Barber let me get thatttt
Contageous laughter Who the F cut your hair brooooo

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Dude worst haircut ever


youtubasoarus : His laugh is contagious! LOL

The Left Lane : That video stabilizer rocked back and forth to the rhythm of his laugh.

kaozbender : Holy shit that laugh makes the video 10 times better.

Yellow King : He's on Ellen next week. Lifetime supply of free haircuts

Chretien li : "Lemme get that half a pistachio shell" πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… HAHAHA IM CRYING

Laurel : Let me tell you something. I had the shittiest morning, I hadn't laughed today. I know, that's awful! Then I happened upon this video and I watched it like 92 times because it made me laugh my ass off. Thank you so much for such a good laugh :)

David Cendana : barber: what do ya want fam? him: have you watch Rick and Morty? barber: say no mo...

Godey Slash : "looks like half a pistachio shell" only a brother could say that!

Mihael Šarić : "Let me get that never have to wear a yamaka again" HAHAHAHHHHHHHHA

David Sopkin : "Never have to wear a yamika again" lmfao

Oliver Anthony : Next stop....Ellen.

RAIN : Im only smiling because theyre happy

Nicolas Velez : Barber : what do you want Guy: make me trending on YouTube Barber: say no mo'

jack Sansum : The smell of fresh memes in the morning

carly :3 : their laughs are so contagious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

SupremeLordEmperorMajorGeneralMarshallAdmiralUltimateCommanderofTheSouthPole, King of the Penguins. : What a cool group of brothers.

Anomaly : kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

Dom : Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh lol

reallydude111 : This shit isn't even funny, I only laughed cause they were laughing.

Arizona Archer : hahahahaha "half a pistachio shell" I lost it at that. Thank you.

Alex Lee : Legend has it that these guys are still laughing to this day

T H : you gotta post more videos of yall laughing, its killing me

KING NIDHARS : He tried to crop the landscape video to vertical so that he can get this to go viral

julianjfranco : This was probably the most fun i've ever had watching a video.

Joe Wisniewski : They will laugh for decades about this.

Hermit : This video reminds me of the relationship I never had with my brother.

Grey Haven : what a contagious laugh brahh! πŸ˜‚

Eastsidedirtykid : Square video...I'm conflicted...want to complain for filming vertically, but want to compliment for filming horizontally....

Morgan Montz : I wonder if they are from Philly....

Jacques Pepin : 00:17 Who the hell cutch'yo haya.. b.. bruhh

Confuciusss : Legend has it they are laughing to this second

Pick A Shoe : It's filmed vertically It's gonna be popular

withcheesepls : so this is what getting high feels like.

scenecheck123MYJ : When you're coincidently snacking on pistachios as you watch this.

Yaxley : entire video was buehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheehheheheh

oauseer : Idk if they're brothers but it was nice to see the guy with a haircut not taking it seriously and laughing along with the other guy (/brother) too

Adam Wolf : Just don't try to get a refund cuz you might offend some old lady.

King in the north : im calling it the "who de hell cut yo hair" is gonna be the new trend.

Estoric : And.... it begins...

DaWeaselGeek : Just don't ask for a refund.

michael James : That kind of laughter only happens once in a while The Best medicine ever Really funny video

guywithnobeard : This video brings me so much joy. Thank you so much.

Yeetlord Clockwork : Damn get this guy and his barber to a hospital, he just got roasted to the shadow realm im dead

Miranda S : Heh heh heh heh heh heh

nick willard : bruh

djdestroyer : the new damny dans

BigMacRush : Go Phils go Flyers

AnnonymousDriller : future meme

Dirty RightsπŸ‘½ : Its ok Ellen will give him free hair for the rest of his life.