Why South Park Apologized – Wisecrack Quick Take

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V1Rampant : Its OK to apologise if you genuinely believe you got things wrong. It sucks if they still believe what they said and just apologise to appease some mob. I don't think that's the case though. I think they did think they really got things wrong with global warming

Celina 12388 : Satan -Red Satan dying- Dead Satan going to heaven- Redemption

Joonas Pastila : I'd like to argue with the final conclusion with the shows attitude: Southpark very intentionally displays a broken society where nothing ever really changes, because that's how societies work in hindsight. You may have done something right, but everything is still bad and dysfunctional. Never will there be a day where we can declare we have reached utopia, at least without having our grandchildren call us fucking morons who caused all their problems. Does this justify not bettering ourselves? Obviously no. Does Southpark let it's audience of the hook too easily after each episode? I'd argue yes, at least sometimes. But really, how should Southpark episodes end if not in "well, the society is still just fucked and idiotic". Because that's how it will always be. Suggesting bettering ourselves in one issue would suddenly make us somehow, all around good or even okey, instead of just morally better when we were before, would fight against the shows core: that we never really are that great, and no matter where you turn your head, there is fucked up shit. Anyone who tries to declare moral supiority or a state that is "good enough" - which is often our starting position in an episode - will eventually be proven wrong and ridiculed. Our only way to improve as a society is to try to fix our old mistakes, raise awareness when we see we have fucked up, and be ready to shallow any pride we have accidentally build. Because we can either be proven wrong by own our improvement, or be consumed by our own ignorance - and while the first one is clearly better for us, both choices are doomed to reveal the ugly truths we so much would love to ignore.

shadepotatoe : Giving up Red Dead Redemption 2 obviously represents going outside your comfort zone & taking things cereal.

Philipp Totschnig : Southpark engages the problem of global warming and points to its ULTIMATE PROBLEM: to stop man-bear-pig (global warming) we will have to make a sacrifice, we will have to abandon our beloved way of life filled with consumption (which is symbolized by Red Dead Redemption), but the ultimate problem with global warming is that no ones wants to do that sacrifice. Southpark wants us to realize that there is no solution to global warming, which does not involve personal sacrifice and an unwanted change in our lifestyle. There is only one thing that can stop global warming, there is no shortcut, no satan will save you, the deal is clear, give up consumption and it will stop.

mezzyjezze : The "took our jobs" hick guy who says science says climate change isn't real is a dumb character. That's the joke. The joke is that uneducated hicks think climate change isn't real. Having a dumb hick character say something in their show doesn't mean Matt and Trey think it to be true. Just sayin

OcioCamaraMx : The reason why I love South Park so much is for what huge balls they have, they have been showing content and topics nobody else dares to do, but create an actual apologize in the show saying they've been wrong for so long about such important thing is something I applaud. Long life South Park, who has slap reality all over our face for quiet a long time and now even slapped itself.

DeadPistolsBrainGerms : When I saw this episode, it kind of made me have faith in South Park as a series again. Not that I ever hated it.

EH CBunny : Gore is kind of a douche because he's an advocate of global warming BUT flies alone in a private plane.

Thatdeadguy20000 0 : South Park is and will remain the foundation of Comedy Central,Trey and Matt are geniuses...

Sheep Lavender : I don't think you understand South Park South Park criticises EVERYONE in some way Look at the different episodes about homosexuals, atheists/agnostics, religion, immigration/refugees and race. I don't how people don't see that they've been doing this for decades. A lot of their comedy material is based on current events and society. Trust me people are gonna get surprised when the table turned again(arguably is what is happening again now with this season) The tables turn constantly In it's weird and absurdist way it's being nuanced and fair by doing it to everyone.

Une Vie Incertaine Et Un Avenir Plein d'Insanité : Honestly, this is why I hate the concept of generation entirely, it just exists to blame others for your own mistakes. Isn't there a generation literally called "The great generation"? That won't give you a big head or anything.

goprev : No offense but if the US would open up a bit to the ideas of the rest of the world, climate change would have been taken seriously years ago. This has been common knowledge for at least 10 years in other parts of the world. About 95% of the scientific literature on the subject is crystal clear and has been for years, climate change is real, and it's incredibly likely that it's due to an increase in concentration of green house effect gases in the atmsophere. CO2, CH4 of which we are responsible for. I don't know what's wrong about a part of the population in the US, flat earthers, climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers, gun nuts. These groups just don't exist or aren't nearly as numerous in the rest of the world. I swear the US sometimes appears to be completely disconnected from reality and at others times they are incredibly productive to do great things. Get your shit together America, for both yourselves and the world. No hate intended, I'm quite fond of the US for some things, but this just leaves me perplexed.

Xainfinen : And that's why the show "isn't" funny "anymore" it all became real, it's real life and no longer satire, reality is a joke and we've killed it!

