Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

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Midnight-Blue766 : The last Hobbit movie should have ended with Benedict Cumberbatch singing and dancing to this, backup dancers with elf/Vulcan ears, pixie cuts and all.

young boss : This is very very illogical.

Andrian Gayda : Spock what happened to you?

Markus Ramone : For all the People who dont have Money for the LotR Soundtrack/ MoviesThis is for dedicated to  them

Cube Matrix : Must.... pay.... rent....

larry vinaver : The multi- talented and brilliant Mr Leonard Nimoy.... very much missed...

Laceykat66 : The dancer with the "Vidal Sasson" short haircut is Erin Gray of "Buck Rogers" and "Silver Spoons" fame.

sue novak : omg how have I never seen this!! love it ! lol

Terry Wikene : Questionable Choreography!

Sam Schmidt : 1:26 He just casually dodges whatever was thrown at him


Spockgirl Trekkie : And this is why I love Leonard Nimoy so much.

Amaia Fields : This is the best. I love it

Crashing Cloud : What is spock doing there?

Liam Connolly : Also up there in bravery is wearing white pants.

ResidentBigEvil : so thia is it? holy shi,t filing this rght next to the star wars christmas special

Ben Smith : This remains one of the oddest things on youtube

Psychedelic Lizard : I love how it looks like he just changed jackets after shooting a star trek scene.

dragon in winter : This is a whole new level of awesome.

young boss : Commander spock what is this?

Banter Board : At 1:25 - Hey Leonard! Don't look behind you I think your dancers are about to get it on. 😁

Lalit Kumar Bhoi : Trek and the hobbit crossover

Dave Karr : Star Trek and Buck Rodgers meet up.


Ultimate_Xgamer : BILBO(bilbo) the Bravest hobbit of em all

noobonthewall : So, who else remembers this from the FF7 Dilly dally video back when?

TheKiss : What's a Leonard Nimoy?

95netta : Thank you imgur lol

joelm33 : How fascinatingly illogical

Rob Arans : dude you just KNOW that Leonard got naked with all these ladies in a hot tub later...

Brooklyn Boogie140 : Fascinating

Renan Gonçalves Flores : JOVEM NERD

patrick kever : drugs is cool

USPatriotsforLiberty : Spock big pimpin

Lord Apophis : When was this music video made?

SophieKitty Gaming : interesting how this is a song about bilbo, yet hes not shown in the movie scenes where they show other hobbits instead

Cory Burroughs : yikes!

I Fought Piranhas : This is proof that drugs are either very awesome or very bad, I'm just not sure which.

Kevincy : Imgur sent me here! Anyone else?

Renato Davi : CANELADAAA!

Buck Futter : Did you splice in footage from the movies into this??

Skelly : If I showed up to be one of the dancers and they said I had to do those embarrassing moves, I'd turn around and go home.

James Wilhelm : Yes. Ok.

Tom Perkins : Leonard NImoy the worst singer in showbiz

Chris Jovanovic : Didn't realize Leonard Nemoy was so creepy....

Harry J. White : cringe....worthy