Reporter can't stop laughing during Interview with Asian

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Sean L : Guy in the background "So unprofessional". Lmfao, look at your studio. You call that professional?

Executed4Fun : This guy has some comedic potential for sure. It would be the thing foh hem tew dew

blastdude89 : He should take a lesson from Buk Lau

Vinson : She should get the Kim Jong Un interview!

Keith Marshall : Why does everyone on here have to over-think everything? Just have a giggle and move on...

Darren Ball : To do what u have... To. Do. 😂😂😂😂😂

Marc Deo : obviously fake. he's putting on the accent for this clearly HIGH SCHOOL student comedy show.

Aaron Germain : There was a big guy at the supermartet. Killed me

2003JrF4i : Lemme open an incognito tab and Google "Alexa Grace"

barzdaskute : whats her name shes cute

Robert Toe : he started martial arts at age 4 and he's a white belt dam he's a slow learner

Rawk4Life : It's fake because the guy with the "fake Asian accent" didn't once ask the interviewer why she was laughing at him.

DJ Kane : I want to see more of master Wong.

DaLeadBull : The "to do" got her. lmao

Harry Park : That was such a terribly faked accent... every Asian can identify a legitimate FOB accent, and this is not one. So fake.

senicake : so cute girl... love her

Chryztallic Exception : "Big guy". i died xD

Hozaam 23 : obviously fake, just look at him even he was about to break character

Эxodus : he started martial arts when he was 4 still has the white belt doesn't know which is the last belt he did what he had tu dew

Dankuz M33mus Maximus : "Cuz it takes alot of learning and time to do what you have to do" LOL

kuya : is this alexa grace? :o

oguns iron : so much cute in that girl!!

John Johnson : His face is even funnier xD

Troll : @ 1:07 guy says "this is unprofessional" because the girl was laughing, as if it was professional up to that point. ∑=)

Sanjog Wayne : That's Alexa Grace!! I know her pretty well now since I've been fapping to her for last 1 month. I guess she got fired from this job. But good for us.

Robert House : This is just a class project lmfao

Mahesh Kumar : alexa grace....

☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ : This is so fake!

CendyBC : Fake interview -_-"

CommandoJenkins : She said her name was Megan, how are you people getting Alexa from this?

Splorgus : I wanna meet this guy

Falang : u have to do what u have to do

Ananthu Raj : God, shes beautiful

Kick someup : It sounds like "I saw a girl getting rod by big guy". That's why she cracked up.Then of course "To do what you have to do."

LeadBlastin22 : Just the way he's sitting there speaks to how setup this is

crazysam871 : "reporter"

Chalkaspis : Asian Elmer Fudd!

Francisco José : FAKE

Andrej Dospel : Pretty girl =)

fulleffects boy : "It takes a lot of time to duw what you have to duwww" LMAO

Toodurc : he nearly cracked in 1:47 lmao

Dadee3 : I would've loved to see him stop that big guy at the supermarket. That big dude probably slapped the shit outa him wit a bag of white rice.

TIGERBLOOD87 : wow, i can't believe how cute this girl is...

MattyMcCritic : I face big guy at soopa mawket.. it was duh Wong ting tuh do!

Starducks Coffee : Too doo weht you have teeew deeew

hyep. : to do,wat u hav to do........his eyes are red and she keeps giggling...i think they are both high

trin kun : She's humpable

Joe Momma : This isn't real.

Rizki Chaidir Hafiezd : Need more master Wong fei Wrong video 😂😂😂

HighLight GT : I screenshot his face whenever im lonely I just look at it and burst into tears :')