Adverts - The Peter Serafinowicz Show | Dead Parrot

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Charlie Beach : Loved those Basil Fawlty impersonators.

Tongireth : the video quality sparkles like new

Barry Benson : *_I LOVE YOU KITCHEN GUN!_*

Luke Bellmason : Kind of ironic that YouTube interrupts this video with ads

Lector Bercrum : i don't find this funny - my sister was murdered by a poisoned socket in 2017

shioq : poison sockets are full of poison

Michael Pabich : Sad Dickens at the end of the Dickens Fruit Corners spot is a weirdly perfect moment

HMS Sarcastic : "Straight and gay cavemen available".

daddyfatsax611 : Why aren't there more views? Peter died along with the Nova Core trying to save Xandar. Show some respect for God's sake.

SMAXZO : So, wait..if I get a negative price from those Complico they pay me the price?

Neil Highley : Fire... Water... Gravy

Monkey Jesus : I've been subscribed to Elephants and Trains magazine for many years now.

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : Bang Bang Bang *"GOODBYE, DIRT!!!!"*

x iLeon : Wow, does Peter write his own material! This was hilarious!!!

kromus1 : I'm a straight white male, but that voice...

James Baker : Good to see Pete from Sean of the Dead got a new job as a zombie on the hotline

Bonny Syk. : never call pirate chat ive done the legwork

stefansmith : 14:35 I lost it at "thick with mysterious onions".

L. J. Carpenter : Peter has an incredible sexy voice

Mike Bliss : Darth Maul, where are you now?

MAX BLE : Elephants and trains..

Walt Hamer : Anyone up for some after dark cleaning?

jaxxstraw : Dear God I want to eat that sofa.

Clembo : The cheese for liars

Nair Bas : 2:33 Is that Schmall from The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas?

Colonel_Klink : BANG BANG BANG!

crowsbaneful : Why the low likes ? everyone scared to have a sense of humor now?

beeba52 : Wish he was still on t.v.

John Hall : Love Kitchen Gun. Can't get anything done without it.

zar athustra : is down - damn! Now I have to go buy _normal_ ham! And I so loved that weird taste... *Read more*

Max Headroom : That parody of the Cillit Bang advert was almost as ridiculous as the real thing 😀.

7rodney : Will's mum!

Anthony Obaze : *RINGS* *WINGS* *BINGS* *MINGS* *STINGS* *KINGS* and *TINGS* Magazine Only 2 schlings


Diego Sebastian Velazquez : This show is completely underrated, and surely deserved way more success than it had.

Andrew Bassett : M Y S T E R I O U S O N I O N S

Yotophonic : Yes madam, I am frightfully tall

RightEyeRaptor : I'll never quite be able to believe that this guy voiced Darth Maul, the Fisher King from Doctor Who, and the narrator for Lego Worlds.

Negative : Straight and gay cavemen available

Abiel Llanes : "Explained in the manual" Hands you all the Harry Potter books*

*moved* : "Must be kept in a refrigerated bookshelf"

kloggmonkey : i would very much like to have a one on one chat with a pirate!

Monkey Jesus : I play Fortnight on my mactini.

Doug McGuffog : I can only like this video once 😢

Little Relief : Jimmy Carr - Peter are you a fan of word games Peter Serafinowicz - Well to be honest Jimmy, i don't think thats any of your business

Aaron Barlow : Finally us men will clean the kitchen

Estragon17 : Internet ham!!! They stole my idea! Instaham!

Alexander Quinn : Is that Will's Mum?

The Red Baron : Just realized he's the guy that supplies John Wick with his guns on John Wick 2

Jim Haney : Anybody remember "Elephant Parts"?