Marshawn Lynch Gets The Whole Oakland Coliseum Dancing [BayAreaCompass]

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RLS : How can you be mad at a getto baby that made it and gives so much back and can now play for his home team and not have to apologize for shit

Tywithay : Don't like the Raiders one bit, but how can you hate this? When they show the big screen and that stadium is hopping...that's what it's all about. Sports should be fun

mycollegefund : All jokes aside this is nothing short of legendary.

TactFilez : Only people who call Oakland "the town" will understand this... ToWnBiDNeSS

Flippin Birdiez : The raiders are so lit in oakland, it's a shame theyre moving to vegas

D Savage12 : Not a Raiders fan but a Real Lynch Fan Tho . They dnt make treal 1s like dat know more

David Lopez : that's pure hapiness caught on camera

PropheticVisualz : Gotta be the best feeling ever!!! Playing in the nfl in your home town

Master BayTer : This makes the move to Vegas hurt even more.

Brittany LeDay : This Guy truly making me wish i was from Oakland, his love for that city is on another level

jasmine garth : Black Boy Joy

187macabee : This video is so Bay it makes my pants fall down

Rupert Pupkin : What song is it?

Pilar Bojorquez : Awsome to see Marshawn Lynch show his Oaklaaaaand spirit, awsome raiders fans 👏🏼👏🏼✌🏽🎼🎼.

Brian : When have you ever seen a moment like this in sports. It's so unique and special of an experience. Jeez Marshawn reminded people of Oakland and the world that Oakland has an identity, a culture of it's own. The music, the slang, the dance styles, it's straight original.

HoWdY : One of the best moments in the history of football

Mo Merrell : Marshawn playing for Oakland before they leave definitely has given that place some hype. The bay is something else🔥

Patrick Bateman : Lynch just getting stupid and doing that dance cause he back home baby!

News Now Pittsburgh : God forbid you have fun AT WORK!

anthony escanuelas : This us exactly why ive been a raiders fan my whole life #RN4L

Dr. DIY : I wish my running back treated me to sizzler in highschool after a good game lolol

deshaun lewis : Yo I never been so hype to be a raiders fan my whole life I witnessed terrible season after season now we deserve this raiders nation let go gets this ring

Edward Brown : Gotta say dat boy got MOVES. SO electric. HAd everyone in there dancing.

Diogenes Arauz : Marshawn is not disrespecting anyone. He's happy to be home. Playing with his hometown team. His hometown is giving him love. The love Seattle Head coach should have given him on that Super Bowl game. It's the reason he retired and came back to play with his home team. Go Mashawn.....

TheBagBalm : Seattle should have run the football. Lynch responded back by saying, "no biggie, its a team sport". Class man he is.


amor4ever frenly : I wish i was a black for i could dance so coooooooool wow god please make me black.

Hector Hernandez : Man is just str8 up living up his life, gotta love that.

Xisean Anthony : Nice job for the DJ for keeping the music pumping when he saw Marshawn getting stupid with it lol

Alejandro Regalado-Garcia : Ain't a raider fan but man this shit was LIT🔥

TGC_ Extortion : Marshawn lynch on raiders???

A wise man once said A wise man once said : Every man should feel this good, at least once in his life time.........100 SALUTE

Captain Cartman : Ugh i want his Jersey SOOO BAD!!!!

LionsAllday DETROIT : how come he wasnt dancing playing the redskins.......oops

southside mils : This the equivalent to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

ALEXANDER MONDAY : He should have saved all this energy and acting a fool for the rest of the season. They fell off the cliff after this game and he looked like crap for the rest of the year because he is over weight and out of shape. I live in VEGAS and most of us did not want the Raiders, but we wanted the NFL. Also, I’ve been to Raider games when they were in LA. They have the most in uncivilized fans. They will be kicked out of the stadium here, spitting on people, starting fights, vulgar language, will not fly here. Even the Raider bars here in town are crap always fighting if you are not a Raider fan Grown men acting like juvenile delinquents. Your season tickets will be revoked.

Derek Rodgers : This was a wild moment.. The Raiders went on to lose every game after this.

Jose Castaneda : Awesome how he can get everyone jumpin. But its all about having fun. Raider Nation

Debbie K : I just love this dude he's having a good time and that's what it should be about enjoy life!!

Jason Moses : Lynch is the muthafuccin shit. Straight from Seattle we miss him but we're happy he's happy. If he would he signed to any other team I'd been pissed but with Oakland being his hometown who could get mad at that?

andre49ers : Niner fan here. Props to lynch tho. He living the dream. And is now a millionaire. Good stuff

Crandell Griffin : My dude is happy! Damn video picked me up lol

kidphillyorg : I'm a die-hard Eagles fan and I have to say, it's nearly impossible for me not to root for the Raiders story this year (Right behind my Eagles). Champion unretires and comes to his hometown team that has a stand-up QB that season was cut short last year only to let it hang all out for his family and play like there's no tomorrow while having fun in the process??!!! I absolutely love it and don't want to see it stop. Sure, the NFL is a business. But living life takes risks, sacifice, and heart. Good luck Raider Nation from Philadelphia! See you guys Christmas night! Go Birds!!

Eb : My dad is 69 and has been a Raider fan since the very beginning of the franchise. He got to watch all three Super Bowl victories and always tells me about the glory days and all the Raider greats. I thought we had something when I was a kid with Gannon, Brown, Rice, Crockett, Garner and all the others. I really enjoyed that team but I was devastated when we lost to Gruden. Now, I am an adult and have lived in Vallejo almost my whole life waiting for a Raider team like this one. I hope and pray that I can watch a Raider Super Bowl victory not only before they leave Oakland, but also before my dad passes away. *Raiders.*

Misha Is Back : goddamn i wish this guy was still in Seattle. Seahawks need him bad

The Time zNow : Free expression, I love it.

Dreamingbig : No dancing in Washington tho

Giovanny Melendez : He made me smile and brought my spirits up just seeing him hype the hometown crowd up

chadsem : Boogied so hard here, had no gas left for the rest of the season. Psh.

I AM SOFA KING WE TALL DID : He wasn't dancing like that when the Redskins put the beatdown on him and the Raiders!🤣