Something’s wrong with my girlfriend | Rejected Hot Ones

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BlastoiseBoy 1 : "Bearable but uncomfortable" Any girl ever with me

Coralie Anne : Yes Anthony, come through with that 16 minute video!

vivaLucci : You're so incredibly down-to-earth it's awesome. Thanks for sticking with veganism as well. :)

Bad Misty : v e g a n w i n g s

Deranged : I love his answer to the last questions♡ You're awesome Anthony♡ you were one of the first YouTubers that I ever watched

Jessica : *turns down volume due to the loud, painful screams that are about to occur*

LAMINE : The coolest YouTuber Ever ♥ Since Smosh till now, Always getting better Anthony! You're on of the reasons I don't ever wanna stop making youtube videos

teaholic : I felt bad towards the end of the video but I really liked the Q&A

WhateverIsTrueASMR : The more realistic version of hot ones... 😂

I play minecraft Ironically : Honestly Anthony's channel is much better than Smosh

Jessica : Of course Anthony would be a guest on his own channel

CX flame : Your new gf seems super chill. A girl with a good personality is very important in a long term relationship :) Hold onto her anthony

Kassandra Nuyten : this is a fantastic video! miel asks such interesting, thoughtful questions that i really wanted to know the answer to after she posed them. the way that you play off each other while still being genuine is such great content.

psd103 : "Newer youtubers" *lists Jenna Marbles and Dan and Phil*

A. Thunder : “Not famous enough to be on the real show” *Has more subscribers than real show*

Kip Kipy Tiny : HAHAHAHAHA the imitation of Felix was perfect.

Evelin G : Miel is really good at interviewing!

Megs O'Rourke : This just feels like theyre really emotional and are near tears trying to answer and ask the questions

Olivia Vasquez : Petition for Miel to be co host of hot ones

eleanor charles : i wish my friends would compliment me while writhing in agony, tears and snot coating their words

Unstable HD : "YouTube fans are like a different breed compared to a traditional celebrity fan" That is the best way anyone has ever described us.

EatMyOREO5 : Sean's always on the left so this is throwin me off. However, Miel is a better Sean Evans than Sean is.

anthony : Only one thing bothers me the seat order, its supposed to be reversed.

Megs O'Rourke : Am i watching people die

Itz_fevoralone : why dafuq u be drinkin water when u can be drinkin that *MiLk*

Jessica : He probably had really painful diarrhea after this

Remy Elysee : I really, really like this. Super interesting hearing your take on YouTube.

Cassidy Who : Your Felix impression was just spot on

Cass Lowry : She did perfect with being Sean Evans. felt like I was just watching an episode of hot ones! Lol!!

Jasmine Medrano : Omg this should be a challenge.. letting a YouTuber boyfriend/girlfriend do a show for a day. That would be so cute.


Mysterious Girl : Water spreads drink milk to soothe

Ben Greiner : I really liked this, it was well done, genuine, fun, and clearly something you wanted to do. You get my first ever YouTube like. I'm rooting for you.

ncode03 : Anthony was really taking this interview seriously.

An19941 : Something's wrong with your girlfriend? Yeah, we been knew, she's dating you

burdenedwithgloriouspurpose : I loved the interview an' all, but why are you drinking that water? Don't you know that water makes the hotness even worse? That's basic knowledge!

Cody Slime : I thought the title was "something's wrong with my girlfriend I rejected, hot ones"

brandon lee : good episode ...dont get sued

Andika Pennycuff : I’m drunk what are they eating

ZShaun : Holy shit his pewdiepie impression is amazing

Bateman Furfur : I'm impressed with her interview skills!

TriggerCurtis : I was pretty entertained during the whole video. At 12:54 i was like "AAAAALLLLRRRIIIIIGHT!!!!"

Bob Stone : Anthony, join with Ian again and make another YouTube channel but just u 2

nilla killah : wait are they dating i feel dumb

&‘ : the way she did the intro was so on point

Geralt : That Sean Evans impression in the beginning was fucking on point im actually scared and impressed

Lilydrinkstea : FWF: wanna be on Hot ones Anthony and Miel: *N o T h A n K s*

xxBrixx : 10:04 the failed compliment that just turned into pure comedic gold.

ZShaun : Still more famous than any of us will ever be

Melina : I loved this! I love seeing this side of Anthony and I love this concept.