Something’s wrong with my girlfriend | Rejected Hot Ones

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Jessica : Of course Anthony would be a guest on his own channel

Coralie Anne : Yes Anthony, come through with that 16 minute video!

Bad Misty : v e g a n w i n g s

vivaLucci : You're so incredibly down-to-earth it's awesome. Thanks for sticking with veganism as well. :)

A. Thunder : “Not famous enough to be on the real show” *Has more subscribers than real show*

BlastoiseBoy 1 : "Bearable but uncomfortable" Any girl ever with me

Olivia Vasquez : Petition for Miel to be co host of hot ones

Cerise Woodson : Honestly Anthony's channel is much better than Smosh

Deranged Piplup : I love his answer to the last questions♡ You're awesome Anthony♡ you were one of the first YouTubers that I ever watched

The Alien Gamer : Your new gf seems super chill. A girl with a good personality is very important in a long term relationship :) Hold onto her anthony


WhateverIsTrueASMR : The more realistic version of hot ones... 😂

Kassandra Nuyten : this is a fantastic video! miel asks such interesting, thoughtful questions that i really wanted to know the answer to after she posed them. the way that you play off each other while still being genuine is such great content.

Evelin G : Miel is really good at interviewing!

psd103 : "Newer youtubers" *lists Jenna Marbles and Dan and Phil*

Unstable HD : "YouTube fans are like a different breed compared to a traditional celebrity fan" That is the best way anyone has ever described us.

Cass Lowry : She did perfect with being Sean Evans. felt like I was just watching an episode of hot ones! Lol!!

LAMINE : The coolest YouTuber Ever ♥ Since Smosh till now, Always getting better Anthony! You're on of the reasons I don't ever wanna stop making youtube videos

Geralt : That Sean Evans impression in the beginning was fucking on point im actually scared and impressed

EatMyOREO5 : Sean's always on the left so this is throwin me off. However, Miel is a better Sean Evans than Sean is.

Kip Kipy Tiny : HAHAHAHAHA the imitation of Felix was perfect.

teaholic : I felt bad towards the end of the video but I really liked the Q&A

anthony : Only one thing bothers me the seat order, its supposed to be reversed.

Thug loaf : I'm so glad anythony left Smosh he's able to express his creativity so much more even tho it ment him losing alot of followers and subs, truly shows how he's not here just for the money and the views but to express himself

ncode03 : Anthony was really taking this interview seriously.

Jessica : He probably had really painful diarrhea after this

eleanor charles : i wish my friends would compliment me while writhing in agony, tears and snot coating their words

Cassidy Who : Your Felix impression was just spot on

Bateman Furfur : I'm impressed with her interview skills!

Itz_fevoralone : why dafuq u be drinkin water when u can be drinkin that *MiLk*

Jessica : *turns down volume due to the loud, painful screams that are about to occur*

xxBrixx : 10:04 the failed compliment that just turned into pure comedic gold.

Remy Elysee : I really, really like this. Super interesting hearing your take on YouTube.

&‘ : the way she did the intro was so on point

Ava Grace : Anthony is so in love with her, its nice to watch😁

ZShaun : Holy shit his pewdiepie impression is amazing

Jasmine Medrano : Omg this should be a challenge.. letting a YouTuber boyfriend/girlfriend do a show for a day. That would be so cute.

An19941 : Something's wrong with your girlfriend? Yeah, we been knew, she's dating you

Cody steppe : I thought the title was "something's wrong with my girlfriend I rejected, hot ones"

Ben Greiner : I really liked this, it was well done, genuine, fun, and clearly something you wanted to do. You get my first ever YouTube like. I'm rooting for you.

Holly Bogert : Please start a new series called “not famous enough to be on” where you recreate YouTube shows with a smaller budget and just generally less quality

Olivia :3 : sketch comedy didnt die people just started to care more about money and the algorithm forced people to pump out cheap mediocre content

Andika Pennycuff : I’m drunk what are they eating

Lilydrinkstea : FWF: wanna be on Hot ones Anthony and Miel: *N o T h A n K s*

Fernanda Tejada : I love this video so much. Miel this was a brilliant idea

TriggerCurtis : I was pretty entertained during the whole video. At 12:54 i was like "AAAAALLLLRRRIIIIIGHT!!!!"

Bob Stone : Anthony, join with Ian again and make another YouTube channel but just u 2

Estrite Envy : Anthony I'm so proud of you for leaving smosh to be yourself and not allowing big companies control your creativity i just wish ian would understand and grow the way you did

By_Julian_ Official : Un ciego y un cojo se encuentran en un ascensor, el ciego le dice al cojo: como andas?. Y el cojo le dice: ya tu verás. Like si entendiste y si hablas español

The Best Pizza Connoisseur : What fools, don’t they know that water doesn’t actually help calm down spice? This show is a FAKE