The Iceman Interview - Analysis of Kuklinski

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anon wong : Put all the pedophiles and rapists in the same room as him, let him take care of the job.

contelecon 2725 : The level of eye contact is unreal

taergehtsiram : I love watching this. I find it incredibly profound and important. I love the straight-forward style of Park Dietz. He's very upfront and unflinching, yet completely respectful. Classy guy.

Jon Bloor : you 've got to admit. The interviewer has got bollocks to tell him what he thinks.

Mary : 'Ive come full circle,its time for me to die" very dramatic ,gave me chills!!

kitty Love : To all the abusive parents this is what you create.Not only do you create these killers but you destroy other peoples lives. The true fault starts with the root not the one who committed these crimes.

baileys60 : Blink man God dammit the shrink freaks me out more than the iceman

HowDidHeDoThat5 : The Doc got to him when he was talking about his dad and childhood. You can see it in his eyes he wanted to cry. Not out of sadness but relief that somebody has the balls to tell him what’s wrong. I’m pretty sure nobody has every been straight up with him like this doc has been.

dom toretto : the analyst gave him the perfect explanation...real pro

southsyde Sasha : Not only his father was abusing him and he doesn't tell the guy or what reason but his father KILLED one of his brothers when he was a kid in front of him& the family's story was kid fell down stairs. Thats left out of the interview and it shouldnt have been bc imo, he watched his father kill he learned to kill from his father.

Wolfgang Woldt : What an extremely insightful interview...Park Dietz is absolutely fantastic...and even thought Richard came close to wanting to attack him during one portion of the extended interview, because he felt Park was being critical of the end, I think he really appreciated Park being able to give him insight into his abhorrent behaviour...the interesting thing with Richard is that sometimes he comes across as likeable...such a dry wit...he was able to fool so many...even his own wife...I could but not help but feel sorry for him...had he been born into a loving, caring family...his life would have been so different....his story is both fascinating...and sad...

red green : "It's all i've got left, everything I ever loved is gone, everything I ever liked is gone. So hate." "That's all you started with too." "Then i've come full circle, and it's time for me to die." I was soooo hoping they put that in the film, a chilling but fantastic quote.

SuperNn19 : My mother used to beat the shit out of me. sometimes my dad too . I'm an adult now. I don't hate my parents but the beating affected me so much I'm always live in constant fear .Mostly I feel like everyone would attack me or hurt me. or I would do a great job or things but still I feel like it's wrong . can't say what I want or do. it's very true who become as a person depends on childhood.I feel for this guy but I don't support what he did.

Grand Champ : This guy is good. Speaking so calmly and clear when you sit next to a mass murderer... Amazing. Balls of steel.

Dave Nix : Mr Deitz is fearless, the same trait that a psychopath is born with,only that it is put to good use,.

Christa Stempel : Wow, this was intense. Yeah thank you manile for showing this. It is quite incredible how Dr. Dietz was able to remain so professional and at the same time so honestly compassionate, without any bullshit emotionality, just showing clarity of thought. It was also amazing to see how Kuklinski followed what Dr. Dietz had to say with obvious awareness of himself being talked about, but not having his ego playing a part in the process. What I got out of this interview, is seeing a lot of sadness in this ice cold killer, and I can't help but feel so sorry for this man, because it is so clear that there is a truly hurt human being, deep down in his soul.

stevie bops : It seems like Kuklinski got more than he bargained for here. He's probably so used to being in control in conversations, that being analysed so well was probably like being disarmed and stripped.

Christopher Milford : These serial killers get a kick out of the attention they get.  I think that's why Dennis Rader started sending messages to law enforcement years after he had stopped committing crimes.  I believe he was afraid he was going to die and not get the credit for his crimes. The psychologist in this interview is very good.

stormin300 : My Psychiatrist said I was Paranoid, but then that bastard always had it in for me!!

The Fallen Angel : One word for this interview = WOW

Yota Yota : The guy interviewing him looks like a serial killer too

Rob Late : This doctor basically explained why there is no such thing as hell. If evil is genetic and nurtured, how are people like Richard responsible for their actions? It's out of their hands. And what God would make such an error?

