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Jessica : *turns down volume due to the loud, painful screams that are about to occur*

Kip Kipy Tiny : HAHAHAHAHA the imitation of Felix was perfect.

ZShaun : Holy shit his pewdiepie impression is amazing

Coralie Anne : Yes Anthony, come through with that 16 minute video!


vivaLucci : You're so incredibly down-to-earth it's awesome. Thanks for sticking with veganism as well. :)

Cookie Lover : "YouTube fans are like a different breed compared to a traditional celebrity fan" That is the best way anyone has ever described us.

Jessica : Of course Anthony would be a guest on his own channel

Deranged Piplup : I love his answer to the last questions♡ You're awesome Anthony♡ you were one of the first YouTubers that I ever watched

Ruby Yandere : Like si hablas en Español!

LAMINE : The coolest YouTuber Ever ♥ Since Smosh till now, Always getting better Anthony! You're on of the reasons I don't ever wanna stop making youtube videos

teaholic : I felt bad towards the end of the video but I really liked the Q&A

ReVe : this gets more and more painful to watch

Jessica : He probably had really painful diarrhea after this

BlastoiseBoy 1 : "Bearable but uncomfortable" Any girl ever with me

Evelina Doris : hahaha funny he mentioned dan and phil nice self promo there buddy

Hannah Lenhoff : I was hoping you'd say Dan and Phil

ZShaun : Still more famous than any of us will ever be

Prime Hardware : Omg she does an impeccable Shawn Evans imitation! must be amazing to date someone who can be Shawn Evans in bed every night huh anthony?

Jess Chavez : *miel casually opens up her shirt while dying*

Grace Whitten : Honestly Anthony's channel is much better than Smosh

Bad Misty : v e g a n w i n g s

ItsaFlop Productions : Now do some accepted cold ones

El pelón de Brazzers : LIKE si hablas español

Chelsea : That pewdiepie impression is my impression when mom tries to wake me up XD

psd103 : "Newer youtubers" *lists Jenna Marbles and Dan and Phil*

DBZ Macky : Why would these women reject the Supreme Gentlemen for the dumb jocks?

Tabby : Have a fun time with that spicy shit in the morning

Megs O'Rourke : This just feels like theyre really emotional and are near tears trying to answer and ask the questions

Xx Prickles xX : Dan... You gave up on Phil...

olioli 1000 : Your new gf seems super chill. A girl with a good personality is very important in a long term relationship :) Hold onto her anthony

Argar Thomas : "Oh Fuck Me" -Anthony 2017

eleanor charles : i wish my friends would compliment me while writhing in agony, tears and snot coating their words

The UnbeatenLake : Anthony, I know we hardly know each other at all, in fact, we don't even know each other at all and we've had our ups and downs but I think it's the time. Daniel Anthony Padilla, will you marry me?

Kassandra Nuyten : this is a fantastic video! miel asks such interesting, thoughtful questions that i really wanted to know the answer to after she posed them. the way that you play off each other while still being genuine is such great content.

Van Y. : Near the end i realized something: "Posting every little detail of my past relationship, only showing the good sides of these reletionship so people think they knew the reletionship but they didn't" I don't think he was talking about a girl.

Evelin G : Miel is really good at interviewing!

Cristian 403 : Anthony Best Friend and Best Youtuber

Fevo lolz : why dafuq u be drinkin water when u can be drinkin that *MiLk*

anthony : Only one thing bothers me the seat order, its supposed to be reversed.

Megs O'Rourke : Am i watching people die

Tiffany Dunn : This was so funny when I see Anthony and his girlfriend started crying.

EatMyOREO5 : Sean's always on the left so this is throwin me off. However, Miel is a better Sean Evans than Sean is.

han de : Anthony is such a peanut I remember when smosh started and i loved it and the second they got big with a crew it sucked and now he's on his own. if we're being honest i thought ian was the funny one but now i laugh at all of his videos P.S. I LOVE CHOLULA TOO

E - Paige : Dude, H3H3 and Joji were on it, you probably just need to ask.

Cassidy Who : Your Felix impression was just spot on

Remy Elysee : I really, really like this. Super interesting hearing your take on YouTube.

Eoin Neville : What did I just witness?!

miniature_troll_gnomeXD : All that burping and gagging doesn't happen as often on First We Feast. Do the drug the participants beforehand?

Keteh : This was amazing