Ed sheeran heard a girl singing one he's songs while out shopping

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Petra van Putten : So jealous 🙃🙃🙃

ThunderPlays_MC //TPM : After 2 years it's in my recommendations? YouTube's a genius

NorDicGrAcE : One of he's songs huh

Lily Forsythe : ❤️

Jasmine Valencia : A singer that is genuinely nice and talented

I’m Strange : Lemme just go sing this in the shower

Gwendolyn Mitchell : *ed sheeran walks onto the stage and takes the microphone to sing* Girl: No, no no no this is my concert get the hell off the stage

Claudia Aileen : The one popular Singer and REALLY DO love their fans

Sheerios : What a surprise.

tv shows : Awww he's so sweet

Gerardo Gonzalez : I like all he's song

Farhana : Ppl saying she's bad I think she's good and you lot try singing in a mall infront of like 1000 ppl

Lilly Mae : This is the sweeties thing ever ❤ yet another reasons I love this read head

Mike dolton : He even sang quiet to let her shine

Emma Oof : Maybe it's all part of a plan

cosmo2524 : I can only imagine having that under your belt... "I went to a concert and I was on the 30th row!1!1!1" "oh yEAH WELL I SANG A DUET WITH ED SHEERAN"

Calvin Rock : the misspelt words in the title is irritating the shit out of me. anyone else?

Wolf5707 : She was so happy🖤❤️

FadedBanks : 0:44 girl fell on her ass lmaoooo

Roni Zoarez : He is to cute ❤️❤️

Andi88kc : And two years later, suddenly this video pops into everybodys recommendation list.

David Archer : I was like, "aww this is really cute and sweet" then Ed starts singing harmony at 1:07 and I was like "I'm done".

Lee Saunders : What a nice guy. Love it.

Tina Ogunmuko : This was cute

nameless_ gamerrr : God he is so pure

SaltWolf• NK : Well This just warms My heart!

Sophia Christopoulos : That must've been the highlight to that girls life

Axel Parker : Wow only if i was that lucky lol

Slimeplayz 44 : Without auto tune and his sound is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

terrmine_ : His*

Blue Lights : Ed is nice not like justin

Kimaya Wagle : If I was her I would have a breakdown and start crying on stage. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

Lulu Osama : His not he's

Zhiar Mohammad : His*

Zainab Abdulaziz : 0:45 the girls behind

Andy Zhang : I can't stop smiling.

Baby810 : Love that he didn't steal the show giving the girl her opportunity to shine 🙌✌️👌

Blubberburger : wat a cool dude

penelope. : Hold up ima go to the mall and sing be right back

Agus Widjaja : I like Taylor Swift

Techformative : Sheeran is just one hella nice guy

Elistae : My daughter was there that day. Ed had just come out of HMV and it was completely unscripted. What a genuine guy.

TP Isabella : I would have freaked out!!!... I just might have cried😍😍...Lucky girl...

Da_WiErD_ Potatoes : So sweet! 😆

Dai Tran : I wish my friend would get that chance. Should I send a video of her singing photograph to get Ed's attention?

It's Minecrafter20 : Wish I was there

Nunui December : How nice..... he is good to his fans🙌🙌🙌

Agus Widjaja : That girl must be surprised! Even though her contest was ruined :D


Makyah Hartle : She messed up but I would to because you know it's ED SHEERAN!!!