Herbert Miller : By the time South Park aired the ManBearPig episode the *science* behind global warming was already firmly established. You could argue the necessity of political action to be taken but the fact that the world was warming up was said and done. South Park throws the bone to this in their little forgiveness episode but really their actions are pretty pathetic. You did not take a fact-based stance, you took a political stance. The damage is done Trey the damage is done Matt. You contributed to it and at this point the world is set to warm by 3 degrees Centigrade no matter what we do. And from all those people who are going to lose their homes from all the wildlife doomed to extinction for all the lives that are lost thank you guys for your political stance. You showed them.

Pikaia Gracilens : How could anyone not notice that Parker and Stone used false equivalences between Left and Right to bolster Republican ideas, while advertising themselves as “independent libertarians?”

tata s : Satan is "Red" and he is "dead" and got his "Redemption"

pmalone4 : I like the video, but one small thing: at 0:45 you commented about the episode "Super Hard PCness" being about the creators reflecting on their show's impact on others. It was actually meant to be about millennials becoming conservative about the type of humor that people their age would have loved a decade ago, and are in danger of becoming the same reactionary people who rallied against smut on TV years ago. The beginning of the following episode has a scene where Kyle tries to defend himself by talking about the hurt feelings these shows can cause only to be yelled at for "acting like a victim".

Steve Davis : Man-bear-pig isn't half man, half bear, half pig, it's half man, half bear-pig.

Homemadegameguru : I've told friends so many damn time - South Park is one of the most intelligently written shows on TV! A crude, yet brilliant lens on pop culture

Sam S : This pretty much encapsulates why now that I'm an adult and not some edgy teenager, I don't enjoy South Park anymore. See, if the creators wanted to be SMART they wouldn't have shown the boys making this decision. Because ordinary people can't do jack about large systemic problems like this. When you do so, normal people come off as greedy and heartless. However, it's the people that set up the system, that are truely responsible for such problems. Let me put it this way, what can you, right now, do to slow down climate change? Drive less often, eat less meat, don't use electronics/heating/whatever as often. Nothing you do, can change how power is generated AND that the cast majority of transportation is reliant on oil AND that meat is very cheap. Both of those factors means that there will be a lot of carbon emmissions no matter what you as a person do. You're stuck in, and are an unwilling participant in, a system which releases a LOT of carbon into the atmosphere.

Mr D : I knew they were making fun of Al Gore back in the day, but it never occurred to me that they didn't believe in climate change. I didn't peg them as being that thick in the head, but at least they've come around.. shame it took em 10 years to catch up. Maybe they'll help spread the word. i guess that counts for something. Jared you look like you're bulking up buddy. time to hit the gym.

Aaron Owens : Was "an apology" given by Matt Stone and Trey Parker? I ask because I strongly believe the episodes surrounding Al Gore, MBP and/or climate change are satire to society's reactions to and Al Gore's persistence on climate change. Never viewed this as an apology.

SangoProductions213 : Not going to convince anyone of anything in an internet comment. Probably because they don't actually hold the beliefs they spout. But sure. It's dem dere conspiracy theorists, and "climate change only happens in California". Let's ignore that Greece suffered its most devastating fires yet, and tens of thousands of Japanese were hospitalized for heatstroke in the August heatwave, the likes of which hasn't been seen in its recorded history. But yes. It's all a conspiracy to take away that sweet, sweet, juicy, bacon. And ain't no one gun take my bacon. There's also absolutely no pictures of tropical storms, over the years. They've all been covered up, and repainted to look like they've been getting bigger! And all the past records of storm damages and casualties have been altered! They are spraying chemicals in the air!

J.T. McGhee : To be honest about this episode of what I thought of man bear pig and the fact that some people see him as real and some see him as not real I thought the whole thing especially the guy getting ripped apart and still not believing he is real came to me as a little saying, just because you don't think something isn't real doesn't mean it exists, Im sure of what this whole episode is mainly about people who are at both sides of a 'tug o war' in a matter of sense and RDR2 promotion because of how good looking the game is :)

Eaven Travers : RDR2 and Soy Sauce are stand ins for America and China, the two biggest CO2 emitters. To stop climate change, we'd have to give up the two biggest world economies :-/

Sooty Grunter : You obviously have no idea what your talking about. South Park is a satirised take on American society, anyone who actually watches it knows this. You have just projected your own insecurities onto the episode.

Cosmo Joe : I think the RDR2 part was just a stand in for escapism that keeps society from addressing its problems headon

BoxyLemons : It ultimately boils down to trey and Matt changing their opinions. It’s a thing that’s natural for all humans to go through at least once in their life. Hell even I went through similar shit they went through, I used to be a climate change denier myself but than I saw undeniable evidence that it was at least to some degree taking place(people dying of heat stroke in Japan, Absurdly hot days in the middle of winter, Fires in Cali, hurricanes being far more deadlier and frequent). I still don’t climate change is as dire as made out to be, I think we probably still have many years before it does kill us all, but than again that doesn’t change the fact it’s going to kill us all if we don’t keep it in fucking check. Climate change aside to end it off, I bear no hatred to South Park even if some episodes can get too “radical centerist” for its own good and have deep misunderstanding of some issues, but I really feel this episode is the big callout against “South Park Republicans” for blindly obeying Trey and Matt’s opinions as the word of god itself, because ultimately they are just people like everyone else, and like all people, they can be wrong at times. It’s a really, really stupid thing to base your entire worldview on a singular show, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss everything or whatever, Trey and Matt are allowed to state their opinions and express them regardless. But they shouldn’t be the fucking only source you have for anything, you should go out and search for alternative opinions & sources that might go against what one person says for a little thing called a balanced worldview. I know I sound like a fucking hypocrite with this statement but like, 1984 if anything proved that going off a singular source for anything is bad, completely fucking bad and even if it’s a free source with no exceptional malicious intent behind it by default everyone has bias to some degree and if you want to fully be aware of something you shouldn’t just let one person tell you what the “full” thing is

