What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren't around

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This rare, never before seen video documents the secret interactions of gay men that only take place when there are no straight people present. Facebook: facebook.com/brianjordanalvarez IMDB: imdb.me/brianjordanalvarez Videos: youtube.com/bjalvo Instagram: instagram.com/brianjordanalvarez Twitter: twitter.com/brianjoralvarez

Comments from Youtube

Lera Anderson : my last three braincells trying to remember what that meal between breakfast and lunch is called

Joep : 0:33 Brown jacket guy 'hung up' his jacket but in the next shot he has it back on, but in the next he has it off. This proves it. Gays are magical.

Kit Schulz : what I took from analysis: The guy that just left his apartment seems like the more artsy introverted submissive type of gay. His movements are more gentle and calculated. The guy with the facial hair is a dominant outgoing gay, you can tell by his confidence and his big movements. He'd probably be into theatre. The bald guy is an extroverted yet submissive gay, I think because of the way he moves his arms, yet opened right up rather quickly. Still smaller movements, but less calculated and careful than the first guy.

That one dream Someone crushed : The people who disliked are the gay guys who didn't want the secret exposed

Jerome Mercury : Dude stop exposing us the straights are getting to smart

Darth Dimmadome : I’m not gay but after this video, I’m thinking about it

Razzo : As a homosexual, I can indeed confirm this is how it typically goes down.

hadley brickman : We all thought American Sign Language was cool, but now we have *Gay Sign Language*

Peter Müller : In the years we were opressed we had enough time to develop telepathy in secret. Unfortunately it involves letting your body go. This is a documentary about what this looks like to non-telepaths.

Ohlordy 456 : I thought they were gonna fuse or something like in DBZ lol

cu ii : Tag yourself I'm the jacket that was left there to die

Moisture : 0:25 when a guy asks if I wanna go out

Mark Arandjus : As a bi guy this only happens to me half of the time.

Lizzy Tatam : My last brain cells before an exam

JeffTheAntisocialPiano : I’m watching this in the middle of class and I have to keep a straight face. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Btw, turning on captions makes it slightly better.

Ubu - : That thing he does at 0:51 KILLS me

P.Johnsin 2 : This could be a really good ASMR video

Some Person : GSL (gay sign language)

Lehlohonolo Bopape : I understood that whole conversation

Lily F : My last three brain cells before bed

Della Animations : Stop spilling the tea 🤦‍♀️ straighties aren’t meant to know 😂😂

Freddie Heinemann : After watching this once, it needs to be watched again with the CC on! It adds an entirely new level to it. EDIT: Oh no! It seems like they got rid of it. Playing the video with CC on used to reveal really hilarious commentary and subtext to the entire skit. Bummer!

TheBeatboxer00 : The sound design on this was amazing!

Rags ! : I guess you could call this *_communigaytion_*

lilsaltypenguin : My teacher plays this video in class all the time and when the class is getting sleepy we all bring it in aaaand BRUNCH as a class lmao

DashingNative : This is basically how JoJo characters act


Parenthetically : Why does this video bring me so much joy??

Sydney Bettencourt : this is the pinnacle of comedy. nothing will top this

Julianna Kopa : The guy who does the first spin reminded me of Bobby from Queer Eye

- E̷n̷o̷l̷a̷ - : THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! The dude with facial hair forgot to take his jacket!

meg : Me and my friends sitting across from each other in choir

asocial trash : As a gay guy, I can confirm.

phailed_ user : b r u n c h

VANNIVEZ : I'm not gay but I think YouTubes recommendations is trying to tell me something.

Vinsoy_Sauce : This also happens in military barracks between straight dudes.

mrtoolegittoquit2 : The jacket being on and off....gay'dom😁🤣😂

Queenish X : *my last brain cells doing literally anything*

D B : I feel like I’ve become privy to something pure and innocent. I think I just intruded on some sacred ritual. I have been blessed with forbidden knowledge on this day.

Ânyà Štár ✨ : Bahahahahaha! You exposed them... xD

kayizcray : I may not be gay for men, but I am also a gay, and tbh, yep.

Kyser Henderson : That spin move was genius.

pine marten : I'm a straight girl and this is legit the cutest thing ever😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aoife : Wtf you're not meant to tell anyone

Chill : Ah, communicating in gay. I can confirm this to be it 100%

Sophie : the 3 personalities deciding which one i'm gonna be today

Johnny The D : 0:33 Takes off his coat ...Then he's magically wearing it again -_-

Evilcupcakecat : Camera man is gay as well.

astrid : This is gay culture at it's finest