The Chinese Boy Who Eats Anything that moves

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Juan Ketchum : Stop

lordz op : Tought they all eat everything that moves xD

Captain Obvious : He has such a punchable face.

NayChick 04 : It’s not just that the Food is Weird it’s the way he is Eating it. Just the way he chews and smacks his food is so odd.

no name saving you money everyday : That kid will either turn out to be: a) A snobbish Michelin food critic. b) Slug shaped and morbidly obese by the time he's 20. c) A hardcore vegan.

Tiny Houses : It looked like he was eating rubber most of the time.

Stainlessfights4u : Can we get a rundown of what the food items are? 1. Pig ear?

Snow Fire : He is not a picky eater that's for sure...

coco aye : I bet he be tearing up the bathroom too....

kitty meow : He's so cute and chubby

Frances H : Crap people he’s not going to die! He’s actually eating good food that has been prepared! Having a crap attack cuz he’s not eating our North American refined garbage!! Classic!

Samuel Albright : i want to beat the shit out of that kid for chewing so loud

Jade L : 2:35 The noise the dead animal makes as he rips it apart with his teeth ....

Petite Feet : Welp. Guess I lost track of where my youtube tour group went again. 😕 *backs away slowly, and shuts the door*

Svent Istvan : He will be dead by the times he's 5....crazy parents!

Minion Boss : Wtf is wrong with him (i mean why does he has so red cheaks?)

ArcaneThinker : Someone's growing up to become a slob.

Greg Maggio : And not to slurp EVERYTHING!!

Willy Nelson : Cannibal confirmed

Gonzalo : Welp..he’ll be obese in a few more years

em1o smurf : likely a peasant. he obviously is not part of the "educated" families, since manners and courtesy are largely non-existent in common-citizen china. this is likely hong kong, as the great firewall of china doesn't permit international network connections.

Daniel Rivera : I don't know, but I think I can hear a dog crying in the background at 3:15

WhyTeeEss : Get some help kid

Hmong ntsuab : That's not a small boy it's an old man with Benjamin disease.

JulioTheGreat IX : *ಠ_ಠ*

Greg Maggio : They need to teach him to not smack his mouth when he eats.

Eugene Lugo : Pig eats with his mouth open little pig!!!

Laughing Matador : That kid is probably healthy AF

PEMGUIM BOLADO : Asians are so strange....

{Jokbal_ Tofu} : atleast he's not picky?

ELIX PLAYER : That was so freaky

Buddhasfoodbelly : I'm pretty sure that's not a real baby. Pretty sure it's an app that give him the face of a baby. His hands are way too big


Crystal Lugo : He looks very young but he is 17 he has a rear droffisum km...

AMI LA PIL AV : 🤢🤢🤢🤢

WaterstarP :3 : Umm if he eats anything that moves and people move does he mean he will eat us too.. 0-0

Anass el kouhaili : Yuuuuuuh

Gabriel vitor De souza : Wow

Julie Nguyen : Everything... does he eat humans?

Maria Gonzalez : Ill eat all that

Jolijn Pool : The begining😵😟

CookieSpirit I love cookies : Is this ASMR?¿?¿

Awkward A : Dang... I don't eat seafood, pork, chocolate icecream, onions,peppers, mushrooms, kiwi, and I don't eat at mellow mushrooms, oh I almost forgot hate tough meat like steak, fried chicken, baked chicken

Joe Doe : he's gonna be fat.


Joe Doe : I'm out off here before I Throw Up.

Archy Rival : He isn't a baby but he has the biggest baby face lmao

Weed Wilson : He's not a boy for sure. He's an older guy with body disorders

yourfriendly user : It's actually disgusting.

Jacky B : Every one don’t put hate