The moment this baby koala climbs up and cuddles cameraman

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kermit fam : elmo in the background warming up his voice before he starts the show

Callum Sparrow : What we don’t know is that in the background, Elmo is secretly being torn to shreds by the other koalas, and the camera-man's too distracted by the sheer overwhelming cuteness of the koala right in front of him.

NGOtaku : There must be some old spice in that armpit My mans was sniffing like crazy

911구일일 : Hello🐨🐨🐨

ProBro Miki ツ : Who else thought that guy who is recording is female before koala climbed up his body? 😂

Maria Begum : Awk i love koalas

마리야ᄏᄏᄏ : Title:baby koala climbs up and cuddles cameraman Reality: *baby koala climbs up cameraman thinking it's a tree*

GianFX : Hes sooo cuteeee

She'Myia Malone : My chest it hurts I'm dying this is too much...

Victoria Smalls : Anyone else heard the zoolologists say "She's gonna jump on you & it's going to be painful" 😩💀💀 yet the cameraman is just happily in awe of this lil koala

chill pill : The moment the koala realized the human was not a tree

Jacob H. : “Hey, that tree looks WAY COOLER!”

Tom : Never has chlamydia been so cute

Morgan Lemons : ADORABLE!

queen x : i’m australian and this never happens, they usually want to attack you.

Andreea Morgenstern : 0:05 oh well, you look like a more interesting tree to climb on...

Fitness & MMA Playlists : This tree doesnt smell fresh!

stankypantz : Is this another Axe commercial???

Park Chimin : Its koya from bt21

die Faust Spandaus : aaaaw

Shelby Gacha : *hmm did you forget to put on deodorant*

Murtaza #76 : People still disliked this. I'm sleep

ButterflyQueen Geraldine : This tree feels soft and it smells like armpit

Blushing Bae : Now this is so cute and adorable OMG! Now I want a baby koala 😂😤😍 🐨

kimbro : This is the koala tea I expect from YouTube.


DickyPs : the cameramans armpit smells good..

BinkieMcFartnuggets : That new eucalyptus cologne is working wonders.

Korg : I would punch that thing in the face if it pissed on me.

• Bangarang • : Y'all is that Kevin from Up in the background?

Fish Smell Bad : Ow


VanDangerousInc : I'm gonna climb this tree (sees cameraman), but first, a hug.

angege musique : So cute !!

Clinton Payne : He used man sausage as leverage.. Who else looked out for this?

Jonas : this could be how the marsupial lion climbs and runs considering it's a close relative to koalas


Your Local Ramen : Why do I hear elmo screaming in the background

Emiko Lina : That is so cute, wait . Ahem THAT IS THE MOST CUTEST THING IN MY LIFE

e ez : What kind of cat is that?

Legendary Lotion : I thought the guy was a girl until the cute koala climbs up to him and saw his beard of manliness.

sassy jimin : *THIS ISN'T GOOD FOR MY HEART*

Lynnianaa : Baby koala: This strange tree feels soft and squishy!

Salvage Chica : Aww! I 💙 koalas so much! ZAT WAS SO ADORABLE! I wanna see a koala in person 💙\/\/💙

Astrithor : "You are a weird looking tree, mate, but I'll climb you anyway!"

Steven Roloff : That was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!

Kapo! : adorable

RippingOrc : "I liek yu, hooman. Yu gets cuddlez."

jade fleming : So cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Suomynona : Just had a 30 second ad video before this.. .....was worth it.