Why South Park Apologized – Wisecrack Quick Take
Why South Park Apologized Wisecrack Quick Take

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shadepotatoe : Giving up Red Dead Redemption 2 obviously represents going outside your comfort zone & taking things cereal.

Jessica DeNittis : I saw an interview with Al Gore when he was asked about this particular episode of South Park. He was an absolute darling about it. He laughed it off and was quite gracious, and actually thanked Trey and Matt for the whole thing.

Philipp Totschnig : Southpark engages the problem of global warming and points to its ULTIMATE PROBLEM: to stop man-bear-pig (global warming) we will have to make a sacrifice, we will have to abandon our beloved way of life filled with consumption (which is symbolized by Red Dead Redemption), but the ultimate problem with global warming is that no ones wants to do that sacrifice. Southpark wants us to realize that there is no solution to global warming, which does not involve personal sacrifice and an unwanted change in our lifestyle. There is only one thing that can stop global warming, there is no shortcut, no satan will save you, the deal is clear, give up consumption and it will stop.

Thatdeadguy20000 0 : South Park is and will remain the foundation of Comedy Central,Trey and Matt are geniuses...

Steve Davis : Man-bear-pig isn't half man, half bear, half pig, it's half man, half bear-pig.

G-Luke : Youtuber: *creates video* Skillshare: I am about to *sponsor* this whole man's career

TheBrownTown007 : I don't think they actually had the personal beliefs that Global Warming wasn't real, in the commentary to Manbearpig they mention that they don't really touch on the issue (global warming) it's more about them having a goofy adventure and Manbearpig was an idea long before he was an allegory. I think they obviously didn't take it as seriously as they should but the apology was more about them apologizing for making fun of Al Gore.

Jared Farmer : I think South Park just does a good job of making fun of both sides

Arvin Cruz : I doubt this generation will give up the "fun" just to save the next generation, the generation who will try to find a solution to that problem is the generation born when there is no more "fun" in the world left.

Cosmo Joe : I think the RDR2 part was just a stand in for escapism that keeps society from addressing its problems headon

mezzyjezze : The "took our jobs" hick guy who says science says climate change isn't real is a dumb character. That's the joke. The joke is that uneducated hicks think climate change isn't real. Having a dumb hick character say something in their show doesn't mean Matt and Trey think it to be true. Just sayin

6ofMany : I think Stone and Parker's dismissal of climate change on the show was always satirical. Did they genuinely not believe at one point?

Max Brannock : Skillshare: *exists* YouTubers: THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY SKILLSHARE

Une Vie Incertaine Et Un Avenir Plein d'Insanité : Honestly, this is why I hate the concept of generation entirely, it just exists to blame others for your own mistakes. Isn't there a generation literally called "The great generation"? That won't give you a big head or anything.

Mukti : This video is an ad for global warming! I'm super duper serial!

pmalone4 : I like the video, but one small thing: at 0:45 you commented about the episode "Super Hard PCness" being about the creators reflecting on their show's impact on others. It was actually meant to be about millennials becoming conservative about the type of humor that people their age would have loved a decade ago, and are in danger of becoming the same reactionary people who rallied against smut on TV years ago. The beginning of the following episode has a scene where Kyle tries to defend himself by talking about the hurt feelings these shows can cause only to be yelled at for "acting like a victim".

Otakuryoga : 7:43 so you're saying that you have wood for sheep?

Blair Johnson : I thought that Manbearpig episode showed a lot of growth and was a solid backpedal, and I agree that this season is very reflective. You could say these guys have uh They got a lot of 'tegrity.

Arthur Morgan : The next generations will complain but they wont give up Red Dead Redemption 3 either

m25a : Let's get meta: philosophy of new ads like skillshare, wix, audible like how your segues to ads either adds value or devalues your work or check out how coach Nick from BBALLBREAKDOWN does his in-video ads

Alex Hutchins : Okay get ahead of surviving the apocalypse by learning how to program and design cars and clothes........ yes great survival tools. Skills that will most definitely be usefull in the apocalypse

Da Hawk : 10:14 - Literally bring your animations to life? Even more amazing, you can literally change the meaning of what 'literally' means.

tata s : Satan is "Red" and he is "dead" and got his "Redemption"

samroxeva : "That's why I always came on Gram-gram's t*ts!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

W0Y4K : When I saw this episode, it kind of made me have faith in South Park as a series again. Not that I ever hated it.

Boo : Even if they were on the wrong side of the issue. That's what I love about south park. It feels like a time capsule of what life was like that week in america. Maybe not entirely accurate factually, but culturally spot on.

Kenny_Fa5 : *We're Sorry*

Xainfinen : And that's why the show "isn't" funny "anymore" it all became real, it's real life and no longer satire, reality is a joke and we've killed it!

kloggmonkey : damn, man-bear-pig first appeared over a *decade* ago... ( ⊙▂⊙╬)

gmsjrninety : Jove you Jared. You're the best host on the channel. Aside from Garyx

Zak Cat : personally i think red dead represents all forms of escapism such as other video games, drugs, etc so like giving it up would be like stop procrastinating on the issues

velazquez armouries : Does skillshare have a class on firearmmaking for the modern wasteland dweller?

OcioCamaraMx : The reason why I love South Park so much is for what huge balls they have, they have been showing content and topics nobody else dares to do, but create an actual apologize in the show saying they've been wrong for so long about such important thing is something I applaud. Long life South Park, who has slap reality all over our face for quiet a long time and now even slapped itself.

Tareq Samman : capitalism kills the profit system must die. it's outdated and this is 2018. wake up. even libertarians shitheads like south park creators are slowly opening their eyes. all though i doubt it will ever be enough for the damage they have done.

Spud Bud : Never got to see "its time to get cereal". For whatever reason, my on demand only let me watch the sequel episode and kept pushing back the date for its release. I did watch "nobody got cereal?" Guess this is spoilers lol

Ethan Morrison : "And since you'll soon have to be defending yourself in the post apocalypse might as get ahead by acculimating much skills as possible in the wild west simulator Red Dead Redemption 2."

Isori : I always thought about South Park like clever for the sake of laughing. I wasn't expecting this.

Paprika : Imagine being so ignorant as to think ManBearPig is Half-Man, Half bear-pig

Snickadee dog : South Park and this jewtube Chanel are amazing. Do you know what I am saying?

Aaron Owens : Was "an apology" given by Matt Stone and Trey Parker? I ask because I strongly believe the episodes surrounding Al Gore, MBP and/or climate change are satire to society's reactions to and Al Gore's persistence on climate change. Never viewed this as an apology.

FredC-Note : Could you please do a Philosophy of Luffy-senpai and Freedom!

Charles Testrake : We are DOOMED!!!!!!

V1Rampant : Its OK to apologise if you genuinely believe you got things wrong. It sucks if they still believe what they said and just apologise to appease some mob. I don't think that's the case though. I think they did think they really got things wrong with global warming

I THOUGHT OF A NAME!!! : Whats wrong with his hair ? Why does it grow in that shape ?

Elias Ashley Davis : Boo the skill share thing was really clumsy

CoreyStudios2000 : philosophy of Dutch Van Linden please.

Envy West : Red Dead Redemption is of course about staying distracted and postponing the problem It's not about metals in a playstation Basically only flaw I found in this video. Good job

Noob Attempts : guys this video is so good I am super cereal right now

Alex Hutchins : Okay get ahead of surviving the apocalypse by learning how to program and design cars and clothes........ yes great survival tools. Skills that will most definitely be usefull in the apocalypse