Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More (1998)

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BreBurntBro : When i was younger i used to be scared of this damn music video

MC CABE : Who is here because of the J.Cole Video "ATM"? Haha #Classic

PoppyKumo : Lowkey this video was waay ahead of its time

Raoul Duke : He deserves way more respect than he gets nowadays.

Justin Peterson : One of the sickest beats ever!

Nick S : His flow was nasty

Rick Tyman : So many years later and I realized that Busta sampled a song from Hitchcock's Psycho movie soundtrack.

JohnnyReiTV : As a kid I was genuinely scared of this video.

Morteros Pirotecnia : Vida random te amo :v

Nicky Santoro : I really feel sorry for the people who missed out on this era of rap. I remember getting ready for school watching this on MTV.

MissJennyCain : Here before all of the young J.Cole fans realize where he got his inspiration for his ATM video.

Introspective : This music video scared the crap out of me when I was little, the music alone gave me a panic attack. I guess that's Alfred Hitchcock's work getting the job done😅

Star Light : Busta and Missy E. two freaky and funny video legends 👍🏾

Julian Hitchen : Those strings are so sick, great sample from Psycho

Dee Jones : Man I miss the 90s hip hop

Mark Ottewell : Forgot how brilliant this is.

tree jesus : yoooo i need that chick getting chased round's name? for my friend ... richard ...

Rob Ferrell : Lol him and missy back in the day had the best music videos. I wish they stil did it like this these days.

Dale : I'm a white dude that likes heavy metal and I approve this message.

daehttub : what happened in the last 20 years...

Myles Woo : Whos that hot chick in this vid lol

M M : I remember watching this as a little kid and being scared af cause of the lil monster

Judo Nomi : When dark skinned babes were the norm in rap, hip hop, and r&b videos. I miss those days.

ChiefNation Auto : I remember when I was 5 or 6 and I watched this on tv, I was scared af at this video 😂 man the memories of music I had during the late 90s, early 2000s I’m greatful just for that time of my life because these young kids just don’t know

Stealth Cat : I was 9 years old, a little girl waking up on this song every morning due to my dad turned on tv for me as a wake up alarm. He selected MTV knowing nothing about the channel only that it’s a music channel. (Don’t judge us, we are Europeans from a little and unimportant country). So every morning I started to have weird dreams hearing this song in it, and when waking up the first thing I saw was this very video clip 🙄. I thought it’s crazy af, I loved Backstreet Boys at that time, so.. 😂 When I became teenager my taste in music completely changed and I actually LOVED his music. Cool thing is that we have this music festival every year and when I was teenager - luckily, Busta Rhymes was invited and he accepted it! So I went there with my friends, HE ALSO PERFORMED THIS SONG 😢😪🤧🤪👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Later I got ass drank and I was completely amazed who’s concert I was just watching. I grew out this stage of my life by now, but these will be always great memories reminding me on my childhood. This song is fucken’ great!

innocent Ebegue : Still here 2k18

Flex Koolin : J Cole brought me here to analyze it lol

El Tebby :v Lara : Diego - Vida Random ♥ 👽

Paulo Gonçalves : How I miss the 90's...

Cyberfunk : Video reminds me of german expressionism with the exagerated movements and the strange world and creepiness. Strange era in film and cool to be reminded of weird stuff in a video

zeth fox : who else still enjoying this video 19 years later? love this

lil ek : How tf did they make this video???

Des R : Mannnn I loved this song as a kid. My big sister used to blast this

Mick Foley : Count it up Count it up Count it

Luciano Vargas : Like si vienes por vida random

llogan _21 : I always liked the visual concept of this video. Very funny but creepy at the same time. Busta has so many styles of flow.

Edmister101 : When Busta and Flipmode were at their best!

deontae jones : i’m glad i wasn’t the only scared of this video as kid lol

C Perry : When I first heard this and realized he sampled part of the theme from Hitchcock's "Psycho"... ...lost my mind! Flipmode is the greatest!!!!

Jay2Fire : Yo this use to scare the shit outta me when I was younger lol😂💯

MC Bust : Damn. It’s been 20 years. Felt just like yesterday this song came out

D A G D A :v : Vida Random :v

EpicHomeMoviez : Who else here from the new J Cole video 😂😂😂

Kakashi Hatake : 😂 recommended from j coles video

Amber Leeann : This is a little bit scary I'm afraid he will pop up any minute now

Amuse Lyfe : this track gave me nightmares as a kid

Óscar Pulido : Del putas, Vida random nuevamente !! que temazos XP

Vast Number : Cole got some taste

Jacob C : Came from ATM

Grandmas Boy : 20 years later and it's still greater than Migos and 21 Savage combined!