Ed sheeran heard a girl singing one he's songs while out shopping

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Cod Father : The only popular singer that's actually decent

Legally Blonde : Awwww. Celebrity's like this make my heart smile. They do these things for fans, just out of nowhere not because a kid did make a wish or there parents paid them a lot of money but just because they wanna make them smile and surprise them. I notice this a lot with Brendon Urie too (he's a really good singer check him out if you don't know about him). I barely see this with any other people. Especially those in the spotlight, the people that make them famous they ignore, I'm srry to all those Justin Bieber fans but once a fan tried to give some thing to him and threw it on stage I understand that ask the fans not to throw things on stage but saying that you probably don't want anything that you're fans give you is just rude. I know that celebs like Brendon and ed are really thankful for them and anything they give them, I'm not saying that there aren't any other celebs that don't do this too but I'm just pointing out to these guys. They care about their fans and cherish them, and they also don't say things like I don't want anything that you give me.

Xrod Gaming : Ed is the most humble, sweet artist out there.

Vamsi Musik : who in the world can dislike this????

John Green : ye i like ed sheeran hes a good guy

Ciaran McCabe : He's the best if only every celebrity was so humble like this! This is a human being to be inspired by in life!

Milan Ehrhardt : she is a really terrible singer

Abusha Hanifa : compare justin and ED Sheeran

Elistae : My daughter was there that day. Ed had just come out of HMV and it was completely unscripted. What a genuine guy.

Kimaya Wagle : If I was her I would have a breakdown and start crying on stage. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

Nunui December : How nice..... he is good to his fans🙌🙌🙌

Holy Jesus Christ : He shops?! I thought guards did it!

KawaiiSQS MCPE : Justin Bieber vs Ed Sheeran's attitude towards their fans

Baby810 : Love that he didn't steal the show giving the girl her opportunity to shine 🙌✌️👌

Big mama Tv : She's trash lol

GLGamer 42 : this is one of the 2 reasons i love this guy. The other is that his live concerts sound just like the original song.

Sam Traynor : As cool as this is, it was a bit rough from Ed to sing a harmony when that girl was already nervous, it's very hard to try and keep a melody if someone else is singing different notes to you, especially if you're not very experienced at it. So awesome from Ed to get up and sing with her though!

Ben Detta : Like. What do you do after he leaves? lol she's still gotta sing the rest of the song after that. Well guys. Ed left. So. I'm done. Lol

Jordyn nilsen-daly : fuck hes just the man

JACEK HAX : Ed Sherran you're gay, why did you make shape of you

LimiTLesS Sharing : I think she knew he was coming in that place that day...

Klein Aapje : The girl sounds like she's bored or something. Really not trying to sing well at a

GenericYouTuber69 : Fucking douchebag, he takes the mic from her and then proceeds to ruin the whole performance by singing! The nerve of some people…

Joa. reen : I'm triggered with title. He's songs? you mean he is song. No man, he's a legend

Mike Calhoun : I would have shat myself.

Riely Harris : 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖😭😭😭😭🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Emma. Grimmett : Anyone else going to his concert tomorrow/Saturday?

Ashley Cruz : awww

_-_Error_-_ : *The title kinda bothers me lol* No hate

Wein kenti News : I love the video but the title makes me uncomfortable.😐

Shanice Cottoy : That was so beautiful. He is such a great celebrity. He is one of the nicest celebs I know😄😍

Elisha Coombes : I'd of had to grab and kiss him😂


Haleigh's Vlogs Whenever : He is such a beautiful human being.

Kawaii Win : If, i was in the crowd, i would've TACKLED ed sheeren

Josette, obviously. : OMG

aphmauYT lover : OMG she is so lucky lol she was also so happy


Jenny Aguilera : amazing man....very humble...love u Edd sheeran

Grm125 - Minecraft : One of his songs*

Lori Eeee : What a great guy !

Melissa Arispe : love his music

Emre Avci : Woah this guy really sounds like ed sheeran :')

FanGirl 11 DM : i do like es sheeran and all but he's just fucking ugly

Chipsi ! : "one he's songs"

Mikayla Jolley : What song is she singing? Can someone tell me?

DorkyCrazyGal : There need to be more people like Ed in this world

kayitskat : I think this is the most exciting thing to happen in Edmonton lmao

Cup of Ramen : He beats Justin Weener any day