.

Vincent Karaboulad : What a freaking party, this is moving.

Larry Marseglia : Lukather is in a league that few can enter...

nazima m : I would have preferred to see more of Jeff Porcaro, and less of that girl wearing half a blouse doing Lord knows what b/w Mike's legs.

Neil Toombes : I don't care who you are or what you do but every single person on this planet needs to watch this as this is how it's done.

cottagechskitty : This is one fantastic performance. And there is Mr. Metronome not missing a beat...

80eren : Jeff in HD. Wonderful!

FLAME-XIII : i adore this band so much!

Multi Camzilla : Posting this again because it's quite a fascinating look at old cutting-edge tech. ""The entire Jazz Festival was recorded using the Sony HDVS system, 1125 lines interlaced analog component video signal. with 16x9 aspect ratio. So it is basically 1080i when converted to digital. The audio was recorded with 2 Sony 48 track DASH digital recorders at 16 bit resolution 48 KHz sample rate. The VTR's used to record the concert recorded the analog component HD video digitally along with separate 8 channel 16 bit 48 Khz audio, so a 8 channel audio sub mix was fed to the truck to be recorded to the tape with the video. The production used 5 cameras 4 Sony HDC-300 3 tube HDVS cameras and one Sony HDC-500 3 CCD HDVS camera (a prototype). The 5 cameras where fed into an 8 input HDS-1000T switcher a ,live mix was recorded to an HDD-1000 Digital 1" VTR. Three of the cameras where also directly run to their own HDD-1000 VTR(ISO CAMS) so that more shots could be added or changed in post production. The entire system of 4 VTR's and 2 DASH audio recorders was synced through the use of SMPTE time code. The output of the switcher was also fed through a Sony HDN-22000 NTSC/PAL down-converter, the output of which was recorded on Betacam SP and D2 to allow local broadcast outlets have copies of the jazz festival for use in their broadcasts.""

howard ruiz : Jeff we miss you .

jay kronos : BEST VERSION OF ROSANNA LIVE, period!!!!!!!

Latoya Knight : Absolutely loved it!! Mike and Jeff are amazing as I know they still are in heaven. R.I.P. (Rock In Peace)

Andy McCoy : I just love the way Jeff Porcaro plays.

Glen Rivara : How can anyone not love this?  There is so much life in it.  Pure JOY!

corey fisher : My man hits those high notes perfectly.

cmonsterz : Man...Steve is a terrifyingly incredible player!

Kimmie P. : The cool man himself. 0:14 RIP

Steven Kray : The mix on this is freakin' delicious.

I_Like_It_Here : Bass and drums are RIGHT in the pocket

Tubular : Fantastic performance, miss Jeff and Mike so much.

M_Dutch97 : 0:14 Such a baddass!

Alwan Rosyidi : This concert was so awesome. Gave me orgasm.

efrenmarquez8228 : Damn check out Mike Porcaro laying it down!

funklover24 : Probably one of the latest live-videos with Jeff Porcaro. Rest in peace, Jeff.

MarcAnthem : i watch this at least once a week

Martin Schneider : That's what i call a party

Tom Parks : The last 3 minutes of this video is some serious All-Out, Throw-Down, Heart-Pounding Jamz. But never for a second, out of control. Steve Lukather was never given his proper due as a studio/performing artist.

Lord chris : that legendary rossana shuffle ✌✌✌✌✌✌

A. BIlly : i love that bass played styles of mike porcarro. #RipMike

Douglas Brito : uwwowwwuuuuu!!! this video has such an incredible HQ resolution!! Thank you guys for this! Love You all!!


Martin Senna : Puta. Que. Pariu. Que banda! <3

Ortho Drummer : Great video but more close ups of Jeff would have been better . This song is what it is because of his historic signature shuffle groove. He was a great gift to music and the whole drumming community.

4thstooge : Wow! What a high energy performance of this song The B/U singers (& the lead singer) have infused new life into this already incredible band. I'm blown away!

1stSaintsFan : The complete DVD of this concert went on sale today. Reply This TOTO should be in the Legendary Status for all of the great musicians who could play a variety of styles, but when they all came together they make unmistakable "TOTO" music.

satiric_rug : Pity you can't hear the lowest part so well on the "how quiet it is" part (David Paich's, I believe)... still, very cool! Great to see Jeff and Mike up there - rest in peace.

funklover24 : When Jeff plays, I always have the feeling, everything comes out in the right way. :) Miss you, Jeff, rest in peace.

David P Butler : pure rock with the precision and musicianship of jazz...the ultimate example of jazz-rock fusion

Josh Howell : Does anyone know who the male backup singer is? The guy who sings Bobby Kimball's high parts

Frama78 : His Soldano-tone and Robot Guitar war the best sounding combination to me. Maybe on par to the KoD-System with the 3+Preamp :)