Toto - Rosanna (Live At Montreux 1991)

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Guitarist6494 : Lukather is a boss

pablo2by4GotBanned : The video quality is amazing. It looks like it was recorded yesterday!

FLAME-XIII : i adore this band so much!

Vincent Karaboulad : What a freaking party, this is moving.

GaryandMarcie Perkins : Not a single smartphone in sight. Ahhhh the 90s!

Poyax : What? 1991? Wow, the resolution is so high it feels so recent.

howard ruiz : Jeff we miss you .

David McCain : That cheek kiss on Mike at 4:43 means so much to us Toto fans. We all miss you Mike and Jeff. RIP.

jay kronos : BEST VERSION OF ROSANNA LIVE, period!!!!!!!

Martin Schneider : That's what i call a party

Arvindh Mani : Jeff Porcaro, King of Groove

80eren : Jeff in HD. Wonderful!

Douglas Brito : uwwowwwuuuuu!!! this video has such an incredible HQ resolution!! Thank you guys for this! Love You all!!

nicolhaidi : This is so HD it doesn't even feel like 1991

Latoya Knight : Absolutely loved it!! Mike and Jeff are amazing as I know they still are in heaven. R.I.P. (Rock In Peace)

cottagechskitty : This is one fantastic performance. And there is Mr. Metronome not missing a beat...

Andy McCoy : I just love the way Jeff Porcaro plays.

Kiddowesth : This video needs more Jeff. Why isn't the camera on him at all times? Dear lord!

nazima m : I would have preferred to see more of Jeff Porcaro, and less of that girl wearing half a blouse doing Lord knows what b/w Mike's legs.

ksound65 : the backup singer does a great job with the Kimball parts!!!

Jordi Ruiz : Jeff Porcaro is the reason I'm a drummer.

corey fisher : My man hits those high notes perfectly.

Mocha Kona : Oh my God! This version of Rosanna is perfect!

Miguel Calderón Rojas : 6:57 That sounds like Dream Theater 🎸 progresive haha!! excellent!!👍🏼

David P Butler : pure rock with the precision and musicianship of jazz...the ultimate example of jazz-rock fusion


anirban747 : So much life the sound has from those analogue boards.

Nachorock chile muñoz : who is seeing this awesome performance of the best period of toto in this year 2016 ? I am =) wow jeff and mike we miss you guys and we love you . toto forever in my heart .........

Mattia Antonaci : Jeff we miss you 😢

Glen Rivara : How can anyone not love this?  There is so much life in it.  Pure JOY!

Neil Toombes : I don't care who you are or what you do but every single person on this planet needs to watch this as this is how it's done.

Martin Djababoe : OMG! Jeff Porcaro is the best!!

Zak Robinson : God, they're just the best.

Steven Kray : The mix on this is freakin' delicious.

Lewis Phillips : Never knew that Lando Calrissian could sing...

1stSaintsFan : The complete DVD of this concert went on sale today. Reply This TOTO should be in the Legendary Status for all of the great musicians who could play a variety of styles, but when they all came together they make unmistakable "TOTO" music.

satiric_rug : Pity you can't hear the lowest part so well on the "how quiet it is" part (David Paich's, I believe)... still, very cool! Great to see Jeff and Mike up there - rest in peace.

Nostalgic Gaming : how are 90's into this deep HD quality? digital remastered engineering? fill me in pls..

Spooky315 : Jeff😢😢

Diego Rodriguez : Increíble... De otro mundo! Ni hablar de Jeff Porcaro

Lord chris : that legendary rossana shuffle ✌✌✌✌✌✌

Alwan Rosyidi : This concert was so awesome. Gave me orgasm.

Ortho Drummer : Great video but more close ups of Jeff would have been better . This song is what it is because of his historic signature shuffle groove. He was a great gift to music and the whole drumming community.

ghettoqueenpapaya : have no words... Beyond music perfection

I_Like_It_Here : Bass and drums are RIGHT in the pocket

Wahyu Satrio Guntoro : awesome tone, awesome phrasing, awesome licks. tight tight performance

Alessio Roma : Legends 🎶

Tubular : Fantastic performance, miss Jeff and Mike so much.

funklover24 : Probably one of the latest live-videos with Jeff Porcaro. Rest in peace, Jeff.

funklover24 : When Jeff plays, I always have the feeling, everything comes out in the right way. :) Miss you, Jeff, rest in peace.