Reporter can't stop laughing during Interview with Asian

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Vinson : She should get the Kim Jong Un interview!

Noah Brooks : Funny Asian King Kong for no reason Entertaining

Darren : To do what u have... To. Do. 😂😂😂😂😂

Sumukh : “Whhay iz datt so funni ?”

Executed4Fun : This guy has some comedic potential for sure. It would be the thing foh hem tew dew

Robert Toe : he started martial arts at age 4 and he's a white belt dam he's a slow learner

LittleLulubee : Looks like a dumb junior high production

Daniel Singerline : She is beautiful

kuya : is this alexa grace? :o

Dankuz M33mus Maximus : "Cuz it takes alot of learning and time to do what you have to do" LOL

Sanjog Wayne : That's Alexa Grace!! I know her pretty well now since I've been fapping to her for last 1 month. I guess she got fired from this job. But good for us.

Robert House : This is just a class project lmfao

Ananthu Raj : God, shes beautiful

Mahesh Kumar : alexa grace....

amfe52 : He ended up going for the purple belt, she ended up going for the *BIG BLACK ONE* .

Toodurc : he nearly cracked in 1:47 lmao

CommandoJenkins : She said her name was Megan, how are you people getting Alexa from this?

Keith Marshall : Why does everyone on here have to over-think everything? Just have a giggle and move on...

Pranjal Das : She is cute; )

Starducks Coffee : Too doo weht you have teeew deeew

crazysam871 : "reporter"

Sweta Das : The asian guy looks so cute himself. 😂😂

HighLight GT : I screenshot his face whenever im lonely I just look at it and burst into tears :')

Sidisbored : This chick is so chill lol

Greater Guangxi : she's obviously not a "reporter", can't even read from a sheet of paper. looks more like a students' prank to me.

Jimmy Walker : love this girl!¡

DE51B0Y : The most difficult thing he had to do in martial arts was probably this interview

Francisco José : FAKE

4k subs & I'll spank my teacher : Btw The interviewer is a pornstar .......

Rizki Chaidir Hafiezd : Need more master Wong fei Wrong video 😂😂😂

Aaron Germain : There was a big guy at the supermartet. Killed me

Sam Noha : She is so cute! 😍 😘 💟

Shiven Joshi : m sure only cuz of his sense of humour she is fall in n love with him....

Crow Jones : white belt lmao

The Sun Will Rise Again : He's not Asian, he's Malay or Polynesian

gaiayugi : This is why I love white girls

Dan Zena : Even though this is fake, it cracks me up every time.

Rift31 : There are approximately 500 Captain Obvious in this comment section, 300 who think she's cute, and 400 comedians

Reinecke Fux : The end of her career while David Alaba today is a very successful soccer player at Bayern Munich.

DJ Kane : I want to see more of master Wong.

Babak Makarem : FACK😐

Norman Syarif : I swear I've seen her on pornhub

khaan vaiphei : Cutest anchor I've ever come across..i already engraved her smiles.. 💞💞

Kevin Dunn : What he is saying doesn't add up. He has been doing it since he was four and is trying to put this front on that he lives and breathes this shit, but doesn't know if the end result will be the purple or black belt. Actually, ot makes zero sense, anyone that passionate would defenitly know what his ultimate goal was

Rawk4Life : It's fake because the guy with the "fake Asian accent" didn't once ask the interviewer why she was laughing at him.

Vj Thaosen : This guy is Legend 😂

Livereater00 : Sum Ting Wong

Sadistic Nick : Every day..yu are lernin sumthin nuuu.......and yu gat tew dew.....wat yu gat tew dew

Andrei : i'd smash her because its the best thing tew dew

Lemon Yellow Sun : Oh Alexa 😍