Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More (1998)

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dangboodang : LMAO at 1:43 to 1:50

BreBurntBro : When i was younger i used to be scared of this damn music video

UnluckyToonLink : This is the best side of the internet.

TheRipper760 : I really feel sorry for the people who missed out on this era of rap. I remember getting ready for school watching this on MTV.

Amuse Lyfe : this track gave me nightmares as a kid

Lord Flacco : 2017 still listening..Classic!

Dalmar Jackson : Classic Busta beat from Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock

leander logan : I always liked the visual concept of this video. Very funny but creepy at the same time. Busta has so many styles of flow.

MezzerliptikJay : That BASS nice

jumpoutatree : the cop swagger tho

Melody Brown : This video scared me when I was 5.

Truth Hides : this was the first rap video I really loved, I was 10...good times

Fartin Garrix : Kinda miss this era of rap/hip hop music 😞

Sky Man : yeah, yeah flip mode is the greatest.

Majo Kush : When I was a kid, this video scared the shit out of me haha.

HLNGR : 1:55 Twerkin origins ;)

Thom : 1:21 needed the visual hint to realise the lyrics were "flicking my ash" not "licking my ass"

Kieran Diver : Man, this song is so catchy and so addictive to listen to, I've broken my computer's mouse because I've kept replaying this. Busta is such an incredible rapper and has such great flow, rhythm and lyrics. This is definitely one of the best rap/hip-hop songs of the 1990s next to California Love (2Pac & Dr Dre), No Diggity (Blackstreet ft Dr Dre, Queen Pen), Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio) and Now That We Found Love (Heavy D and The Boyz). Amazing song!

realexkav : It's not "American Psycho", it`s "Psycho". And it's the main theme.

Nant Nyny : Til this day busta is the most charismatic rapper to do it n still have the best videos ever n it's a bonus that he has barz

zeth fox : who else still enjoying this video 19 years later? love this

Sir Ivy-Cloud : Hype Williams Work will stand the test of time. Especially what he did with Busta Rhymes

JohnnyReiTV : As a kid I was genuinely scared of this video.

MC CABE : Who is here because of the J.Cole Video "ATM"? Haha #Classic

MissJennyCain : Here before all of the young J.Cole fans realize where he got his inspiration for his ATM video.

TheSpook313 : Buss in that cop uniform tho lmfao

Daniel JZ : A little bit creepy and funny, cool )

MC Bust : Damn. It’s been 20 years. Felt just like yesterday this song came out

Gustav Åhr : this is one of the coolest music videos I've ever seen

Money Man : Best of flip mode💯

Nazeem : Gotta thank Alfred Hitchcock for letting flip mo squad remix the beat into this masterpiece.

Daniel Conway : this is 20 years old. still so good.

Gucci Versace : I found this video by searching Busta Rhymes weird video.

Der Schubser : Crazy Song greetings from germany

CrAzY rAiN : remember watching this when I was 5 I was terrified of that blue creature 😂😆

YaboyDolo : Yeh flip mode.. flip mode is the greatest 🔥😭

KaMui1987 : Man, those times were the best! Always loved Bustas Vids.

TheClassicalKids : that cop character had me dyin! This guys honestly got too much personality

Ever V : Flow legendary

Dad30474 : i would give 10 billion dollars to have more of this era of Busta Rhymes

J. cates : I fell down and bumped my head and somebody asked me if I fell and bumped my head haha fs

Increased Standards : Perfection!

Dee Jones : Man I miss the 90s hip hop

Jones Michael : Who´s here from J.cole?

live4marilyn : Who's the cowboy in the photo on 1:37?

Thunderhead : Who else here from the new J Cole video 😂😂😂

TheRobotbill : whos here because j coles ATM song reminds you of this?

Mean Malenko : Am I the only one who thinks that women is fine or what?

Tyler Durden : love it...he always has fun in his clips....love the humour...and the chicks!! the world needs more bustas.....

Karnage : This shit was scary AF back in the day