Janna Breslin VS Raccoon

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RightWing UkraineLviv : We all know why u are here

Mitsuha Miyamizu : So he pick the hottest girl's clothes, nice choice bro

Unwanted House Guest : I would rather take the girl instead

Tadaia : Lol at folks trippin in here. If that raccoon is badass enough to try and take a backpack from that woman with several others standing around, he's badass enough to take an ass whoopin.

sickb2200 : He really wanted to latch onto that rack.

Farouk Mejdoub : where is that location!? looks wonderful

Luk JMS : So clear the water

les antoine : Boobs 😜

pandashu : I hope you getting paid for the car commercial

Andrii Povkh : Feed the raccoon!

jeff colt : yeah but I want to take her with me

TimmacTR : It's suddenly very hot in here..

Julie Hilton : The poor raccoon is just very hungry.

Jess Wynn : Who else came here cause of Geo😂

Southernburrito : Idk who she is but she's a babe. Glad you ok hotstuff ;)

Sergio Ramoz : what a hottie

Jessica : You realize you're in his home, right?

John Falcigie : Hmm, anyone want to bet people have been feeding the raccoons?

Agnes Przelucki : Dear Sirs, You are in the home - territory of this great raccoon ! You visited this master in his home without any kind gifts. Love raccoons. Love flora and fauna and always help them and be kind. Humans only the guests, this is their home and territory ! Do not hurt this raccoon ! Do not hurt animals !

Artstrology : Stealing is legal in nature. Always has been. She can keep her stuff, because she herself is able to physically defend it. If she had not been able to keep it, the raccoon should not be charged.

Fredricka Apple tree : Poor raccoon it's his river home :(

amy gorman : I live in Weeki Wachee and I can say I've never seen anything like this before lol Glad he didn't snatch your bag! Don't feel too bad about giving him a little bonk on the head. He looked perfectly fine as he swam away

Bruce : where is groot

Polish Filipino : Protecc Raphtalia

BattleFish : Фигуристая сучка!) Только зачем надо было пиздить веслом бедного енота!?

Louis Babycos : Janna has sexy feet

Milke Soft : еноты добрые, мне его жалко, изверги

George K : ne go zakachai ma ofco

Dennis Huang : Great moment caught on video! I'm glad you were ok. I would have been as startled as you I think. :)

autonomydogs : себе блядь по голове веслом постучи, корова

Stefan Hollstein : Hahaha that was classic! Hope your well Janna :)

KILL the KID : You're in a Subaru commercial 😅

Саша Е : наглый гопник)

Capt Termite : Beat that rabid rat babes!

Onur Kosova : wild human being! can not understand, how could you think to hit her with your shovel? get a life sweety!

MindCalm : Нормальные такие "буйки" у туристки

Китти : Милый енотик ,он кушать хочет ,печеньку дайте,а вы сразу веслом да по сопатке.

ZerglingSD : "девушка с веслом, девушка с веслом, окаменевший я стоял..." )))

Marko Nekoizmase : Oh yeah she is ready to defend her clothes :)) Very beautiful girl, although with fake ti.ts like many American women ( why are they so obsessed with breasts, anyway ?)

The King turtle : I’m here from raccoon eggs from his How To survive an armed robbery

Hans Wurst : Nice place, where is this ?

Erick GTRZ : Raccooneggs

Mario Bros : енот гопник

Dankmemer69 69 : That's a rare video of RaccoonEggs in person

Pete Guard : That wasn't the raccoon's first rodeo. He or she is used to shaking down the tourists for food. For future reference they do bite. While you won this one, you might also have been getting a series of shots for rabies and other diseases.

Vaping Trucker : That was funny. She wacked him with the paddle. She's as brave as she is sexy. Coons are mean critters.

Mary Carr : I wish they showed more of the raccoon in the second half of the video.

LucaBG Travel : he just looking for food... food..you know ...racoon search food , he can not go to buy into shop... I hope no one hit the racoon... I hope

Phil Herbox : That raccoon was after them tig ol bitties

Terenia Surratthall : Purse snatcher🐾