Adverts - The Peter Serafinowicz Show | Dead Parrot
17 minutes of ads made by the ingenious creator of kitchen gun

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Adverts are everywhere these days. One moment you're being sold ham over the internet, the next you're being shot at by Derek Bum's kitchen gun. Peter Serafinowicz parodies advertising with bizarre brilliance, delivering a strangely accurate depiction of the commercial madness we now live in. Watch full episodes of The Peter Serafinowicz Show right here πŸ‘‡ Subscribe to Dead Parrot for weekly videos - Follow Dead Parrot on Twitter -


Luke Bellmason : Kind of ironic that YouTube interrupts this video with ads

shioq : poison sockets are full of poison

Lector Bercrum : i don't find this funny - my sister was murdered by a poisoned socket in 2017

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : Bang Bang Bang *"GOODBYE, DIRT!!!!"*

The Red Baron : Just realized he's the guy that supplies John Wick with his guns on John Wick 2

Tongireth : the video quality sparkles like new

Michael Pabich : Sad Dickens at the end of the Dickens Fruit Corners spot is a weirdly perfect moment

HMS Sarcastic : "Straight and gay cavemen available".

Max Headroom : That parody of the Cillit Bang advert was almost as ridiculous as the real thing πŸ˜€.

Neil Highley : Fire... Water... Gravy

Charlie Beach : Loved those Basil Fawlty impersonators.

SMAXZO : So, wait..if I get a negative price from those Complico they pay me the price?

daddyfatsax611 : Why aren't there more views? Peter died along with the Nova Core trying to save Xandar. Show some respect for God's sake.

Little Relief : Jimmy Carr - Peter are you a fan of word games Peter Serafinowicz - Well to be honest Jimmy, i don't think thats any of your business

L. J. Carpenter : Peter has an incredible sexy voice

Monkey Jesus : I've been subscribed to Elephants and Trains magazine for many years now.

kromus1 : I'm a straight white male, but that voice...


stefansmith : 14:35 I lost it at "thick with mysterious onions".

Yotophonic : Yes madam, I am frightfully tall

Andrew Bassett : M Y S T E R I O U S O N I O N S

Colonel_Klink : BANG BANG BANG!

Dapo : *RINGS* *WINGS* *BINGS* *MINGS* *STINGS* *KINGS* and *TINGS* Magazine Only 2 schlings

Clembo : The cheese for liars

Bonny Syk. : never call pirate chat ive done the legwork

MAX BLE : Elephants and trains..

Andrew Davies : I'd ring the basil fawlty one

Mike Bliss : Darth Maul, where are you now?

jaxxstraw : Dear God I want to eat that sofa.

Richard Kyle : My friends think im strange as I randomly say "goodbye dirt!"

_Walt Hamer : Anyone up for some after dark cleaning?

Dean C : Peter Serafinowitz is super underrated. I’m glad he’s a large blue beast boi now!

John Hall : Love Kitchen Gun. Can't get anything done without it.

7rodney : Will's mum!

beeba52 : Wish he was still on t.v.

Abiel Llanes : "Explained in the manual" Hands you all the Harry Potter books*

kloggmonkey : i would very much like to have a one on one chat with a pirate!

Soer Torre : Isn't that Will Mackenzies mom? She's fit.

RightEyeRaptor : I'll never quite be able to believe that this guy voiced Darth Maul, the Fisher King from Doctor Who, and the narrator for Lego Worlds.

pranky4 : For somebody with dyscalculia, that advert was a nightmare

Doug McGuffog : I can only like this video once 😒

James Baker : Good to see Pete from Sean of the Dead got a new job as a zombie on the hotline

Ya boi Grunty : K I T C H E N G U N

Matt Sugui : I love the Amnesia magazine line (Amnesia, Deja Vu, Paranoia) adverts because of the music

thechucknorrisofNSMB : I love how the advert for Amnesia Magazine plays twice in a row

Grid : This guy is honestly the best comedian ever. Shit is bonkers.

M&S Lewer : It has Matt Berry voice overs and cameos...subscribed.

crowsbaneful : Why the low likes ? everyone scared to have a sense of humor now?

Najey Rifai : Complico is my favorite inconvenience store!