Reporter can't stop laughing during Interview with Asian

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Avo's Channel : This is obviously a school project 😂

Sumukh : “Whhay iz datt so funni ?”

Andrei : i'd smash her because its the best thing tew dew

Noah Brooks : Funny Asian King Kong for no reason Entertaining

Vinson : She should get the Kim Jong Un interview!

im jack : What they're doing in sky?

meghan marie slaninko : Wow, i was so young

HENRY THE RC CAR : This guy is hilarious and he doesn't even know it 😂

Dean Galloway : She’s adorable. Hard to believe she’s a porn star.

SkyTheGuy : 1:08 ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ᵘⁿᵖʳᵒᶠᶠᵉˢᶦᵒⁿᵃˡ

TecToss : She clearly does not have the focus or the patience to do what she has to do

BOBtastic47 : STAGED WORSE THAN 9/11.

DE51B0Y : The most difficult thing he had to do in martial arts was probably this interview

Sadistic Nick : Every day..yu are lernin sumthin nuuu.......and yu gat tew dew.....wat yu gat tew dew

Nefarious Cookie : Guy is a mexican with a goofy thai accent.

1k subs & I'll spank my teacher : Btw The interviewer is a pornstar .......

Dean Winchester : Started martial arts at 4, still white belter. Wtf

Executed4Fun : This guy has some comedic potential for sure. It would be the thing foh hem tew dew

Lyndii Mey : *ASIANED* way before being *BLACKED*

My Gdrive : She is not alexa , porn star ! Just look a like ... Alexa grace doesn't have dimples like the girl when smile...

Kate Winslette : She's so beautiful.. I admit it😍💞

Yvandres QR : I get why people would dislike this, but think about it. The guy is sitting there with his legs crossed and the arms in a way that makes him look likes he's meditating, then blabbers something about a "big guy"... If I weren't a master in the art of resisting the urge to laugh in public, I would definitely lose it.

Marc Deo : obviously fake. he's putting on the accent for this clearly HIGH SCHOOL student comedy show.

ᴇɴғᴜsɪᴏɴ : Nothing funny in the interview, what made me laugh is the heaven background, dude's accent, and his meditating position hahahaha XD

MidNite Mayhem : At first i thought he was gonna tell some jokes

Subham Panchal : Such a sporting spirit on guy's side

sumukh hrr : The reporter turned out to be pornstar. ALEXA GREY. If that's not an achievement idk what it is.

Robert Toe : he started martial arts at age 4 and he's a white belt dam he's a slow learner

Chanelle Eyitayo : at the *SuPoMoKat*

SILUMAN WIBU : And, Why am I laughing?

Bryllejustin Reforma : WELL HE IS THE KING OF KONG FU


Darren : To do what u have... To. Do. 😂😂😂😂😂

HIMANSHU CHOUDHARY : I can tell he got a lot of chicks

Tudor Cimpu : Alexa Grace??

Hiro Kai : This girl learned crouching tiger hidden dragon that day

Juan : Ese no es Mc dinero?

Rafi : The most difficult thing i did do in martial arts was to focus, and the paycheck 1:24

Outlaw Mike G : Way to cheesy

Nogah Lerman : google alexa grace ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Eric : 1:30–1:36 has to be the best.. to "doh, what you"

A'n'B Gaming : *The interviewer is me when my English teacher asks me to do a reading in front of the entire class...*

EmoTi.on.s : He's like *WHY ARE WE STILL HERE*

ii ii : We used to be uglier in the 2000’s but Feminism and PC were almost non existent then, atleast compared to now. There was so much more good and peace in the world

Anil Rehmatullah : he is an American born doing an accent. I bet.

Keith Marshall : Why does everyone on here have to over-think everything? Just have a giggle and move on...

Livereater00 : Sum Ting Wong

Harsh : Women would surely get to see some moves backstage!😂

EmoTi.on.s : And kids thats how i met your mother

Angel Wild : That WAS funny!! Thanks!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