Kung Fu 1972 - 1975 Opening and Closing Theme

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jgstargazer : Me and my college dorm buddies would all gather around the TV to watch Kung Fu, it was our favorite show back in '72-'73.

Frank Parker : Remembering David Carradine: 08/12/1936 - 03/06/2009. R.I.P.

thecrowrains : Just imagine for one second BRUCE LEE as the lead in this series! In so doing one realizes the immensely superior product we could have enjoyed in the 70s. This was Bruce Lee's original concept, but the bigoted film industry back then refused to cast Lee in the lead as character Kwai Chang Caine. The Bruce Lee Estate has the proof of the concept that Bruce brought to Warner Bros and Paramount film studios, originally penned as 'The Warrior'.  Bruce Lee factually speaking was 1,000% superior to David Carradine's abilities and grasp of the totalities of martial arts.

Val L. : I cry when hear this music with the presentation, very good times. You could be really great lessons of life. I learned to love the Kung Fu & ancient chinese culture as Taoism with this brillant series that I discovered was a Bruce Lee's idea. Greetings from Brasil.

Philip Canete : Steve vai for the love of god

Harcix : Music by Steve Vai

MOSTOFA IBRAHIM : it was my favorite tv serial in 1975

Cristian Hidalgo : lindos recuerdos con esta música

Steve Kapschock : Master Po and Master Kan taught me everything I know!

Hunter Macao : Having walked thru the Desert [ In The U.S. & In Africa & The Middle East] It brings tranquility to the Soul!

Logo Film : Kung Fu is one of my favorite shows of all time, along with The Steve Wilkos Show, The Late Show With Letterman (1993-2015), Mannix (1967-75), The Immortal (1970-71), Herman's Head (1991-94), The Young Lawyers (1970-71), Sword Of Justice (1978-79), The F.B.I (1965-74), Knight Rider (1982-86), Teen Angel (1997-98) and Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-01), I love this TV series, I really miss David Carradine, sad that he died in 2009.

Randy Cable : I own all three seasons. Bought them at amazon.com reasonably priced ! My favorite series of the 20th Century.

TheMostHighReignsForever : nostalgia Bruce Lee got turned down for this role but it was for the better

quit293 : Steve stole this theme for love of God

MMAFighter38 : That sunset is mesmerizing

Hunter Macao : The Desert walking scene was filmed in Yuma,AZ.

Strong Man : 2:22 when i tried that in my kitchen i fkn burned myself.

Swordking Master00 : Bruce Lee wrote the script for KUNG FU

Issie wizzie : loved it till i discovered bruce Lee

Scott Hall : according to legend this was Bruce Lee's idea. I think if he was in it instead of caradine it would have been alot bigger than what it was.

Helio Boavista : Quem lembra da um like!

Frank Catanzaro : my 3 rowdy brothers and myself, always roughing and always fighting as brothers do, would immediately and suddenly become completely quiet as soon as the first notes of this 'song' would come on, signifying that we were lucky enough to watch yet another amazing and awesome episode of "Kung Fu", which was just about to come on in a few minutes! hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, loved this song, still do, and always will :)

hondomonny : Hey all you Kung Fu acolytes.  I've been a fan of Kung Fu since I was a teenager.  I was watching an episode on DVD last night and I noticed somethings I hadn't noticed in all these years.  There are some gaffs and inconsistencies that have to do with the opening of each episode.  I'll give you a couple hints and see if you can figure out what they are.  One has to do with young Caine observing the master throwing shurikens at a target.  The second has to do with adult Caine as he burns the marks into his forearms upon leaving the temple.  If you think you've figured them out, send me an email at ejsaxeman@yahoo.com.  Be sure to put something in the subject line so that I can identify it from the spam that I am bombarded with.  Thanks for playing.  John

J. Mark Lane : I've been trying to figure out what the theme tune reminds me of - I think I finally hit it, it's reminiscent of Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain." Anyone else think so?

Jim Buskist : David's relaxed defense style against weapons and keeping his cool in a pinch is what I really miss. Smoke a fatty and you can really believe in self defense like a human being and attracting the right kind of woman without even being aware of it. Red Pill chill.

Aurélien Idez : Still amazing. Reason of practicing during teenage time. 😀

Billy Bronco : This was a great show. The theme tune. The stories. The action sequences. The flashbacks.

Lee McDaid - Guitar : After all these years I've only just realised that Keith Carradine plays Davids younger self in the intro!....

42much1 : I was a little boy back then, and loved to watch it. Kung fu was one of the favorites tv series here in Brazil.

frenchgemini : "Don't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their moccasins."

Gordon Baney : Is this a Camera Lens right at the end of the closing credits reflecting off the Sun?

frenchgemini : Kung Fu was so great! I watched it often.

Dave The Mace : Best Series Of All TIMES...

Kenneth Besselman : Is that the way you show your love?

stitcha123 : Vai you thief!!!

Kenneth Besselman : I have dishonored myself

SomeHardCandy : For the for the love of God Steve Vai must really be a fan but who can't be David Carradine is awesome

Kevin Clepps : How was Bruce Lee connected to this show?

sportshistorybuff : "But father! You never mentioned anything about a desert between here and America!:" "I must have forgotten, Grasshopper."

Charles Lassiter : LOL Here's another great show I was hooked on in my good old high-school days.


Lord Bison : Keye Luke did the voice over for Mr. Hahn in Enter The Dragon.

esisolina1 : Grasshopper ! 😊

Kevin Clepps : i think Bruce Lee helped to dream up the basic idea of the show?

Dan Hondo Harrelson : Created by Bruce Lee as a Far Wild Easter

monsword : How old was Steve Vai then?

pegbars : This was such a gay show. Carradine trying to play a Chinese character was laughable.