Very Small 6-axis Robotic Arm Accelstepper

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RUS PRODUCTS : For those who think that i have the drawnings of the robot, i have to dissapoint you. This robot was made on the go. I started from axis 6 and worked to the bottom. I have only detailed pictures. If you want the program, then you should convince me why i should give it to you.

iozsi iozsi : Nice work!!

fabian gallardo : hi friend! other amazing robotic arm congrats! your designs its very good

Electron Dust : really impressive! Nice work!!

Muhammad Bilal : hi, why u preferred stepper motor instead of DC motor. i'm also want to start working on manipulator so please can u help me in this regard?

Sylesh sylesh : Good job, after reading all the comments I'm not going to ask for designs :-) can you pls tell the motor spec and what controllers and processor you used.

Moises Araya : the motors are at 24v? do you use accelstepper library? each motor have a home position? or homming code?

ahmad mu : This is awesome! your robots is so cool. is it closed loop stepper??

Manan Mehta : really awesome arm that u have there, impressed with the way you have made the arm. Needed a bit of advice, so I have a project in which I am required to make 3/4 DOF articulated arm which is to work underwater, so the question is, should I use stepper motors or servos or hybrid of both and also the arm needs to lift and hold minimum of 1-1.5 kg (2.2 - 3.3 Pounds) of weight. Will 3 servos of stall torque 3.43 N-m suffice for the arm ?

Gurpreet Ubhi : nice dude its great i wanna make one like yours can u plz guide me to make one. thanks

jake B : This is awesome! How long did it take for you to make it? How long did the coding take?

Thomas Hiemstra : What do you use to control the robot? I've build one where I lock the gripper position relative to the ground so I can exactly solve the inverse kinematics, it seems your robot is a bit more sophisticated. Or do you use potentiometers to control it?

Magic Balazs : I know this is an old video but what is the holding torque of those steppers? I know in other comments you've said they're Nema 14's running off 12V. Thanks.

Levent Ozigdeci : How did you manage to run all motors at the same time with acceleration i tried and search accelstepper doesnt support that kind of thing. I can drive 10 motors at the same time without acceleration control but with acceleration only 1 at a time

Dhaval Vora : Hi dear. awaiting your reply. :)

André Sequeira : I'm very impressed with your Robot Arm. It's very nice and works very smooth. I made one robot with 3 steppers motor but my problem is the code, so that I decided to use cnc shield v3 and arduino mega, because is more simple because you can make a gcode and send it with Universal gcode sender. But I'm very interested to learn about the code to put on directly to arduino. Please you can help me with the code? Thank you and sorry for my bad English :)

Nickolas Davies : very nice have you considered going on ebay and getting a second hand robot there are plenty about, most old systems are out of use because of controllers no one can use, you have the skillz to retrofit and possibly make business out of it.

Cristian Flores : Hola, como dispones la posición inicial de los motores? ya que la librería mueve desde donde están. Los llevas a alguna posición en particular conocida?.

karar Khattawi : hello sir, are you an engineer? or an amateur because I`m just wondering it seems that you have a good experience in robots,

GhostXoP : Did you build the motors yourself?

Ramiro Urquiza : Incredible work, I'm working on an equal, what software do you use to control the robot? thank you very much!

1 Two : Good accuracy ! Like.