Reporter can't stop laughing during Interview with Asian

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Vinson : She should get the Kim Jong Un interview!

Avo's Channel : This is obviously a school project 😂

Sumukh : “Whhay iz datt so funni ?”

Andrei : i'd smash her because its the best thing tew dew

Noah Brooks : Funny Asian King Kong for no reason Entertaining

Dean Galloway : She’s adorable. Hard to believe she’s a porn star.

Your Landlord : Started martial arts *_at the young age of fOU_*

Daniel Singerline : She is beautiful

Executed4Fun : This guy has some comedic potential for sure. It would be the thing foh hem tew dew

amfe52 : He ended up going for the purple belt, she ended up going for the *BIG BLACK ONE* .

Sweta Das : The asian guy looks so cute himself. 😂😂

robertven8 : She is Alexa Grace is pornstar.

1k subs & I'll spank my teacher : Btw The interviewer is a pornstar .......

Marc Deo : obviously fake. he's putting on the accent for this clearly HIGH SCHOOL student comedy show.

WhatTheGyx : what's also funny is he started it the age of 4 and now he is an adult and a white belt.

TecToss : She clearly does not have the focus or the patience to do what she has to do

Clout Cobain : You can see him about to break when she first starts laughing but he holds it back. He's actually hilarious, you can tell hes doing it for fun.

DE51B0Y : The most difficult thing he had to do in martial arts was probably this interview

Rift31 : There are approximately 500 Captain Obvious in this comment section, 300 who think she's cute, and 400 comedians

faith agoto : She's so beautiful.. I admit it😍💞

Benny Perez : I'm still at the white belt🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anara S Top 5 : I glad he didn't give her karate chaap

Robert Toe : he started martial arts at age 4 and he's a white belt dam he's a slow learner

nahmanini sithole : Why is that guy holding a booger in each hand?

BOBtastic47 : STAGED WORSE THAN 9/11.

LittleLulubee : Looks like a dumb junior high production

Aj Robbins : u people are so slow when he said "big guy"shes laughing because he almost or ment to say black guy

SahanTheMighty : I would have laughed, too. I died lol at DO-DO!

Reesie Loves Coconut : I feel like MOST people here are racist

Sivle Aaron : That’s really funny!I would be laughing too especially how he’s sitting Indian style like a total toolbox.

Pranjal : She is cute; )

Darren : To do what u have... To. Do. 😂😂😂😂😂

Sadistic Nick : Every day..yu are lernin sumthin nuuu.......and yu gat tew dew.....wat yu gat tew dew

chozenuno : Don't be mad at her, if it I were the reporter I too would've busted out laughing, he's talking funny...😂😂😂

Dimas Arief Wardana : She is not alexa , porn star ! Just look a like ... Alexa grace doesn't have dimples like the girl when smile...

Jimmy Walker : love this girl!¡

Keith Marshall : Why does everyone on here have to over-think everything? Just have a giggle and move on...

Sid Shades : This chick is so chill lol

Mohamed Ali : Dew wat yu haf to dew😅💀

ProToTypE009 : He is in white belt? Wow... Literally everyone is white belt... Literally...

khaan vaiphei : Cutest anchor I've ever come across..i already engraved her smiles.. 💞💞

Aaron Germain : There was a big guy at the supermartet. Killed me

_Controversy Creator_ : Is this a joke

M O : They are literally on air

Manzell Ford : This is obviously a high school project. This had to be fun to make. Hilarious.

HIMANSHU CHOUDHARY : I can tell he got a lot of chicks

Эxodus : he started martial arts when he was 4 still has the white belt doesn't know which is the last belt he did what he had tu dew

TRUTH-XPOSED : Don't blame her

Livereater00 : Sum Ting Wong

Reto 'Aadiyat : Alexa grace 2.0