The COMPLETE Pixar Theory

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SuperCarlinBrothers : SCB MEET UP! Come See Fantastic Beasts with us in Orlando on Dec. 1, 2018!!

Sunflowerbeca : When they were looking for Boo in the monster city and the monsters were saying in the tv that the child had laser eyes, and stuff it connects with Incredibles 2 because Jack Jack could teleport to other dimensions like the monsters could with the doors. So basically the monsters were talking about Jack Jack and not Boo.

3D Printing Professor : It's evident you're wrong about cars by how hard you're trying to shoehorn it in. Lemme offer an alternative. Cars happens after Wall-E. Humans return, live hand-in-hand with the AI, until eventually a melding happens and they become the ultimate in hybrid vehicles. Human, machine hybrids. They basically relive history as they reinvent the world for their new forms, improving as they go, until they eventually die off or achieve space travel, leaving way for the last of the animals to mutate and inhabit the world or a new alien race to take over, either one, resulting in Monsters. Which explains why they still need human energy, because they aren't mutated humans.

Lucas Movies : Here's My version Good Dinosaur: 65 Million BCE Brave: 10th Century Incredibles 1&2: 1962 Toy Story: 1995 Toy Story 2: 1999 Ratatouille: 2007 Toy Story 3: 2007 Finding Nemo: 2009 Up: 2009 Finding Dory: 2010 Inside Out: 2015 Coco: 2017 Toy Story 4: 2019? *Humans leave the Earth in 2105* Cars: 2306 AD Cars 2: 2311 AD Cars 3: 2317 AD *Cars die due to lack of energy in 2804* Wall-e: 2805 AD A Bugs Life: 2898 AD Monsters University: 5393 AD Monsters Inc: 5401 AD *Boo goes in a quest to find Sully and goes back in time to 10th Century Scotland and becomes the witch* THE END

Film Lover : Did everyone just forget about A Bugs Life?

MisterAJ 02 : I should stop watching theories at 2:00 am

kremit the frog : We all wanted to see this so bad

Mille Fouts : 12:36 ...."why are there names so similar to ours" man what did u name ur mcqueen

YouTube Warrior : ''Kids don't scare as easily as they used to'' I BLAME FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S!!!

Lexy Magical : Do you guys remember is Cars that there was a bug that was a car????

Cody Davidson : Actually, Bugs Life can go in the same time frame as Ratatouille, because it shows animals getting smarter. Flick is inventing things to make harvesting easier, and the bugs have built entire cities, and the ants made an entire freaking bird! Also, humans have to be around, cause there's bug zappers, the Pizza Planet truck, Chinese food containers, etc. Not counting that small hiccup, great video. I also like my own comment. Edit: Thank You Everyone 4 The Likes!

Alicia S. : Whilst I love theories and such, I doubt Pixar thought this far ahead.

Isaac Glover : So monsters ink is just interstellar?

IcePop : The timeline is The Good Dinosaur (Year around 400) Brave (Year around 1,600) The Incredibles (1960) AND I HAVE PROOF OF THAT ITS IN 1960! The Incredibles 2 (1961) Toy Story (2007) Toy Story 2 (2008) Toy Story 3 (2016) Toy Story 4 (Which I know isn't out yet) (2017) Inside Out (2018) Coco (2019) UP (2021) Ratatouille (2022) Finding Nemo (2025) Finding Dory (2026) Cars (4067) Cars 2 (4068) Cars 3 (4069) WALL-E (My favorite Pixar movie yet) (4078) Monsters University (5112) Monsters Inc (5126) FULL CIRCLE wait i'm forgetting SHREK (YEAR 24440009998876644) I'm sorry about the timelines please I tried my best and I get the frustration but please i'm sorry. );

ANKIT Patel : Has anyone watched "Bao", the short story in Pixar's YouTube channel?

Japple : Question for you... There are five untitled Pixar movies coming up. Assuming they aren't sequels or prequels, what do you think they will touch on? What are we missing in the theory? I think one will give us more answers to Boo and the witch. I think another will fill in the large gap of what happened between humans and wall-e.

Arell Moors : Crazy to think I’ve been watching you for 6 years now

Mc 100 : The cars one just doesn't work very well

EVAN BERGERON : Yes, Sully does resemble a bear, but Boo called him Kitty.

MaxZaps Gaming : Actually this explains some things. After all the ice age would have knocked out the few remaining Dinos. And this explains why Merida's Witch friend has a carving of the Pizza Planet Truck, she's obviously some form of Time Traveler. And the Witch's magic could even be the reason toys come to life in Toy Story. She started it when she used it on the door and broom, making them come to life, which explains why the Hokey Puck from Toy story 1 and the Fork with a face from Toy Story 4 comes to life even though it shouldn't. And if I'm right, it would explain why we see pre-Up Doug's silhouette when the main character of Rattatoiue(I forget his name) is trying to find out where he is. And it would explain why 1 of the loading dialogues from Lego Incredibles mentions that somewhere is a photo with Mr. Incredibles after he caught 1 of the sharks from Finding Nemo. And 1 of the times the Witch from Brave Time Traveled might have been right after she met Merida, where she went to the destroyed future, and brought Cars to life with help from other witches. And since they can't just let them have their own personalities the toys have because their looks wouldn't give them automatic personas like a toy, they had to give them the personalities and names of previous humans, starting from earlier in the past, where they probably even took some unused cars to bring them to future Earth. And it's possible the radiation from the Witch magic and the toxic energy left by Humans slowly made it so that after the remaining magic Cars died out, all that magic and radiation caused the very few remaining creatures, including the Axiom Humans, on the planet to turn into monsters. Who, after centuries of creating time traveling door tech, created their many myths and legends. And because they remember that their original forms caused their planets demise, they think of Humans as toxic, not wanting the Earth to become what it once was. And after trying to scare some Supers, maybe even Jack-Jack, they began thinking Humans were even more dangerous than they realized, causing them to treat Humans like we would treat Monsters. And for all we know, Riley once had a her own Monster that she and the Emotions thought was a dream, and her Monster might have looked like Bing Bing, which is why he's shown as a mutant-like creature with a hilarious personality, he is an actual Monster that existed when Laugh Energy was discovered. And those are my explanations for certain things from Pixar, there's probably a lot I haven't covered but you guys can figure that out for yourselves