R. Craig : that stare...

j9andphoenix : Park Dietz is a world reknowned forensic psychiatrist - different from a psychologist - psychiatrists go through usual medical school then focus on their specialty. In his interview with The Iceman he shows just HOW good he is. The full interview is worth watching - it is admirable to work in a world where we don't only revile and kill people but try and learn about them too - some antisocials like to just talk about their crimes in order to 'relive the rush' - I get the impression that Richard Kuklinski genuinely wanted to know WHY -that said I think he knew why - but perhaps asked the question to see if he could accept that Dr Dietz DID understand who he was and why. For simple respect. To allow him to go further. Sometimes it is very difficult to allow ourselves to understand when someone does truly vile things. Mostly I guess. We very rarely get to know the full history of the person who committed atrocities and for the most part people don't want to know-don't care to know. To understand doesn't lessen the ugliness of their actions.

Kal Sizzle : can we get Vince Gilligan to make an award winning tv series out of this?

PJ Mo : Come on doc, it's ok to blink here and there.

Laurie Bryant : It's a tragic tale, treated so horribly that he was a serial killer, successful contract mafia Hitman.

noobslayer135 : 9:55 anyone else get goosebumps?

Steve Fortuna : Dick Cheney could learn a thing or two from Kuklinski.

crimony : If he cannot feel, how does he feel hatred and loneliness?

Biltospill : "Enough about me, lets talk about you. What do you think about me." He is such a narcissist and his question proves it. lol.

Hubert Applebaum : This guy conducting the interview seems to pin certain behavioural aspects on genetic predispositions and I have to agree on that we can even see it more clearly in dog breeds. Most dog breeds are known for certain behavioural characteristics, for example certain dogs breeds are known for bonding more with one person inside a family and others are known for being social and open to many people. Others are known for being more obedient and others for being less obedient. It's the truth that pit bulls for example are more dangerous due to their genetic predisposition in both the physical as well as psychological aspects. Of course like the man in the interview points out, with great parenting etc.. it is still possible for those with these predispositions to lead a normal life. Now I see this reflecting in the crime statistics, even when you take away the factor of socio economic standing certain people are more likely to commit violent crimes. Others are more likely to abuse substances etc.. And when looking at intelligence the same applies. Therefore it is important we further research into genetic predispositions for certain behavioural aspects. And use that knowledge to properly guide humans within our society.

Giorgi Gudiashvili : I'm looking at the guy and can't believe he murdered 200 people.

Geovanny German : The psychiatrist gave him a perfect breakdown of what's going on, always wanted to understand what is exactly that a psychopath feels or think

papa smurf : if I was richard I wudda choked the interviewer to death for old times sake.

Imua Imua : Dude had both type of the perfect storm..........the perfect killer.

Dennis Settlemyre : Lol, the doc was like, "I'll give it a shot"..... Then ripped his psyche apart.

Pork Woofles : I think there is a 3rd factor that the doc missed out. He's RETARDED.

canadian doushe : richard kulinski mom was hiot

Dingus McKringleberry : "Just so happens I might have a question for you"...*tries for the better part of a minute to come up with a question*

Benjamin Trif : He never killed women or kids. Respect.

Robust Shikaka : This interviewer is a god

ElliotWORLD : The interviewer is brilliant in a practiced way. One thing he missed was Kuklinski's care and dedication to his own family. Sure, ultimately a lost cause, but he genuinely cared about his family.

Amanda tompkins : He was abused. It's sad. he needed love. He got pain and fear. His father beat his 5 year old brother to death. I wish he could've talked to richard rohr before he died. A lot of people think he was murdered in prison to keep his mouth shut.

TOMAHAWK NATION : ..Does anyone else here think it's possible that Richard may have been undiagnosed high functioning aspergers ?...Just a thought..

Rocky Alfresco : I have the paranoid personality disorder.

Erik Norman : how is it possible for the interviewer to keep eye contact for that long???

Golden Ratio : 7:20 the regret in his eyes, you're still meat and flesh no matter how devil you are.

Richard Henry : Put some camoflauge on this guy and he'd be wearing medals and labelled a brave hero. It all depends on circumstances, how its packaged sold and perceived that make the killing different. And yet its the same.

TheGoogler77 : It's too bad about Kuklinski. His childhood messed him up badly. He looked like he would have killed that psychiatrist if he could.