Brittany & Derek's Proposal: How I Met Your Mother
I spent the last 8 months creating a surprise How I Met Your Mother proposal video for the love of my life Let me know what everyone thinks

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For the last 8 months me along with the help of countless friends and family secretly put together a documentary proposal video based on the TV show How I Met Your Mother. I plotted out our love story, wrote a script, and pieced this movie together with footage from when we first started dating until now. The goal was to have nearly everything finished in the video except for the actual "Proposal" part. Then, after I proposed I added in my final clips and surprised the love of my life with her own movie. I want to thank everyone who takes the chance to watch and listen to our love story. Also, Matthew and Kelly Stafford, if you're watching this come to our wedding! THE TEAM: Directors | Chris Zuverink & Derek Postma Producers | Chris Zuverink & Derek Postma Actresses | Abbi Roskamp, Patricia Postma, Lydia Bouvier, Sherri Potter, Zoe Mesbergen Actors | Chris Zuverink, Derek Postma, Scott Potter, Tom Postma, David Mora, Brad Mesbergen Songs | The Who- Baba O'Riley Kid Runner- Give Me Something to Love Sour Tennesse Red- John Deley and the 41 Players Interlude- Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Mission Impossible Theme Naruto's Daily Life- Naruto Hidden Agenda- Kevin Mcloud This Magic Moment- Ben E. King & The Drifters Oh, My Love, My Darling- Righteous Brothers In the Jungle- The Tokens Island In the Sun- Weezer Fez Disco Bump- That 70's Show Heaven Is a Place on Earth- Belinda Carlisle I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston Gay Activity & Happy go Lively- Clive Richardson & Laurie Johnson Floating Dead Leaves- Naruto Shippuden Marry You- Bruno Mars Note: I am not making a profit off of this video, it was made solely for fun to share with friends & family. I do not own any of the rights to the songs, or short television clips shown in this film.


Will Sutton : How has this not gone viral yet??? Best proposal video ever!!!

yecks : hell yeah postman :" ]

Andy Ladwig : so happy for you both - congrads!!

Colin Smith : Oh yeah posty, I need to find a nice girl like this 🤧

Rosa Rossi : Best proposal ever !

Juan Cabrera : congratulations bro

Marc Meex : Sweet video!!