Worst fire department in the United States?

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Rainman14 : do you wanna pay to get this fire department up to date?

Tyler Huber : I'm guessing if a bank was being robbed in this area, the SWAT team would roll up in someone's pick-up truck with pots strapped to their chests and armed with BB guns

Peter McGovern : So Grants Pass has: 1. Basicly no turnout gear 2. I didnt see any SCBA's on any of them 3. There letting 13 or 14 year old kids on a fire sight then not giving them gear exept for hard hats This is an issue

Susan Rivera : That's not a fire department, that's the Three Stooges with hard hats and a hose!

Dustin White : being a trained firefighter, this is painful to watch.

CPWindsorsub : I've never heard of a private fire fighting company before. I'm glad I don't live in whatever backwoods hick town that is.

Killian Deaton : Those poor old beautiful engines should be in a museum, not under this amount of abuse from this wannabe fire station.

Bob G : there goes the meth lab!

badmotorscooter H : I don't know what's worse, the so called fire fighters or the living conditions of the residents.

Dhiraj Fernando : "Dueling Banjo's" would have made a great soundtrack to this.

Crazcompart : "Land o'Goshen! We done run outta water...Y'all bring the burgers an' weenies? It's time for dinner!" - This is what happens when rural counties / municipalities continuously vote down funding for local public safety / fire protection in order to avoid higher tax assessments on properties...

King Wacky : I find it hilarious that Grants Pass Rural Fire say they no longer want the help of Rural/Metro when Rural/Metro clearly have better equipment just looking at their firefighting uniforms you can tell they got better equipment yet Grants call off the help and then run out of water shortly after what idiots. What is this gangs of New York in real life?

azschalter : What kind of 3rd world country is that? I need to sign an contract with a fire fighting company for fire protection? And these bunch of clowns would show up!?

Tyler599xx : I understand lack of funding, but they might as well have just not gone

AimShootFire : My junior fire department are trained better, have better protection equipment and know how to use the stuff that they are touching... this should be a joke...

Aza B : I'd say a good chunk of blame goes on the property owner for not maintaining the grounds.

Jake Meyer : Everybody is on here going "Stop bashing on these volunteers" Right. Except they aren't volunteers. They are a private fire department. That's why these three departments don't work together. They are in direct compititon for payout.

RUEZ69 : Why the hell would any place in the world have private for profit fire fighters?

ryan ramos : Lol not even scba on reminds my of the little Rascal's movie when their club catches fire

Destin Newman : Hardhats lol

BRAD BITTLE : I wonder if they get extra credit in school for their fire fighting?

Mitch S : wow and people actually have a contract for fire protection from these guys? pitiful, this is sad to see. I wouldn't want to be trapped inside with these goofs manning the line

The Silly Hillbilly : Dang, my cuzzin Jasper can put outta fire by peein on it faster than these firefiters is doin with them little gardin hoses thay is playin with... Kinda remindid me a one a them Three Stoogis movees. T

Pelican1984 : If you don't like the situation, then raise your taxes and pay for public fire service!

RIT Irons : So I had to come back to this video again, just for some entertainment (and no, someone losing everything they own isn't the entertaining part) While watching my three year old walks up and starts watching too. His first question.... why don't they have gear on like yours daddy? next.....how old is that truck? Since I couldn't use the typical firehouse language to explain it to him, I figured it would be best if we just turned it off and played with his toy fire trucks, they're much newer and better equipped.

ou ti : these guys dont even wear scba? wtf.

Darren Blackmon : they are playing fireman, get em out of there, those walmart hard hats will melt to there heads, one of them will get hurt if they aint more carefull

MegaGaming : i think they have a close competition with the FDNY wouldn't you say?

sdlc : Its called Mutual Aid. There should be no such thing as competition when it comes to public safety.

SpeedModz : Aren't firefighter ment to be 1 big family and not rivals

Weeping Willow : If my puppys dog house was on fire i dont think they can handle that

PeanutButerJellyTim1 : Those are the worse turnouts I ever seen in my life, that fire hose is bad too. They arent even wearing SCBA's, they look like kids smh

Shelly Goade : Its called a Mutual Aid Agreement! It's where all area departments come together & agree to help each (instead of arguing who has it better like little brats) when needed. They send over a truck, tanker and/or man power to cover their station while out or to assist on a call. They leave childishness at home cause it doesn't belong in, on, or around a fire department, fire call or rescue. I was a firefighter for 12 years and we had a Mutual Aid Agreement with 9 area departments & districts & they didn't have to ask for help, they automatically automatically got it. If they didn't need it, they would always radio us back once they got on scene. Grow the hell up people!! These are people's lives & their homes, you're suppose to be saving them!!!!

repoman : I can understand rural area is rural area but watching this video tells me that either the state or federal government need to step in and give these people real fire protection. look at 3:10 in in the video, the guy fighting the fire is basically using a garden hose and nothing more. I have no fire fighting experience but even I have more skill then these people.

