Marshawn Lynch Gets The Whole Oakland Coliseum Dancing [BayAreaCompass]

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Brian : When have you ever seen a moment like this in sports. It's so unique and special of an experience. Jeez Marshawn reminded people of Oakland and the world that Oakland has an identity, a culture of it's own. The music, the slang, the dance styles, it's straight original.

D Savage12 : Not a Raiders fan but a Real Lynch Fan Tho . They dnt make treal 1s like dat know more

Tywithay : Don't like the Raiders one bit, but how can you hate this? When they show the big screen and that stadium is hopping...that's what it's all about. Sports should be fun

RLS : How can you be mad at a getto baby that made it and gives so much back and can now play for his home team and not have to apologize for shit

mycollegefund : All jokes aside this is nothing short of legendary.

Flippin Birdiez : The raiders are so lit in oakland, it's a shame theyre moving to vegas

TactFilez : Only people who call Oakland "the town" will understand this... ToWnBiDNeSS

David Lopez : that's pure hapiness caught on camera

PropheticVisualz : Gotta be the best feeling ever!!! Playing in the nfl in your home town

Diogenes Arauz : Marshawn is not disrespecting anyone. He's happy to be home. Playing with his hometown team. His hometown is giving him love. The love Seattle Head coach should have given him on that Super Bowl game. It's the reason he retired and came back to play with his home team. Go Mashawn.....

Brittany LeDay : This Guy truly making me wish i was from Oakland, his love for that city is on another level

jasmine garth : Black Boy Joy

HoWdY : One of the best moments in the history of football

Pilar Bojorquez : Awsome to see Marshawn Lynch show his Oaklaaaaand spirit, awsome raiders fans 👏🏼👏🏼✌🏽🎼🎼.

deshaun lewis : Yo I never been so hype to be a raiders fan my whole life I witnessed terrible season after season now we deserve this raiders nation let go gets this ring

southside mils : This the equivalent to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

amor4ever frenly : I wish i was a black for i could dance so coooooooool wow god please make me black.

NANDO R/T : He had that whole stadium on fire! 😎

News Now Pittsburgh : God forbid you have fun AT WORK!

Michael Tracy : And then my Raiders finish 6-10... what a joke!!!

LionsAllday DETROIT : how come he wasnt dancing playing the redskins.......oops

Master BayTer : This makes the move to Vegas hurt even more.

Lieutenant Dan : Can anyone tell me the song at :53.. sounds like Petey Pablo.

william coe : I've got 2 ideas..... let's all pitch in and buy him a semi trailer full of Skittles....and I'm thinking that maybe they will stay in Oakland after the way that he has energized the fans again.

Misha Is Back : goddamn i wish this guy was still in Seattle. Seahawks need him bad

Rupert Pupkin : What song is it?

Crandell Griffin : My dude is happy! Damn video picked me up lol

Jason Moses : Lynch is the muthafuccin shit. Straight from Seattle we miss him but we're happy he's happy. If he would he signed to any other team I'd been pissed but with Oakland being his hometown who could get mad at that?

Kenny EJR : My mans got me in the car dancing!

A wise man once said A wise man once said : Every man should feel this good, at least once in his life time.........100 SALUTE

Sarah Willson : Are they all on day release.

Captain Cartman : Ugh i want his Jersey SOOO BAD!!!!


chadsem : Boogied so hard here, had no gas left for the rest of the season. Psh.

Real Life Korean Ninja : I wish my running back treated me to sizzler in highschool after a good game lolol

_EMOJI_ GOB : Marshawn lynch on raiders???

Lars Poen : The Day the Raider Season Died. They Dominated....and then DC. The Coup Go Gruden, hand out the pink slips and realign the troops

Edward Brown : Gotta say dat boy got MOVES. SO electric. HAd everyone in there dancing.

HIVE KILLER : This fool is a better dancer...then running back...get down I said let him get down just get down why not...GET DOWN😂👍

gearhead 400 : That's what life's all about right here. Havin fun when your at work!!

Mathew Christopher Flores : Never seen Lynch like this in Seattle or Buffalo. He never wanted to be there to begin with.

Pat : damn can you imagine if raiders won the superbowl at their stadium?

anthony escanuelas : This us exactly why ive been a raiders fan my whole life #RN4L

andre49ers : Niner fan here. Props to lynch tho. He living the dream. And is now a millionaire. Good stuff

Prince Angel : How do you not like this guy

Debbie K : I just love this dude he's having a good time and that's what it should be about enjoy life!!

Brian Samuels : Marshawn forgot to dance at the Redskins game😅😅😅

Joseph Jackson : Do you see this Libby Schaaf? This is what Oakland is all about.Where was Libby Schaaf when Lynch turned up? I am Oakland all day, everyday and this is what Oakland is all about.I love Oakland.100 always.

Patrick Bateman : Lynch just getting stupid and doing that dance cause he back home baby!

jesusneverexisted300 : Man I am so happy for the Raiders. It looks like they may be back now and Marshawn gives them so much life.