The moment this baby koala climbs up and cuddles cameraman

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kermit fam : elmo in the background warming up his voice before he starts the show

911구일일 : Hello🐨🐨🐨

NGOtaku : There must be some old spice in that armpit My mans was sniffing like crazy

The _New_era : Awee choo cute

Morgan Lemons : ADORABLE!

Callum Sparrow : What we don’t know is that in the background, Elmo is secretly being torn to shreds by the other koalas, and the camera-man's too distracted by the sheer overwhelming cuteness of the koala right in front of him.

Maria Begum : Awk i love koalas

GianChibi Story : Hes sooo cuteeee

The Hashtagger : aaaaw

BinkieMcFartnuggets : That new eucalyptus cologne is working wonders.

ProBro Miki ツ : Who else thought that guy who is recording is female before koala climbed up his body? 😂

Jaclynn Marie : Title:baby koala climbs up and cuddles cameraman Reality: *baby koala climbs up cameraman thinking it's a tree*

HIGH FIVE : A little presumptuous ... probably should have offered to buy him a drink before touching his moobs like that.

Fish Smell Bad : Ow

RWDMIATA : Never has chlamydia been so cute

Triggerrr : People still disliked this. I'm sleep

Park Chimin : Its koya from bt21

Victoria Smalls : Anyone else heard the zoolologists say "She's gonna jump on you & it's going to be painful" 😩💀💀 yet the cameraman is just happily in awe of this lil koala

Itskoalaroleplays2264 : Aww this is why I love koalas 💕💕💕


Fitness & MMA Playlists : This tree doesnt smell fresh!

Jacob H. : “Hey, that tree looks WAY COOLER!”

Your Local Ramen : Why do I hear elmo screaming in the background

Andreea Morgenstern : 0:05 oh well, you look like a more interesting tree to climb on...

jay p. : The moment the koala realized the human was not a tree

queen x : i’m australian and this never happens, they usually want to attack you.

Why Not! : I would put a like but the cameraman voice is disturbing!

Blushing Bae : Now this is so cute and adorable OMG! Now I want a baby koala 😂😤😍 🐨

jade fleming : So cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

DickyPs : the cameramans armpit smells good..


• Bangarang • : Y'all is that Kevin from Up in the background?

Andy Stark : Ahhh the Mother Nature is so pure and beautiful. Wish could see everything in this world that has to offer. Unfortunately man kind is brutal and unappreciated what they have. This world will end soon

Mia Kim : *DEAD*

Luc Longly : That thing is going to bite the shit out of you! 😟

Grim reaper213w3 : CRINKY its a wild KOALA!!!

Jonas : this could be how the marsupial lion climbs and runs considering it's a close relative to koalas

SplatDen : They eat....poop -_-

Sophia Akther : Jimin!!??? Is that u???

Ahmad Faezin : What kind of cat is that?

OfficialEVANLUTION : I'm gonna climb this tree (sees cameraman), but first, a hug.

Clinton Payne : He used man sausage as leverage.. Who else looked out for this?

Kid Plays : Its so adorable!!!!!!! Dawwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

The Real Jada-Michelle : AWWW

Jolly Jokress : My is this sweet!

Geraldine Mendoza : This tree feels soft and it smells like armpit

i bring death : Koala face •~•

Chimmy's Yellow Hoodie : So the cameraman looks like a tree? LOL, it’s so cute tho

Gummi : Camera woman*

Anthony Davis : 0:33 koalas love old spice