Joey Diaz - Conor vs Khalabib REMIX "The Seed"

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Maurice Spears : Instrumental version available on my Bandcamp

H[lambda]LF : Now he's definitely not going to let his nephew fight Khalabib.. again

Clifford Starks : Great remix👍

Douglas Quaid : More Joey Diaz remixes please dude. That's a goldmine of material right there

J -Thrash : Joey was right the whole time.

JLDoubleU : I've been waiting for this for years...this is the peak of music

A_A_Ron 78077 : Uncle bobby Dana😂

It is what it is : Its a sad state of affairs when joey diaz is the voice of reason. He was right Dana shouldnt have let khalabeeb anywhere near his little nephew.

realJ.Dinero : Looks like uncle Dana let his nephew fight khalabeeb

i offer you this : Where are dennis siver and stiopic

Mihir Bandodkar : Nah fuk

Joe "Complex geometric shapes" Rogan : Uhhh uh uh uhhhhh Uhhh uh uh uhhhhh

Mark Wheeler : Khabib in Russia!?...😂😂😂 Conor won't fight Khabib in Vegas never mind Russia! Imagine Conor gassing round 2... And the nightmare begins in full!!!... Sort it uncle bobby Dana!

billy batts : Lol someone send this to rogan

David F : Fuckin’ tremendous

Rushikesh pawar : Khalabib😎

Darren 'MCTAPPER' Till : "Uhhhhhh" 😂😂😂

Jek Tono Porkins : This is one of the funniest god damn things I've ever seen.

Bombad General : Thank God, i hav been waiting for a remix of this rant

H Smythe : Bout time uncle Joey made it👏

round about midnight : McGregory vs. TWood would be a great fight! TWood is too strong, McConor could catch him, though, I think he'd have the hand-speed advantage.

Ingush Norway : The best part begins at 1:51, thank me later

yayftw : ellerbe's nose and rockhold again lmao

ainfallet : Best part 0:26 LMAO

Rachael Spray : I love that rockhold always makes a cameo in these

Shawn McQuate : Uncle bobby Dana 😂😂😂

tushar tyagi : Wtf did I just watch😂

Joel Larsson : Now uncle bobby danas nephew is finally gonna fight khalabeeb

shedd45 : You're the best.

Knightlight02 : HAHAHAHHA the Luke Rockhold part is the best, I nearly pissed myself xD

thesuperfatty : Ive been jamming this for 3 days 😂😂😂😂 uncle bobby dana

Richard Meyer : I can't stop coming back and listening to this, so good haha


das dingo : THATS THE SEED

Kajis : This shit has been playing in my head for weeeeeeeks hahahhahhaha - still laughing hysterically everytime I come and see this masterpiece. Good job!

Cunticus Cunticus : This is why the Internet was invented 😂 😂 😂 😂 👍

The real spencer Powers : Straight 🔥

Joe Reilly : Been walking around all week saying "uncle Dana, uncle john, uncle Bobby Dana." My whole family thinks I've lost it.

Swedish Wiking ! : ROCKHOLD is HiPhOp - / Uncle bobby Dana

Christoph Az : Hahahahaaaà! this is so stupid it's hilarious! LMFAO!

JC : Rockhold ahaha gets me everytime

Cesar Hernandez : TELL US UNCLE JOEY!


PMcCul2477 : I wonder if there's a guy named Bobby Dana, who wants to stop his nephew from fighting someone named Kalabib.

Salvatore Zerbo III : Pure gold.

Jack Bormann : Uncle Bobby Dana just let his nephew fight khalabib

Darksydesamy : It’s happening. FINALLY.

fukthescrubs scrub : he's not gonna let his nephew fight Khalabib

jojoexperience : This song > guns n roses reunion album

MexiKingiCon : This is so funny and trippy high af... hahahah 😂