70th Emmy Awards: A Celebration for Betty White

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Brian Jacob : She is definitely beginning to show her true age...bless her heart...she is only four years short of being 100 years old.  You can hear it in her voice, you can hear how she stumbles on her words.  But she's on stage...at the Emmys...looking like the prettiest 96 year old woman you could ever see, and she is as graceful as ever.  <3

Michaela Castalaña : Betty is a well-respected woman in the Hollywood business. She should be! We love you Betty White!

reelkena : Proof that once in a while, the good don't die young.


Figs3 : When Betty White passes...the world is going to get a lot colder.

Liesl James : Impeccable comedic timing does not fade with age clearly.

Joon Yi : Betty White is America's Grandma

Kirsten S. : The fact that she still looks genuinely surprised/happy/grateful coming out on stage is so heartwarming. Such a class act 💜

Mandy Friday : They couldn't spring for some flowers for her at least? She left the stage barehanded

L Daskaloff : The world has been lucky to have her.

Mathew Vo : Please tell me I'm not the only one that cried watching this

JemarusVogue : Her speech made me actually sad. I owe this woman a lot since she kicked me out of depressions with her humor and acting. Seeing her so frail, stumbling in her talking, the voice going higher like having no power to talk... it shows that she is not immortal. And it hurts the most to see the woman you love so much, the woman you feel nothing but admiration and gratefulness, so ... like that. I just hope from the bottom of my heart that it was just a "bad day". That she is at full health for a 96y old Dame, and that she will stay with us for more years! I love you Betty!

ddtaurus 22 : I love Betty! However, people seem to forget that Cloris Leachman is 92 and still with us. She's an Oscar winner and a 20 time Emmy nominee who also deserves recognition before it's too late.

Felicia : It's about time we honor a person before they pass, so they can actually receive the honor! This was great. She's awesome!

Jason Villanueva : Betty White is what America needs in total class of a woman. She’s an absolute legend in Entertainment. We love you Betty!!

Rebecca M Bath : Betty... :( its starting to be difficult for her to talk.. Nooo 😭😭😭 pls stay healthy

Andrew Franks : I wish someone would look at me the was Sarah Silverman looks at her at 4:09

Biatch P : Girl with the cel phone show some respect and put your phone away—it’s Betty White! Bless her 96 years old & still with us!

So Ni : She looks amazing. And still crackin' jokes... 😍


Charmed Jthree : Not to sound all melodramatic or anything...BUT when this beautiful, sweet, sarcastic...brilliantly funny Grand Lady of Television passes..it will not only be a National tragedy..the collective sadness of humanity that day will make the universe mourn and cry!

Tyson Wheeler : "Not with me... but for me." LEGEND!

Frank E. Potts : That was weird as hell. They brought her out just to talk? Couldn't they have given her an award or something?

Abdulrazak Hamston : It's good to show love and appreciation while somebody is still here to see it but don't wait until they die

Matheus Mantovani : She's the ultimate television legend. The world needs you Betty, don't you dare to leave us queen!

Beyond Reality : 96 years old and still going... Love you Betty!

KATSCHACCC : She is still sharp in her head and you are the twinkle in her eye's but you see the body just can't keep up with her. I had to cry a little. I listen to the golden girls almost every night to fall asleep. Betty you stole my heart. Stay healthy you can do the 100 💙

Sam Wurdemann : You can't not love her... please never die, Betty.

frontcentermusician : Nice when someone with style doesn't bring up politics. Smart level headed people are like that.

yentalin12345 : How the hell is she 96???? She looks early 80s at most.

Marie V : She looks really good at 96!! wow

JJ : Who’s the wanker checking her phone when she should be applauding for Betty White??

Cesare Borgia : May the Gods continue to bless the wonderful the magical Betty White

W S : My mother always used to say: 'The older you get, the better you get, unless you're a banana.'"

Ciarra Avis : I think the reason she's stumbling over he words like that is because she's emotional. She's usually steady in her voice.

Drew : Issa Rae get yo ass off the phone, that's Ms. Betty White up there, show some respect! Issa was probably contacting her crack dealer. 😂

Silent Bx : Awwww man. What a national treasure. Nice to see her still roaring!

fred moreno : I can’t put enough hearts in one comment to express love to this American icon!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

KB Mar : Who tf is that girl checking her phone while the queen is talking?

Juan Arambul : Those 2 women who were sitting next to Sandra Oh and man who also sitting down how dare those fools didn’t give Queen Betty White a standing ovation when she came out. For the woman who was checking her cellphone during Betty’s ovation that’s so rude and tacky. When Betty White is honored put your phone and give her standing ovation!

oneblackhorse : Betty White is not only a legend, but a genuinely nice, kind-hearted human being. I take issue with the comments about her "showing her age". She is 96 years on this planet. What do you expect? I'd say she's doing and looking absolutely fantastic. Her brilliant attitude and personality keep her forever young and beautiful. Those are the things to focus on. I wish there were more like her in Hollywood.

Talia Fechter : I hope she lives forever

Sun Shine : One of the last CLASS Hollywood ladies. Even though the present ones are into asses, breast, bad language etc. AND want respect as women, I hope they pick something up. The content of a women is how she holds herself with dignity and self respect... Today, many fall short. So we have what we have....

Sajjad Ali : I'm so glad the Emmy's did this moment for her incredible career tonight. She's a true icon in television. Got slightly worried when she was getting a little slurred with her words but then she's 96 and that's to be expected. But a legend. Thank you for being a friend, Betty.


Alycia Wheaton : Betty White is my hero

Marco Scarpa : I truly LOVE her!!

Mark8675332 : Betty White is a national treasure. The world is a better place with Betty White in it.

ChairForceOne : No Ms. White. Thank YOU for putting up with US. We do not deserve you.

noora albalushi : i love betty ♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️