6 Months Update – (Population Explosion) NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts 5 Gallon Nano Tank

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Foo the Flowerhorn : *Most ASKED questions:* *Did you put the fish and shrimp in or did they come from plants?* A: I put 4 wild shrimps, 2 Amano shrimps, and a nerite snail first. You can see their first day in the “2 months update” video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBGcPGQvO9Y I put the adult sparkling gouramis in the “3months update” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xut0YAvE8eQ The baby fish that are in now are the second generation. They first appear in the “4 months update” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtdkRe6VjSs The wild snails and infusoria came from the plants. *Does this tank smell bad?* No. b/c it’s an established tank and the plants are all doing well, it doesn’t smell at all. My friends who aren’t into fish agree. However, in the beginning, before all of the plants were established, it did have a very faint fresh soil smell that you can only smell if you put your nose right next to it. *What’s the music?* A: It’s in the description. At the bottom. *How did you make this tank?* A: The “setting up” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvmGJuquuLE *How did you make the plant separator?* A: I made it. You can see it in the “2months update” video. *Why is water so clean and how do you clean this tank?* B/c I’m using the plants as filter, they are doing most of the work. The glass hardly gets dirty. It does get dirty maybe once a month or every month and a half. Then I use a magnetic algae scrubber. I showed this in the “setting up” video, and the link is in the description. Things I do to maintain this tank is: I feed it once a day. I do around 5~10% water changes once in a while to get rid of surface bio-film. And usually 25% water change once a week or once every 10 days. And trim the plants when they get too bushy. I never vacuum the substrate. *This is #6 video of the series of this tank. All of the video links are in the description. Also, all of videos on planted tanks are in the description, too.*

Zena : I have no idea what’s going on but it’s really cool!

KNIGHT RIDER RAJIB : YouTube recommendation. I don't know why But it's beautiful

dazhibernian : Instigate a world war between them, keep the population under control.

Darragh Murphy : Guala guala

chandra danuarta : I can feel the meaning of peace

OtakuBKツ : I don't know what's happening but I like it

Woojong : Interesting lol.

Maria Atwani : Me : have tons of things to do Also me : watching every minute of this video

Mikeitisssz : Life is beautiful!

Bret Maverick : WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED HAHAHA Low-key enjoyed this immensely though...

Valentina Guadalupe. : My mother Earth needs this

DONNASAWR : Am I the only one who went out of their way and selected 1080p quality as well as slowed it all the way down to the lowest playback speed setting just so I can replay back several times, specifically how gnarly that shot is @ 0.45 seconds. So fucking crazy seeing all those little swimmers in a single sac (or whatever it may be that it was - feel free to correct me cause I’m super curious and I’d love to know at just exactly what I was looking at) 🦐 As I’m writing this comment - the video is still playing above in 1080p super slo-mo; along with super creepy/Trippy classical instrumental which is actually somewhat hypnotizing I’m now realizing. ...then again - now that I think about it — it must just be the weed...... ....fuck it. I guess it just makes all this just as much interesting to me versus having to watch this without the use of the happy smoke. I know I ain’t the only one feeling some type of way and zoning out clicking away at the most random videos in suggested videos section and somehow ended up here. But then again - I love when that happens especially landing on a video you would never think or care to look up - but somehow get reeled in and by the end of it - you’ve learned several new interesting facts about the most random, odd but super interesting topics. And before you know it - you unexpectedly find yourself as the life of the party spitting out an encyclopedia of the most useless random info and facts that may actually impress others with your vast extended knowledge containing random facts 101.

Iivari Loukasmäki : When you get tired of them, you can just release a predator in there :) Would be a brutal but interesting vid.

Its Genji : Some intern at YouTube: “omg this video is amazing, how do I make sure everyone else sees this video too?” Me: “what’s this video doing in my recommended”

NOUVELLE FROONCE. : Be careful there can come out a blue whale

Paul A : Either it isn't stated or I missed it, but what creatures did you actually start with? Awesome video, great choice of music.

Clap clap : Best 8:07 mins of my entire life! I regret NOTHING!!! No sarcasm Maybe I was being a little exaggerated, nonetheless was entertained.

egh wtvr : I feel warm amd peacefull inside.

Javez Ferrer : This guy just created an eco system by himself. LET ME REPHRASE THAT. THIS GUY CREATED LIFE. HE JUST MADE LIFE. (EDIT: Almost done with the video, still can't believe it.)

Jonathan Leman : Why am i enjoying this so much.. So peacefull.. . Many Love From South Sulawesi of Indonesia..

pranav patel : Most satisfying vdo of the year

sudija falkone : Day 200-first sharks are coming out

Tony Leon : I found out I am into fish porn and shimp maternity

Salim Kabbani : Now do a 6 months eutrophication tank experiment, it will be horrifying but I'm just curious to what will the tank look like after 6 months

Hobbs Charles : This was recommended to me, sometimes YouTube knows me too well.

Jacob Krom : Why isn’t David Attenborough narrating this lol

HD_POWER : Why u started drinking from the tank at 7:53 ?

Grady Yarger : Where there is water. There is life

Sarosh Abbas : leave it alone for sometime , then come back to a nightmare

James Ultron : Thanos could've kept it under control with the snap of his fingers 👌

Hizkia Jeremmy : imagine this is our wildlife, no chemical polution, no mass hunting, only a peaceful life, plants and animals live freely, humans and other creature living together, a balanced ecosystem... I want this peaceful life 😊

Ahmad Syawgy : Thank you for making this stress release video

Glitched : Wish this was in 4k, it's beautiful!

alejandro jara : I don't normally get interested in these kinds of things, but this was amazing!

CRYSTAL AND DALILA : Idk why but this video made me so relaxed

Farhan Shaikh : I was so glued to your video I forgot where I am , how worried I'm I forgot everything The music is so calming 💘💘💘💓💓💓💓💓

Blue Amethyst : This beautiful video has calmed me quite a bit, from the stressful morning I have been having. Super neat~

Tassos Tsirigotis : Why does this look like a real-life videogame?

Catfish Cave : I am so glad there are fishkeepers like you making these short art films on science. Absolutely a pleasure to watch over and over again. And the Dwarf Croaking Gourami needs all the PR help he can get - a truly great nano fish.

qwertyismymom : this is low key cool af can't wait for ep. 2


Spanner : So many chumps don’t know why this is in there recommended But not I, I know damn well my viewership of antscanada (who has a lot of fish in his set ups) lead me here

John Donrick Zerna : So peaceful and fascinating

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : This is the cleanest looking dirty tank I've ever seen.

Leonardo Ignacio : Don't know why youtube recommended this to me, but I ain't complaining though

Nanli : This is beautiful, to have and see an ecosystem in a nano tank.

Axdan 2008 : This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. Thanks for the recomendation, Youtube

Romain Wiart : Amazing vidéo. Thank you. Très belle vidéo, merci.

Martin V : Haha. Why was this in my recommended ?!?!