What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren't around

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salsa salsa : this video was really ahead of it's time

Aoife : Wtf you're not meant to tell anyone


chisala chewe : So that one guy just left his jacket on the floor like that?

Kit Schulz : what I took from analysis: The guy that just left his apartment seems like the more artsy introverted submissive type of gay. His movements are more gentle and calculated. The guy with the facial hair is a dominant outgoing gay, you can tell by his confidence and his big movements. He'd probably be into theatre. The bald guy is an extroverted yet submissive gay, I think because of the way he moves his arms, yet opened right up rather quickly. Still smaller movements, but less calculated and careful than the first guy.

TheEllarooroo : This made me transcend time

Lee Anderson : If this only happens while no straight people are around to observe, then if you watched this you must also be gay

Drewtot wapakels : Does anyone speak fluent gay here? I need a translation

2D's blue-ty shorts : Bisexuals just awkwardly finger gun for a straight 20 minutes and that will be our entire conversation.

Rio Gunadi : 1:01 Summoning Jutsu: Gaymabunta

Marquis de LargeBaguette : The raw gay energy in this video is absolutely incredible

heyFOOL : my last three brain cells communicating with each other

Holden Caulfield Tralfamadorian : Ok, now they're just jojo posing

Neil Orion : *Guy with blue shirt forgot to take his jacket from the floor* Edit: This is the most likes i have ever got. Thanks everybody

Nickolaus Trevino : David Attenborough needs to narrate this. How majestic.

Black Crow : Magical creatures have their own language.

Antonio is Bae : I didn't get it. I don't speak Gaytalian.

That one dream Someone crushed : The people who disliked are the gay guys who didn't want the secret exposed

Gayvibes Parody : The whole gay conversation before “brunch” Only gay people can understand the body language 😏

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : The cameraman must also be gay. And this came in my recommended I wonder why.

Kamryn Rattana : As a gay, I can confirm and relate. _Been there, done that_

M St : You exposed us.

world drawings : 0:25 hahahaha what was that?

Aloof Obsessions : My last brain cells before an exam

Taha Maghraoui : *top 10 mystery's science can't solve*

Ohlordy 456 : I thought they were gonna fuse or something like in DBZ lol

Jetpack Rorschach : So basically it turns the entire situation into an episode of JoJos Bizarre Adventure? Cool! I wish I was gay....

MuCefoca : I wish there were that many gay men in my building.

Lehlohonolo Bopape : I understood that whole conversation

ItzMez SkinnezPinez : 0:46 me when I see drama happening

Dan Lee : *Are those new shoes?* _See if you get the reference._

Ubu - : That thing he does at 0:51 KILLS me

Nando Moreano : Sometimes this simple greeting holds us back from our timing but we usually make it work. Sometimes we do it so much we end up levitating from the floor. We’re magical being remember.

Stevie Rose : Lesbians have similar interactions, but there’s a lot more woodworking involved

Jehmie : Youtube recommendations have somehow recognised me as a fujoshi and im a bit frightened

KuromizakiLuka : onoz Im straight I cant even understand a single thing but it looks interesting :(

j00st00s : The guy in the light brown jacket looks like the rich snobby kid from Lazy Town

Joshua A TM : Dude stop exposing us the straights are getting to smart

Ciclopea2 : Yup, Madonna's song "Vogue" starts playing in our heads, this is exactly what follows.

Darth Dimmadome : I’m not gay but after this video, I’m thinking about it

Anne Kautzi : I somehow understood all of that and I'm not even gay

Julianna Kopa : Who is the bald guy in this video PLEASE TELL ME

Dwight Xavier Sanson : Looks like I'm watching two birds communicating each other just to mate like in national geographic channel..

Peter Müller : In the years we were opressed we had enough time to develop telepathy in secret. Unfortunately it involves letting your body go. This is a documentary about what this looks like to non-telepaths.

Lily F : My last three brain cells before bed

- zobuggin - : the gays...a mysterious creature...we have yet to understand their intricate language...

Oliver Carter : Wait does shit like this actually happen.

P.Johnsin 2 : This could be a really good ASMR video

phailed_ user : b r u n c h

Antonio is Bae : Is this a mating call?