#1 Mawg : Ok.... but was the VW saved?

iamkarenh : How dare you call them the worst. It's not their fault they don't have the best equipment. This video gets a big thumbs down because of your disrespect to the FD.

MrBailey414 : 7200 Grants Pass Rural Fire Department is NO MORE!    "GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Beginning at midnight on June 1st, the Grants Pass Rural Fire Department was taken over by Rural/Metro Fire Department. The owner of Grants Pass Rural, Linda Miller, says she tried to make upgrades and improvements over the last year to keep up with standards and regulations set for fire agencies. When they could not meet those regulations, the agency decided to look for alternate options. Rural/Metro offered to take over full operations of Grants Pass Rural, including honoring all contracts and hiring several of their employees.  Miller says that she will be working with Rural/Metro directly to make the transition as smooth as possible. Both agencies think the transition will ultimately be better for the community. “There won’t be the concern out there of who’s contract is who’s, and who’s putting the fire out. It’ll really streamline things down to help take care of the customers out there in all of the county,” said Rural/Metro Fire Marshall Mike Shaw. Rural/Metro has already started to respond to Grants Pass Rural customers, and will continue to honor all contracts through the next year." KDRV News 12

Phillip Mulligan : This fire department is a symptom of a very corrupt and dysfunctional county administration. The money is there for a good fire department but someone is taking the money from the county coffers and sending it to the Bank of Bahamas.

Владимир Саратенов : Conveniently there just happens to be a huge pile of firewood surrounding the building

End Game : And what do the police use to do their jobs in this town, Ford Pintos with Christmas lights strapped to the roofs and Daisy Red Ryder BB guns and wrist rockets for weapons?

KosukiFire : I often wonder after watching this video, if some of them were mentally handicap...

mcaddicts : You hear about rent a cops, apparently their are rent a firefighters with their fancy orange vest and blue jean turnout pants. Sure your taxes are low but insurance would be sky high.

Richard Crainium : They should rename their department "The Grants Pass Rural Fire Department Cellar Hole Savers".

Timothy Allen : Clearly your opinion of Rural/Metro is pretty high. I will gladly fill you in on why.  Rural/Metro is a large company that spans many states in the US.  They are a "For Profit" fire department.  This means the more the community pays the more staff and equipment they will provide. Don't be fooled they have a "contract" as well.  Now as for Grants Pass Rural and similar rural area  fire companies they started as an all volunteer department.  Their "contract" as you call it is what the communities they respond to pay based upon the available tax base, to support the VOLUNTEER personnel and their antiquated equipment.  I would venture that if you asked as to whether or not those rural communities could even afford Rural/Metro's Price for one fully staffed fire truck, they would probably tell you no. Again Rural/Metro is a transcontinental corporation not a community fire department.  So there is no comparison, and Rural/Metro uses this as a strategy to scare communities into contracting with them, again "for profit". Hats off to Grant's Pass Rural for doing it for free, their contract money pays for utilites, buldings and equipment not personnel.  I thank God that I live in Ohio where Rural/Metro is a joke that no self respecting firefighter would be caught dead working for. And before you go judging a fire company and how they operate again, I would suggest you drop the camera and grab a hose. Just my two cents about what you call the "worst".

Space Is the place : This privately owned fire dept shut down last year. They were absorbed by Rual Metro, another privately owned but better equipped and properly trained dept.

Larry L : No one seemed to have proper turnouts. One guy had an SCBA but no mask that I could see. I didn't see anybody with gloves. They looked like they were doing all they could with limited resources. Running out of water can happen fast especially in a rural area like that. Also the access looks like it sucked. Why did the other dept. leave? Did they have a tender going for more water or is there no more water coming? If there are 3 fire depts. in that community where was the third department? Is there a command structure or is everyone just doing there own thing? If there are problems between the departments the chiefs need to work out there issues and come together for the common good of the community they serve. We have three departments from two different states in our community that work well together through mutual aid agreements and our district is about the same size. Think about it.

Brazilian Goddess : Why are you complaining about these good people risking their lives to help put out a fire that someone else started? If you want to help raise funds for the team to get better training and equipment, there are better ways to do it.

Robert S. : Just lack of proper PPE should shut them down

Richard S : Hard hat, safety vest, blue jeans, 1 two inch line, the other was a half inch??? For all that forestry near by?? Wooooow....thank you Rural Metro for helping them with professional help!!

Greg lightcap : Looks like they are not trained properly nor do they have proper firefighting equipment. This video does not reflect poorly on them, they did what they could with what they had and to their level of training. Training and equipment cost money. If you don't spend the money you get a low level of service.