Daniel Cariveau : What about Pixar short films do they have anything to do with the theory and you never mentioned a bugs life and monsters university

Kadz : Ok now this is epic

Awsomejuicedude101 : So are the toys from toy story weeping angels but not agressive

Chris L : So is this channel actually run by 2 brothers or just 1 weird guy that changes clothes a lot?

tgguitarguy : We really need a Monster's Inc Sequel so bad. That would help with soooo much

Miirrorz : well from what I can see in this timeline the monsters actually co existed with humans but when wall-e's events took place the original monsters die out and the humans eventually evolve into the next monsters then they experience the power crisis but that's just a theory

Ranger Ruby : Oh Wow! I was so happy when I saw this video! #PixarTheoryfortheWin

Ryan Gomes : Maybe the monsters are from an alternate demention😒🙄

Dixie Riggs : The good Dinosaur in my eyes: Oh, storm kills all lifeforms? sounds like FORTNITE

Miyah and Leila’s World : I am now stuck in the Pixar theory black hole , anyone else?

savoryFeather73 GamingForLife : Coco

SuperCarlinBrothers : What is your favorite Pixar Movie?!?

Samantha Weber : U r confusing me! 😫😖😣

maybe some random gachaverses or some stuff : 4:16 does anyone else see the carving of sully from Monsters INC

Titan Killer : I have a question: ok so you have theorized before about other Pixar characters with emotions like inside out but do superhero’s like from the incredibles have super powered emotions or are they just normal? weird question, I know.

Matthew RB : Flaws in the theory: Cars is quite clearly in a bountiful universe which has not been ravaged by pollution. Boo and time travel.. This is the worst and the one everyone goes for. So firstly you're going to have to explain why boo exclusively manages to find out how to use door time travel some 1000s of years before the monsters make use of it and how this goes unused for years. Also how is the door powered, the door quite clearly requires power sources for them to work. Having time travel also does not equate to having magic and the last part on a.. Time loop? How would that necessitate sully existing any longer than he does, in effect she would actually be shortening his potential memory life span.. If a person is required to be remembered to be alive and this is true on a linear time line then travelling back in time prior to the existence of sully would not achieve anything. If time is running in parallel then by travelling to the past and remembering sully in 1250CE would equate to monstersinc-700years. She would be keeping the memory alive of something which doesn't even exist so by the time sulky is born he is already forgotten If boos aim was to actually longeivtate the lifespan of sully it would make sense and be necessary to travel forward in time. If she is boo and her aim is to keep sulky alive and monsters time is parrallell to human time across a temporal rift then boo needs to go forward in time to keep sullys memory alive longer in the future.

Alix : so what you're telling me is Pixar's next move is going to be a two-hour extended-time crab rave movie. I condone this.

conspiracies : grew up watching y’all 😂

THEPHSCO DOG : Where’s the bug life?

Emerson Star : 17:18 *DEPRESSION* oh wait no *ENERGY CRISIS*

Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark : Pixar should really just create a movie on this. One gigantic movie. Like Infinity War Edited to say “pixar” instead of “disney”

Dmitriy Haliy : " Always keep the memory alive." Seriously, at least that moment, that Memory have at least some plot in almost all Pixar movies, is absolutely unquestionably True.

Autobot Skyflame : Still a fun theory. Still don't believe it.

Justin Y. : So... some of these movies are also Disney movies (such as brave), and there's definitely theories(Frozen's boat and Tarzan's boat)/literal connections(Mythology relates Zeus and Triton) between Disney's movies... so how does Disney fit into the Pixar theory?

Yishai Thau : Where does shrek fit in all of this?

Honest Stuff : OMG I have been waiting for this for the longest time!

Comrade Skywalker : I would love a collaboration with matpat and scbros and would watch a 3 hour long video on the Pixar theory

PA : The lisense on the last truck in lilo and stitch is A113

That really crazy kid that likes LOLs : Pixar theory timeline according to me: The good dinosaur:around 65 million BC Brave:10th or 11th century (Beginning of)The Incredibles:1966 or 68 (The rest of)The Incredibles:1981 or '83 Incredibles 2:1981 or '83 Toy story:1995(Andy is about 7) Toy story 2:1996(Andy is 8) Toy story 3:2006(Andy is 18) Up:2006 Toy story 4:2007 Ratatouille:2007 Inside out:2010 Coco:2014 Humans leave Earth Wall-e:2139 Humans go extinct and cars rise up Cars:2157 Cars 2:2158 Cars 3:2179 Cars go extinct and MONSTERS rise up Monsters University:5789 Monsters Inc.:5799 Sulley meets Boo,she tries to find him again and she becomes the witch in Brave,repeat cycle until the end of time. THE END

Secretman Joe : Boo has a teddy bear near the end of monsters inc. that's why she's obsessed with bears