Douggpound & Tashi Condelee "Souplantation"

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Quisnam : Soupie good

Aaron Keogh : I was so dry before i ate at souplantation now I’m sog

Ciravem : All its missing is a split second shot of Brent spying on them from behind a plant.

David : what kind of wet is this?

Bihl Cosbi : You see the words Douggpound and soup and you know it`s going to get wet.

Skellington383 : So many wonderful people in this video bustin some sweet moves! :D <3

Julian Kozłowski : Getting strong marky mark vibes from this

Andy Wobbler : This is powerfull stuff right here

Erik O'Malley : this video is titled "Sweet Tomato's" here in Cambridge

Greeneye : "I'll Be Ripe Back" I REMEMBER!

skrenja : This is gonna make alot of acorns wet.

Ryan Bennett : You are such an amazing editor Doug

FlyingOverTr0ut : Amazing. Needs an MTV Music Awards nomination at the very least. Possibly even a Grammy.

Ruz : Hell yea! Poundpuppies unite

aidsbutt : Nice moves!

odog8888888888888888 : Wow, this may even top Slurpee Good (Remix).

human713 : S/o to the Gnar boiz!!

Rosy Pinales : I thought it was a myth... in Texas it’s called Sweet Tomato

jgwest1 : 2 SOUP CREW

SlueVEVO : look at the soccer mom at 0:17

GroupPictureTime : Doug should just be in charge of doing every commercial

Лука : ☔ so wet!

Jared Mazzaschi : This is an important video. Solid.

Just : 5/5 🌊's

DownWithTheViper : ( *Spits out blood after a skating accident* ) DOUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tevy Sethi : Aight this was good 😂

Top 10 Wizard : Hooooh boy you better be bringing marky mark style workout rap back into the mainstream. Feel it feel it!

Burt Sampson : This video made me sick.

cruxx : 's w a g

Matthew Thurmond : This reminds me of some incredible BDSM bondage Doug how punishable are you tonight

desconcerto : bop

MartinSheraton : Good

AFLlolz : hey dougg that is a really good video. thank you for bringing joy to me and the other fans

Madd Genome : Bruh this is them dark arts

Gobaba Wonan : rap was core, beat was harrd

poiewhfopiewhf : The sweet tomatoes in my town sold only pizza. I wasnt such a fan as it was thin crust and really heavy on the tomatoes not much cheese. However there were many pizza restaurants where I lived. Nowadays I could really go for any slice. They also closed that location

Robert Dotson : Wish I had one of those near me....I'd be so tight!

Garrett Bradford : Racism dies. Souplantion arrives.

Eleanor Schumacher : How are their batshit battered hampster tenders?

FungusTrooper : When is this going to be on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Myspace?

ninjastah : i saw a dang stranger

Dawson F.W. : sweet tomatoes

Sébastien S. Robert : Come once for the wet. Come back for the innocence.

Robert Keogh : Could not the choreography outta my head

Matt Voyer : i want to be friends with doug so he can intro me to all his burger people and la music friends and ariel pink

Sam Holdsworth : Doug's bougs?!

Christopher Frias : Best youtube vid in the last 100 years

GrimTomb : Man this makes me miss fresh choice a buffet place in Santa Cruz buffets are so bomb when u got munchies or are shit faced

T0K3N SM0K3 : lmao im glad i found all your stuff, or.. all your stuff found me 😝