Do Something, Cat

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Some Dickhead : 8 years later, he finally did it. He got the cat over 1 million views.

robcampbellteam : Just wanted to let all the Do Something Cat fans know, that she passed away peacefully on October 17, 2016 at the age of 18. She was a wonderful cat. Thank you all for the views of her video.

Potato King : i like tthe part when the cat did something

Mother Mango : I want that cat x'D

Hillary Trump : This is the first time i've seen a cat fart

Anton Lauritsen : That is hands down the best video on the internet.

Mason Drawz : its funny becuase cat

CANAL_RUIM_QUE_ACABOU ded : why this video is so famous?

CiCLoDoL : I laugh everytime I watch it

Sasagie Playz roblox : Something Garfield the cat would do

Hugo Moralez : that cat was a star

Zakalite : I just got this in my recommended. lol

Lina Golotić : Hi from the future... 2018. This is Cat's 10 year anniversary!! Spread the cat

THICC CLOUD : I am from the future and we have this phrase called *"T H I C C"* and your cat is *T H I C C*

Mandy Raymundo : Anyone from 2018?!!

Maya :3 : So thats how my kittens gonna look

caramelcat : This cat is my spirit animal

Elina Franck : katt❤

Nirvash : Judging by how the background noise is suddenly lowered just around when he farts, I can safely say that this fart is fake. Poor video editing means when he added the far sound effect over the video it split the volume of both clips as a way to "merge them" so they could both be heard.

Latinfilmz : Well isnt that lovely

JERZY Z ULICY : Hello after 10 years

sgt Hale107 : I showed this to my cat, and she hid in a box

Fruit Hat : When I see a video like this with this many views and likes it shows me how desperate humanity is for entertainment but then again I'm here too

sushimemo : Do something cat. *raise leg up* *farts*

bipolair airforce : Real life equivalent of Magikarp right here

Дамјан : That's me.

yandere chan : the cat looks like that and ...

SkillBoughtThis : *My Life Story*

When you nut but she keep sucking : At least yours does something, mine is 5 feet under the ground

Oc User : 0:09 prtt....

Тимур Дондупов : It's fake fart, shame on you liars!

Himalayan Ragdoll Cat : me

tornadoallie3 : Was NOT expecting that... XD

GottaDiePlaying Gamez : Was not expecting that at all...😂😂😂

Faeza Khan : Very productive! 😁


BlackAngel99 : I WANT THAT CAT!

shadymcgee 101 : Basicly my cat

Fabian Weis : Beautiful Thing 😊

Kiara Aynsley : Me when my mum asks me to do my homework XD

Lauren Bansemer : MEEEEEEEEEE

Lauren Bansemer : Me and my mom

FredBear 756 : He did something. He lifted his leg to take a piss.

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : That's weirdly cute

i'mMasterBaiting : Every Day i need a break OK.?

AAAEA : Ooooh we've got a new addition to the playlist

Gideon Ampadu : Well at least she did something

Dont look at my picture profile : Dank memery

Pandaser THE Panda : I relate to this cat in so many levels

FrostBloodGames : What about that bug