A Serious Man - Goy's Teeth scene

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Jared Russo : This is the greatest scene in the history of film

Red Pill Rage : Larry: "And.... what happened to the goy?" Rabbi: "The goy?? Who cares?"

TomthatiscalledTom : He should have just looked at the parking lot....

Paul Dirac : I think its funny that the only word uttered by the Red Owl employee is "Who?".

Z Channel : This might be the greatest scene the Coen brothers ever filmed.

David Biedny : Perhaps the single funniest cinematic sequence ever, but it helps to be Jewish and a little twisted to really Grok it. The music takes it over the top, and if you've never seen this movie, do yourself a favor and rectify that, you'll love it.

Hank Clock : So wonderfully written So what did you tell him? Is it... relevant? Exactly how many people feel about the content of this movie, and the reason why it has the ending it has. I mean the same type of people that cannot 'understand' or enjoy a Lynch film. They want a narrative more than art. One of the best movies I've ever seen

bh617 : The Coens genius cinematograpy ideas are all over this.. perfect zooms, awkward angles, beautiful wide shots like outside the red owl, cllimbing over his wife... The camera is perfect in every single edit. And obviously the way the soundtrack works around it. Perfect.

Sterling Goodwin : I don't even need to write a whole movie. I just want to write a scene this good one time in my life.

mindblast : Wonderful scene. And Jimi increases the quality of it.

Howard Cherniack : George Wyner has appeared in just about every television show, and most movies, ever made. I believe that *this* is the scene that he will best be remembered for.

suomynona22 : Sy Ableman CARES

Mateo Alvarez : Notice the color of the furniture changes from the flashback to the flashforward in 4:34.

Achim Bouhadjar : "Why even tell me the story?!"

mcgurkpizzaclub : Yet Lee Susman never bothers to ask Russel about his teeth directly. He might have realized that the etchings originated from a Jewish dentist held captive during WW2, who treated Kraus, who was at that time a Private assigned to guard a concentration camp. Yet another hidden detective story buried within a Serious Man.

Yankı Karaca : Brilliant and stunning storytelling .

Mike Toole : Obviously the Cohen brothers are trying to impart the secrete alcheme of Ye olde dentiste. Hold your eyePhone as your tongue, and bluetooth your text messages on your Enam El, and you'll start tripping out. Letters everywhere, like a mail truck exploded. edit: also be a good boy.

DarrenBonJovi : Is it F Troop?

Irakli Chumburidze : The main point of Coens Films full of mixed scripts and mindtwister scenes is that evey single person has his own outlook and tries to find the answer about his past or present circumstances. Almost every scene can be discribed with several different ponts of view.that makes Coens films so attractive and desirable. One of the greateat scene of Coens fiction. :)

Sancho : "Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die"

K Matthew : Can Sussman eat? Sussman can’t eat.

UserName Whatever : Don't worry. (((You))) might not know, but believe me, the da goyim know.

Gavin Jones : This movie is just so perfect in every way, and this scene is no exception. The Hendrix music is just the icing on the cake.

MC cashMax : This is a beautiful scene I love it so much, I have seen it maybe 20 times now

claude1918 : Brilliant sequence! Just brilliant! Lots of details, humour, flashes of different sets and old props (where else one gets to see dentist's equipments from the sixties?) plus spot-on comic rhytm from the rabbi.

mustafa basim : This is a real smart scene. It pointless trying to seek answers that have nothing to do in our lives except maybe wasting our time.

Diantres Films : Name the song ?? please

WesIsaLeo : Geez Larry...just go out and help others. And scope out parking lots.

awaken77 : I love choice of music in this movie. Jimi Hendrix - Machine gun!

Daniel Pothier : that's hilarious.

Adina Flyswatter : the goy? who cares?

33027day : Hey this is some heavy intense stuff!

Pheobe JCP Skuncc : SY ABLEMAN

mightisright : Love this movie.

MrBriller : Can Sussman eat?

Jo biko : Fantastic scene

Frances Lockhart : Hilarious.

BLANKLESS : Best movie ever made.

rootsm3 : Lol this is peak Coen Brothers. I love it.

It's Always Daytime In Outer Space : The obligation runs the other way.

Daniel : great scene. the point is: you don't ask the questions until you want the answers, and when things are going good and nothing bothers you, you don't want answers. you have them.

Zhomart Yerkin : I want to know the answers... soon enough he will ask G-d himself

Mikinho Safadinho : hilarious

Gavin Neves : How did you upload this video?

Willum James : 100% hilarious

Spokker : Good goyim, don't mind the teeth.

Jay 10 : Funny movie