Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Coming Out of Their Shells Tour (60fps)

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Joaquin Mccurty : The Shredder. . .singing a song about hating music. As a kid, I think that was the first time I understood what irony is.

Jordon Foley : This is the version of The Wonderful World of Disney Special Presentation called Disney's Mickey and the Roadster Racers featuring Corus Entertainment All-Stars at the National Indigenous Peoples Day for the Grand Finale with Count On Us from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells Tour at 1:24:48👍😎

I invented selfies : Thanks for that, duuuude!

Matthew Flynn : Reunion tour 2020?

the Don of Creativity : This really need to make a comeback, but this time, it would be more... "PG or PG-13 than G" so to speak, including some better costumes, better plot, better fight, dance, and band choreography, better songs, and makes way more sense in this version, one day in the sewers, with the Shredder being defeated, the Turtles start to relax, and train to fight against crime, and Master Splinter realizes that they have been training on Martial-Arts for so long, that Turtles been on edge with eachother, so he had to think of somthing that'll get there edge off of fighting while practicing the great arts of a warrior at the same time, while Michelangelo was watching a rock concert on TV, Splinter gets the idea of getting the Turtles to practice and perform the art of Music, and since Rock & Roll is popular with the people nowadays, they will do a rock band, and as long as people think that they are just rock musicians in Turtle Costumes, then the people won't freak, and it can be their hook for them, at first the Turtles were a little skeptical about it, Leonardo was confused about Splinter's choices, Donatello is just trying to act calm about this but he thinks it's weird too, Raphael thinks it's just stupid but is trying to keep calm and obey Splinter's wishes, and Michelangelo is just loving every minute of this. then the show has some original and must better 80s style Rock and Roll songs, with some see-through curtains, that they say that the curtains are one-way, but Splinter made it so it shows the Turtles really acting about it without them really knowing, but after the first 3 songs, the foot soldiers show up, and the Turtles fight back with tons of much more epic kung-fu fighting and sparks when the turtles use their weapons on them, and after 2 songs, a large explosion occurs, and showing the Foot Clan, including, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang (in his suit, of coarse), Baxter Stockman (human and black), Karai, and of coarse Shredder, who's ALOT more menacing and cooler looking, and as the Turtles are fighting those goons, Baxter activates a disruptive signal called the "M.U.R.D." or the "Mutation Unity Repulsion Device" that affects and hurts only to mutants, which the Shredder has the advantage of kicking their ass easily, so the Turtles head back to the sewers as April is taken hostage by the foot, thus ending Act 1 and during the intermission theirs a video going on where the Turtles are sitting in the sewers figuring out what to do next, as Raphael starts to angerly regret this and loses his temper, and punches Donatello, who after words says he had enough of this, and as the Trutles are fighting each other, Splinter comes to break it up, Leonardo asks Splinter why he would do this after he said he's actually a little annoyed by this whole thing, but he did this he wanted to their Turtles to express the art of music, and Rock and Roll was the only way to do it with the people, cause music has power you can't understand, it can gain you power not through strength and power, but through emotions and heart, and that makes that warrior... a better person inside, then Leonardo tells the other Turtles to come with them, saying "We're going to take care of that Shred-head", and tells the fans to stay put, and that the Turtles will be back soon... after intermission, Act 2 starts with the Shredder and the other goons coming on stage, along with the foot soldiers coming through the stands, as Shredder, Baxter, Krang, and Karai work on the machine, Bebop and Rocksteady takes this opportunity to taunt the audience (just to be clear, voice actors will be behind the scenes voicing the Turtles, Splinter, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang live and will be telling the guys in costumes what to do, just in case something goes wrong and need to improv), so Shredder is planning on using the Donatello's instruments to start an earthquake that will release all the Mutagen ooze from underground turning everyone in the town into shredder's mutant slaves, he uses this by playing extremely loud rock music, and he does an example of it's power by doing a heavy metal rock song, then as April is tied up, Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, and