Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Coming Out of Their Shells Tour (60fps)

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I invented selfies : Thanks for that, duuuude!

Michael Woods : I've been hunting for this for years! I saw both concert tours they did and i've been looking for getting down in your town for ever as well. I saw them at six flags over texas not long after I saw the first movie.

Ben Loudermilk : OMG!!..I l LOVE this concert.. I remember going nuts for it then, and I still get excited when I watch it now.. Despite all the cheesiness and silliness, and all the other ways this could've been done to make it better, this remains one of the best TMNT related things ever produced!!..

Joaquin Mccurty : The Shredder. . .singing a song about hating music. As a kid, I think that was the first time I understood what irony is.

Logan Darkhorse : Good memory thx bro