Victor Borge

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Sue McCarthy : Oh I loved this man, he was hilarious, I have a couple of his videos. ❤️

Vaose Fuuder : This is incredible

aviva levi : Love this....exselente💐🌹🌺

Patrick P : He makes me proud to be a dane 😁 🇩🇰

Bikerbish : Genius

philip paine : And he spoke many languages too .....a genius.

Lord Royce : He's too good

oliver o neill : genious . 645 thumbs down, Shit on them.

jack tattis : Oh he is good

Dale Boxsell : The greatest comedic musician ever.

John Martel : His skill with the piano is immense but when he adds the humour no one comes close to his ability.

Scott Fuller : An iconic, master of comedy and the human spirit......a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of human "smog"....a joy to ones senses...!

Azzurra De Sanctis : It cracks me up every time I hear the part of the soprano 😂 he was a very funny and artistic talent... goodbye Sir Victor Borge it was a pleasure to follow you 🎶

Journeys of Truth : Hey, what do you know? This Channel has 641 idiots that have viewed it. Amazing. Please somebody, give me a 'Thumbs Up' for that......

박원대 : He would make the best music history teacher

chris scott : Wonderful, clever and of an age now sadly gone .

Linda Nadeau : RIP

Max Clickenhof : RIP Victor you are missed.

chris cullen : This man has made me laugh since being a young boy. ..and still does to this day very very funny man.

Gerbil Crusher : This beats modern comedy by a country mile.

toohip42 : So funny and clever!!!!

Val Calvert : So funny

Jeffrey Neyman Prenatt : Actually Victor Borge style is awful hilarious...

Eli Cohen - MisterMedia : Awesome... he's in the wrong opera... ha ha Love it!


Saawan Jethwa : I have never heard of this man until now and I absolutely love him.

TheChipmunk2008 : Victor is wonderful <3

Kevin Mcmorrow : Hilarious

Cook moore : At the beginning especially with the opera part I was thinking wouldn't be great of Victor and the band Focus teamed up together. That would quite the educational show :)

Johanna Kidd : Victore Borge is just fantastic, always cracks me up

Karen Gregory : I so miss this type of entertainment. Thank you for bringing back a happy moment from my childhood.

Adrian Porter : A funny man

Clive Presley : What a fantastic person he was.

WALTER von GANTTEMBERG Ebaugh Frahm SCHUMANN : love Victor Borge ...

Keith Foo : The mike drop at the end! Even Victor was ahead of his time ☺️

John Marrs : Dave Allen.

birol değirmenciler : Cem Yılmaz izledikten sonra buraya gelenleri göreyim:)

Beagle76 : Not enough of people like him these days . Started smiling in his first sentence.

Matthew Hamersly : Growing up Victor & Jimmy Durante were on shows all the time...and always had new funny & hysterical stuff! It was like they were part of your own family...the best part!

j Karlsson : This is one of the funniest men i have ever seen

Henrik Persson : Soo good!! 😄

Axel Schall : Sorry, kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen? Ich suche seit Jahren einen deutschen Schlager der 70-er Jahre, in dem die Textzeile vorkommt: "..wenn ich Silbervögel am Himmel seh, hab ich immer Sehnsucht nach...?" - Freue mich auf Antworten, hier oder unter meiner Mail. - Vielen lieben Dank im Voraus. Axel

Ralph Williams : Had to stop watching him he made me bad loved the guy

Denis May : When he plays the Piano becomes a living thing, played with such magic it is a mirror of his humor. What a brilliant man .We all miss you Victor.

veronikah K : how adorable and incredibly gifted was he!!!😂

Siegrid Thomas : I did LOVED this man, he gave us some wonderful moments .....

Jamwhenever : Very good,

frank hargreaves : Borge had a farm in Connecticut and raised Cornish game hens. He marketed them with great success and made them popular. He also had a place above Christiansted, USVI. We'd run into him in town. Lovely man.

pentti rask : niiin kiva

Chris Rasmussen : "The Great Dane"