Do Something, Cat

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Some Dickhead : 8 years later, he finally did it. He got the cat over 1 million views.

robcampbellteam : Just wanted to let all the Do Something Cat fans know, that she passed away peacefully on October 17, 2016 at the age of 18. She was a wonderful cat. Thank you all for the views of her video.

Potato King : i like tthe part when the cat did something

Mother Mango : I want that cat x'D

Hillary Trump : This is the first time i've seen a cat fart

Anton Lauritsen : That is hands down the best video on the internet.

Mason Drawz : its funny becuase cat

CANAL_RUIM_QUE_ACABOU ded : why this video is so famous?

CiCLoDoL : I laugh everytime I watch it

Sasagie Playz roblox : Something Garfield the cat would do

Hugo Moralez : that cat was a star

Zakalite : I just got this in my recommended. lol

Lina Golotić : Hi from the future... 2018. This is Cat's 10 year anniversary!! Spread the cat

THICC CLOUD : I am from the future and we have this phrase called *"T H I C C"* and your cat is *T H I C C*

Mandy Raymundo : Anyone from 2018?!!

Maya :3 : So thats how my kittens gonna look

caramelcat : This cat is my spirit animal

Elina Franck : katt❤

Nirvash : Judging by how the background noise is suddenly lowered just around when he farts, I can safely say that this fart is fake. Poor video editing means when he added the far sound effect over the video it split the volume of both clips as a way to "merge them" so they could both be heard.

Latinfilmz : Well isnt that lovely

JERZY Z ULICY : Hello after 10 years

sgt Hale107 : I showed this to my cat, and she hid in a box

Fruit Hat : When I see a video like this with this many views and likes it shows me how desperate humanity is for entertainment but then again I'm here too

Sushimemo Animations : Do something cat. *raise leg up* *farts*

bipolair airforce : Real life equivalent of Magikarp right here

Дамјан : That's me.

yandere chan : the cat looks like that and ...

SkillBoughtThis : *My Life Story*

When you nut but she keep sucking : At least yours does something, mine is 5 feet under the ground

Oc User : 0:09 prtt....

Тимур Дондупов : It's fake fart, shame on you liars!

Himalayan Ragdoll Cat : me

tornadoallie3 : Was NOT expecting that... XD

GottaDiePlaying Gamez : Was not expecting that at all...😂😂😂

Faeza Khan : Very productive! 😁


BlackAngel99 : I WANT THAT CAT!

shadymcgee 101 : Basicly my cat

Fabian Weis : Beautiful Thing 😊

FredBear 756 : He did something. He lifted his leg to take a piss.

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : That's weirdly cute

i'mMasterBaiting : Every Day i need a break OK.?

AAAEA : Ooooh we've got a new addition to the playlist

Gideon Ampadu : Well at least she did something

Dont look at my picture profile : Dank memery

Pandaser THE Panda : I relate to this cat in so many levels

FrostBloodGames : What about that bug

7tst : i love all the Debbie Downers who are sooo smart in deducing that this video is in fact fake. Congratulation for ruining all the fun. You are probably the same people who tell little kids who Santa Claus is(He's your uncle).

Betonoszlop : So fat me likey

Somali pirate who's actually somali : He's just drunk.