Baxter goes to find the Turtles, while Karai watches April, cause she can be more forceful to get April to tell where the Turtles are, but April tries to get in Karai's good side to let go, as she tries to convince that she doesn't need to do this, as they both sing their differences, but after the song, Shredder and the other villians shows up and Shredder tries to kill her, but the Turtles show up on screen telling them that they're on their way as they are near the entrance, as they're shown live outside the building, where most people our viewing the rest of the show via video screen for those who didn't get tickets (but it's much better to see it live), but then Krang shows up and summons Tokka and Rahzar to fight the Turtles fight against them, but the Turtles end up being defeated, and they are captured as they are walked off to back stage, but as soon Shredder was about to start the machine, Casey Jones and his crew show up to try to take down Shredder and save April, and to show they mean business, they do a punk rock song to get pumped up, after which Shredder and Casey start to have an epic fight against eachother, and when you though the Shredder was done, he comes from behind, breaks Casey's Hockey Stick, and beats and ties him up along with the rest of his gang, and after the Shredder has his glorious triumph, the Turtles show up on Stage, as they throw a tied up Krang, Tokka, and Rahzar on the ground, releases April, Casey and his gang, stands up to the Foot Clan, and has the final battle with the Shredder and his goons, it's an epic battle as sparks fly, epic ninja kung-fu fight choreography, and the back and forth of the device that activates the machine, all while Casey and his Gang plays an epic rock and roll battle tune to pump up their spirits, but then the music stops as Shredder gets the machine, but as soon as he presses the button to start it, nothing happens, since Donatello deactivated the machine by cutting the wires, but Baxter still has the M.U.R.D. signal, that starts to weakens the Trutles, but Master Splinter tells them to not give up, and remember to use the power of music to not give up, and as the audience chants "Turtles, Turtles, Turtles", Leonardo grabs Baxter's device, and breaks it, but after he tries using one of the toy mini swords to defend himself while saying "wom" like a lightsaber, and Leo knocks it out of his hands, and Baxter says "thanks alot force, I'm out", and he runs off screaming and saying "Sorry, Boss, you're on your own..." comically, then there's an extremely epic final fight between the Turtles and the Shredder, and as the fans shout "Turtles Power" over and over again, as the Turtles deliver a devastating combined final blow to Shredder, and after that, the Turtles throw Shredder in a Dumpster that Donatello had made a few years back, called the Dumpster portal, which can send people or things to different dimensions, and they use it to send Shredder back to Dimension X, along with the other goons as well, then Splinter comes on stage saying they did well, and they achieved the perfect combination of Martial Arts and Music, and as Leo says that's enough for it, Splinter says to the Turtles "Oh, are you sure you don't have one last song in you four." and as the Turtles says "Maybe...", they play their last song of the show a much more rockin' remake "Count on Us", as the show ends... with a bang and just a reminder, the character traits and continuity are actually a mix between all 3 of the Cartoon series and the original movies, -the 1987 series: Bebob, Rocksteady, Krang, April, and Vernon (who will be replacing Kip in talking to the fans opinions) -the original movies: Tokka and Rahzar -the 2003 series: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael (all the Turtles are wearing a mixture between the original concert costumes and the movie costumes), Splinter, Shredder, and Casey and his Gang -the 2012 series: Karai and Baxter Stockman and it'll be called "TMNT: Coming Out of Our Shells REDUX" What do you think, would that be a good idea? 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Ben Loudermilk : OMG!!..I l LOVE this concert.. I remember going nuts for it then, and I still get excited when I watch it now.. Despite all the cheesiness and silliness, and all the other ways this could've been done to make it better, this remains one of the best TMNT related things ever produced!!..

Mr Twister Skywarn : this version is awsome Live the 1990s rock with tmnt yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Michael Woods : I've been hunting for this for years! I saw both concert tours they did and i've been looking for getting down in your town for ever as well. I saw them at six flags over texas not long after I saw the first movie.

JJ Films : Who’s here from honest trailers

Dicerolledan8 : Nostalgia at its best. I used to watch this every night

Logan Darkhorse : Good memory thx bro

TMThomsen : Skippin' stooooones!