Captain Deadpool : Rdr2 had a man bear pig easter egg

Boo : Even if they were on the wrong side of the issue. That's what I love about south park. It feels like a time capsule of what life was like that week in america. Maybe not entirely accurate factually, but culturally spot on.

Generalsaurkraut : In the 70s the same people said based on correct data that the population of the earth was far outpacing it’s resources and we would all reach an apocalyptic overpopulation scenario. Then in the 80s and 90s tech advancements greatly enhanced food production mooting their argument. They also said peak oil was going to happen causing oil wars and 100 dollar a gallon gas. Once again tech advancements increased gas mileage and oil production mooting their point. Now they have moved on to global warming. Forgive me if I don’t listen to these people. Had we listened to them before we’d be living in a Stone Age with a one child policy and they’d be telling us “you’re so welcome for saving you plebs.” The fallacy in their argument isn’t that they’re wrong it’s that they completely ignore human ingenuity and technological advancement. Advancements that ironically would grind to a halt if we implemented their policies, thus preventing the solution in the problem. So if you want to be an environmentalist, support the keystone oil pipeline and tax breaks for research and development.

Arthur Morgan : The next generations will complain but they wont give up Red Dead Redemption 3 either

Yaalah : There's an additional facet to the story not mentioned in your analysis: perhaps Satan represents the villains of yesteryear: smaller, more local problems like man made wars. Satan challenging and then losing to manbearpig represents yesteryear villains paling in comparison to the much greater problem of Global Warming – the earth itself rising up against us.

BowlUndrFire : Don't forget to leave an F for Satan. Now that I think about it though he's probably fine. I mean, he died, where's he gonna go, Detroit?

Jacob : Shoutout to someone for pointing out a plotpoint? What?

AestheticCrunch : I don’t want South Park to be canceled PURELY for Cartman’s Hilarious antics. I don’t watch it for the politics and opinions. I watch it for the clever offensive dark humor and weird yet charming characters.

Grey Alien : I think they emphasize Al Gore's narcissism so much (besides it being funny) because people who sometimes have good points also pollute them by being insufferable assholes. Seems kinda obvious but also easy to miss.

Jessica DeNittis : I saw an interview with Al Gore when he was asked about this particular episode of South Park. He was an absolute darling about it. He laughed it off and was quite gracious, and actually thanked Trey and Matt for the whole thing.

Chairman : 8:35 wait, isn't the BMW i8 electic?

Raspian Kiado : Global Warming? Yeah it exists, so does Global Cooling. The two semi-balance each other out. Like how the forces of light and dark, good and evil, or the Republicans and Democrats do. Not completely, but without them we wouldn't be who we are.

anhero23 : I love how global warming has only concentrated on california. Man, you people are gullible.

Taha Hadi : South Park is having a M I D L I F E C R I S I S

Daniel Bowman : I would add: Creators also hinted that: Al Cereal Gore botched climate change concept (halfMan - made halfBear - scary halfPig - greedy)- some misinformation (hinted in the last episode by Stan) and lot of exaggerations. Climate change does not murder people on streets or in schools. ManBearPig does. Al Cereal Gore does not offer one iota of info on how to stop it other than to summon Satan - possibly representing the destruction of civilization. And we just made new Satan out of Climate Change or rather ManBearPig. Sort of new religious like archenemy. I wouldn't say SouthPark apologized...has no reason to. They made fun of and they are still making fun of treating Climate Change as Demon summoned on Earth by our sins....instead of dealing with it rationally (which we can't either according to SouthPark).

Krishnamurti : This video is an ad for global warming! I'm super duper serial!

MoeZeppelin : did you ever notice that the dire effects of anthropogenic global warming, renamed climate change for pr purposes, are always postulated to occur in 10 - 50 years? and it's been like that for almost 40 years, now. how long do you care to be strung along, shines? trey and matt haven't apologized for anything, and you really shouldn't take what they do so metaphorically cereal ;-) they make fun of people, the sh*t they do, and push their buttons in a way that makes us laugh and watch. if you think they are advocating any particular kind of "consciousness", well that's laughable as well.

linguistically oversight 86 : Member manbearpig..... I member

Thunder Lord Pikachu : Why did Satan have to die for our sins?😢

Exotic_Dirt : I hate your hair, the video was alright, but dude get a different barber... please

Frank Bowman : Conceding that anthropogenic climate change is real is the closest that Matt and Trey have ever come to admitting that libertarianism is not perfect. That's a stunning breakthrough.