Victor Borge

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Franko Russo : Victor Borge: lo straordinario talento artistico e l'elegante umorismo del secolo scorso... che bei ricordi... :)

mike travis : Imagine having this man as your Granddad. How fantastic would that be!

Roger Groot : True story.My brother George Groot was a piano tuner and he tuned the Grand piano for Victor Borge in the 1940`s in the Civic Auditorium in Grand Rapids,Michigan and about 6 years later he came again to give a concert and after him meeting hundreds of people all over the world my brother was touching up the piano before the concert and Victor walked in and said Well,hello George!

copferthat : How anybody could possibly put a thumbs down to this jewel of a man and performer, is beyond me.

yidy1 : "Now the chorus comes in, but nobody knows why, except Mozart, and he's dead!" LOL!

James anonymous : One of a kind, brilliant.

thespotteddog : The best straight faced comic ever, with or without a piano.

John Rauner : Today instead of people like this we have Kayne, 50 cents and Eminem. I'm not even going to bother saying it.

Chatelaine2020 : Love his humor, his performances, his artistic skill... Sadly missed !!

John Benton : This man's knowledge is beyond encyclopaedic. And his talent is beyond measure.

cx1735 : Do you care for piano music? Too bad. What an epitaph that would've made!

Ian Ginn : Never heard of him until now..............what a genius !

Maruf Rashid Khan : 181 dislike? This is what wrong with this world!!! -_-

Sammy Fisher : Such a legendary greatly missed You simply don't make them today

Jan S : His humor was divine and genuinely touched us all. Thank you, Victor!

Andrew Pinkard : How could anyone NOT like Victor Borge?

Doug Montgomery : I went to see him once, at El Camino College in Torrance, California. I had a front-row seat. I laughed at the wrong time and got his attention immediately. He asked me, "Vhat and vhere did you eat?" I was too surprised to say anything.

woodstoney : He has always been funny to me even as a child, his antics made me laugh! He was quite an accomplished pianist.

Dallas Moesker : I just stumbled across this. This is brilliant. What a genius this man was.

Bruce Boschek : I never missed him when he was on television, but that is so long ago I can watch all the videos and belly laugh again. What a genius and impeccable gentleman.

Yvette Johansson : "She's a big soprano -she's about 4 and a half feet tall... lying down!" was the line that made me fall in love with Victor Borge, when I heard it, in my childhood, on a Royal Command performance concert on television and it stayed with me, all these years! I always longed to see the rest of the routine again. Thank-you for uploading this.

mapearce1 : I remember as a lad learning hockey,....and my inspirations were Howe, Richard, Hull, La Fluer,......and in oredr to keep playing hockey I had to keep my grades up and take my piano lessons. Needless to say,...Victor was my Howe, Gretzky, Orr, inspiration,.....what an amazing talent on the piano and in the world of comedy!! Hell,...who else could make scales fun? Truly a gift to humanity!

Mike Johnson : This truly was a wonderful man. Full of joy and humor. One of a kind and never to be replaced.

AUSTRALIAN HERITAGE QUANTA : God made Victor Borge so we could get the maddest gut-laugh in the Universe. He will dwell with the angels.

Paul's comments and questions : Victor Borge was a very very funny man.

Keith Foo : The mike drop at the end! Even Victor was ahead of his time ☺️

regolo gellini : What a great guy ! A "total" artist, accomplished musician and great master of speech and humour and mimic art !

Iori Kira : "But goes into hid..hidin...hydin... wait not, we are talking about Mozart, not Haydn" LOL Pure gold!

BloozeDaddy : my dad loved Victor....if he was on tv in the 60's we were watching.....this man was one of my favorites growing up ...along with Red Skelton.  The mold no longer exists for these guys.

Johanna Kidd : Victore Borge is just fantastic, always cracks me up

chris scott : Wonderful, clever and of an age now sadly gone .

gilbert ramirez : I have liked him since I was a kid. Truly a gifted pianist.

Gary C : Victor Borge has always been one of my favorite pianists and humorists. He has always had a rather unique outlook on life. He was probably the one person who could seriously get me to listen to classical music as well as opera, since he was hilarious and was entertaining to those of us who didn't really understand what all went into what we were listening to. I'm so sorry that he's gone.

Wilfried Tersago : What a splendid man he was! Does anybody know where I can find his explanation of Fliszt, which he compares to Mozart? Hilarious!

j Karlsson : This is one of the funniest men i have ever seen

pandoraamos1 : Helpless with laughter - oh, he was unique and incredibly brilliant!

The Ophidian : Where are the entertainers of yesteryear?

Anton Wills-Eve : I honestly can't believe the caption to this . It calls Borge "a Danish humorist and musician". That's all. Then like a good exam tutor points you at Wikipedia. Strewth.!!! He was only one of the three greatest and certainly cleverest comedians who ever lived and is famous the world over. What sort of people get jobs writing this ignorant rubbish?

bill ross : the greats cannot be duplicated !!!!

Lumen Castaneda : He's a great pianist with a lot of humor. My family truly enjoy his videos and yours too, I am sure.

priscillapastimes : What a wonderful man he was. He caught everyone by surprise with his humor.

Butch CHISM : Victor Borge came to my high school in California in 1958 as a part of the National Assemblies program. What a show he put on! Aside from being a nationally-ranked concert pianist, he was also a renown comedian. And, it was all clean humor.

Stefan Hearst : Always love Victor Borge's classical music humour.

MsMacbeth22 : Hilarious!I love his humour *¨*•.¸¸ ॐ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

adventurous63 : They don't make em' like this anymore.

Jack Stone : Pure genius!

Lisa G : I Love Victor Borge's comedy and OMG that man can play the piano. Good upload thank you, hiandras.

Peter Schaper : I'll never tire of him. Great everytime he got on stage!

Brenda Clark : "These big, fat opera singers...with their heavy arias." He was a sweet comical genius and a world-class piano virtuoso!

Collector Adam : This man is a legend :-)