The moment this baby koala climbs up and cuddles cameraman

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Morgan Lemons : ADORABLE!

BinkieMcFartnuggets : That new eucalyptus cologne is working wonders.

OfficialEVANLUTION : I'm gonna climb this tree (sees cameraman), but first, a hug.

「JazzStationNeo」 : Koala: "There is no food on this tree."

Brian Martin : Koalas would make the perfect assassins. Cuteness will bring down defences, climb in close then straight for the jugular.

Angie Brooke : Awww. Who couldn't love this wee one.:)

just like you : This guy is trying to act like the claws digging into his skin doesn't hurt.

Madeline Garza : omg omg omg this is too cute, I died cx

Geraldine Mendoza : This tree feels soft and it smells like armpit

Lynnianaa : Baby koala: This strange tree feels soft and squishy!

Alphonse : koala: Damn that is a smoky armpit

Curtis Smart : he like dang yo armpit stink boy 😂

Michael Russell : Koalas are A rarity for Australian wildlife in that they won't try to kill you

jodalar13425 : Awwwwww<3

She'Myia Malone : My chest it hurts I'm dying this is too much...

Reyes I. : Aww I'm crying :') (in a very manly way of course)

RippingOrc : "I liek yu, hooman. Yu gets cuddlez."

Samantha Kingheart : That bird sounds like Kevin from UP 😂😂😂

Breona Willis : I bet those nails of the Koala digging into his legs hurt like hell.

The _New_era : Awee choo cute

miguelisms : Australia land of cute adorable fluffy things, oh and shit that will kill you at first glance.

Think Green Tube HD AKA ShortIndiana5 : 0:32 Baby Koala: Hey. These tree pits smell funny!

Strasbourgeois : This is my tree now

Anangke : Put the camera down and pet that baby!

구일일 911 : Hello🐨🐨🐨

Grim reaper213w3 : CRINKY its a wild KOALA!!!

Afroid : Don't let this distract you from the fact koalas are riddled with chlamydia.....

Glaur Sian : 1 person has no soul, or any people who dislike this

MaximeValeria : can someone please buy me a koala

Mari Cupcakes : Baby koala : oh a new strange tree the other one is boring this tree is really soft yep mine now

Annalena B. : sweet😍🐨

Frik Na luzie : Woman: "Come here cutie - it's ok." Cameraman: "No! Ouch! OW! Oh damn! The claws! THE CLAWS!" :D

Lonely vibes : Grown man with a woman's voice

Zack Frailey : Dude I didn't know they could move that fast

Otaku Syndrome : ouch..

Lucy325 : I love koalas

Leslie Gonzalez : CUTE OVERLOAD😍😍😍🐨

ryanlak : Please put down the camera AND PET HER

Think Green Tube HD AKA ShortIndiana5 : 0:33 Koala: *sniff* *sniff* Ugh!

Billy Mays : Why do I hear elmo screaming in the background

penguins penguins : I hear peacocks in the background!

Chris _ : Y u not pet him heartless hooman

Keanu The savage : Aww so cute and sweet

Travel Holiday : love koala, so cute .. I wish I can have one at home LOL

RSR : who said koalas can't kill you.This Lil guy killed me cuz of his cuteness 😍

SomaiaKingdom ! : OMG! I WANT TO HUG THIS KOALE SO FREAKIN BADLY!!!! 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🙍🏻😿😥😥🤔

IceVeins : His deodorant attracted the koala lol when the koala sniffed under his arm it was thinking " *sniff* ahhh old spice"

Jack Frost : 70-90% of koalas have chlamydia, so I wouldn't touch that thing

Faded MJ : Koala: do u Knoe da wae Ma King?? *Cluck cluck cluck*

Stacy Lopez : so cute😍