How To Make a How To Article

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EaglesGuyTV : Really good shit, hilarious and well put together

Chokkan : I'm going to overlook the fact that you put milk in while the teabag was still in there. But only because I like you. Thin ice.

grizzlystation : I think I catch the grasp of it. Can you make another video on how to watch a how to make a how to video. It'd help me out

iMeMine : Jesus... pure poetry my man haha.  Way too good

Joe Allen Dickerson : Was that a Hello Internet HI at the opening?

Channel 46 : does all this information also apply to making a "how to make a 'how to make a cup of coffee' " or just tea?

WeeLittleLaddie : All I wanted was to know how to make a how to article but I instead found a video that made me question my very existence

CammyT : AWSOME video man and was really helpful

Gezim 67 : I would imagine that after making this video, you probably hate to say the words "How To"

Kaaam G : I like the video idea and the editing seemed very dense man. Was looking forward to this vid :) good job