Janna Breslin VS Raccoon
Raccoon Tries to Steal Kayakers Food

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Probably the highlight of my Florida trip. Still can't believe that actually happened!!! Yesterday was my first encounter with a wild and very curious raccoon. This is at Weeki Wachee Springs in FL. Disclaimer: I'm not happy I bonked him on the head, I tried to nicely keep him away from me and my things but once I felt he was not going to let go of my clothing and food, I made a split decision to make sure my belongings were safe. As you can see he swam away and was totally fine. We even saw him walking around an hour later and tried to come up to us again haha * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/951620 For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com


Tadaia : Lol at folks trippin in here. If that raccoon is badass enough to try and take a backpack from that woman with several others standing around, he's badass enough to take an ass whoopin.

Unwanted House Guest : I would rather take the girl instead

sickb2200 : He really wanted to latch onto that rack.

RightWing UkraineLviv : We all know why u are here

呂阿昇 : So clear the water

Farouk Mejdoub : where is that location!? looks wonderful

Southernburrito : Idk who she is but she's a babe. Glad you ok hotstuff ;)

william higgins : WOW !!! The water looks Exceptionally Clear & Clean.

TimmacTR : It's suddenly very hot in here..

jeff colt : yeah but I want to take her with me

John Falcigie : Hmm, anyone want to bet people have been feeding the raccoons?

Katie A : Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 looks Amazing!

pandashu : I hope you getting paid for the car commercial

Destination: tonsils : It was just trying to escape from Cyril Sneer.

amy gorman : I live in Weeki Wachee and I can say I've never seen anything like this before lol Glad he didn't snatch your bag! Don't feel too bad about giving him a little bonk on the head. He looked perfectly fine as he swam away

Stefan Hollstein : Hahaha that was classic! Hope your well Janna :)

wayne morris : Congratulations, you made Failarmy! 🤘

Kill Me : That's a rare video of RaccoonEggs in person

Milke Soft : еноты добрые, мне его жалко, изверги

Dennis Huang : Great moment caught on video! I'm glad you were ok. I would have been as startled as you I think. :)

Eurobeat Lover Sky : Came from RaccoonEggs lmao

Omar A : He tried to Kayak Jack you. LMAO

Pasha Defragzor : lul, racoon goes - all in ^^

George K : ne go zakachai ma ofco

Glen Doucette : Smart raccoon goes after the prettiest lady lol

KILL the KID : You're in a Subaru commercial 😅

Антон Павлович : Она ему понравилась :)

Bruce : where is groot

I'm no one : Lol that was awesome! Glad he did attack you.

Fitzaey : :D I have meet and filmed the same raccon!!!! Weeki Wachee

Jess Wynn : Who else came here cause of Geo😂

wrcpatrick : HAHA that's hilarious. I love how he swims off like no big deal.

ibles bosuok : Wow! Crystal clear water. Wow!

Артём Суслонов : What a beatiful place. Amazing

Алексей Бумагин : "От бутылки хмурый день светлей..."

John Jacob : What an awesome spot. I cant remember t he last time I've seen water so clear.

almarjyou : that raccoon was just on bail

Bryan Cruz : thanks forsharing the location, this place look amazing, such a clear water and white sand... thanks

Gilmoy : He got under her guard! With a swim move!

Bobby Solorio : Water so Clear!

Waschbär 21 : How dare you not giving him youre stuff

조약돌 : It is very clean stream. Wow.

Kawenzmann : 9gaga brought me here

Wyyrdo Jim : He’s a thief, that’s why he’s wearing a mask.🙂

P.I. : Поржал)

doug m : Be carefull he will get those implants if you let him....

Robert McCreary : Someone pmo with janna 😍

kostan V : он всего-лишь хотел постирать)

James Chang : This raccoon knew that work with a girl smiling like sunshine will make it a superstar.