BIG DATA - 3.0 - "L1ZY"

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Introducing the most advanced artificial intelligence platform in modern history... BIG DATA 3.0. “Monster (feat. Jamie Lidell)” available now: See BIG DATA perform live on the Alt Nation tour: Credits: Directed by GHOST + COW Written by BIG DATA and GHOST + COW Story and Executive Produced by BIG DATA Produced by Steve Cozzarelli Players: Claire Burns as Mary David Levin as Gerry Juliet Brett as Alison Alexander Jameson as Brandon Sondra James Weil - Neighbor Lizy Ryan as L1ZY Director of Photography - Luke McCoubrey Edited by Geordie Anderson Score and original music by BIG DATA Sound design and mix by Brian Goodheart Sonic Union Producer - Halle Petro Colored by Ashley Ayarza Nice Shoes Producer - Elizabeth Mitchell VFX artist - Tim Mearini Production designer - Jana Bergstedt Makeup / SFX artist - Emma Berley Art PA / Driver - Scott Raven Wardrobe Stylist - Kayci Rothweiler 1st AD - Ruby Walters Assistant camera - Julian Tran Sound mixer - Edward Morris Camera PA - Beth Fletcher Key Grip - Jesse Moritz Grips - Landon Yost, Mitch Perrin Gaffer - Jesse Sanchez-Strauss Swing - Rylie Patterson Production assistants - Smij McBee, Angie Blas Special thanks to alldayeveryday productions, De Boer Media EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to the Gudis Family for their incredible generosity.


Adam Macdonald : Fantastic short film, very very Black Mirror-esque, the first scene reminds me of the Amazon Echo promotional video.

Ross The Maker : Part of me wonders why this doesn't have more views... Then another part of me knows exactly why.

2skyland : I'm afraid to comment on or like this video.

anaglyph : 3:33 I see what they did there 😂

ADVERSARY : Was hoping for a new song but this is even better

Lester Guidry : These are GREAT!

GothOliveGarden : We live in a society

drottle : So unsettling, I love it! Again, ya'll rocked it in Nashville!

Aboreddude : Why dont this have 40 million views? Insanely good!

Bob's Brain : YESSS!!!!!


User Name : L1ZY, predict the exact time 3.0 will be released

Raul Trujillo : When is this device coming out... i need one!!!! I hope it's android compatible. 🤘

pat cardoza : i just had one of those skynet daydreams we all worked so hard to forget

germgoatz : i love how it cuts her off. you dont choose if you want big data 3.0. *you need it.*

Johnny Chabin : So where do I buy one

Darin Brewster : Wow! This needs to be a full length movie. This is like something out of Tales From the Darkside TV show. So cool!

Illegal Priest : This is it. This is the singularity.

Lexi McCrady Axon : whoa. i'm afraid to post about it. Allison Juliet

Thierry Berton : Available on amazon and many other shops for a few bucks. Let's enjoy !!!

JAMCastillo1 : I was like where is this going? This was amazing

Les Zaldor : Awesome job, need more!!! I, for one, welcome our L1ZY overlords!!!

Lunar Flight : I'm glad Allison came around to reason.

Canadaisfat : Like the black mirror concept

Gary Nguyen : This is perfect

LeedleWormSilk : This deserves some awardsssss

Martin LaVare : Wow! This explains a lot...

Артём Андреев : Branton! BRANTON! *DAM DAM DAM*

SNIPER MIKE : Sign me up !! Just send the VR headset with my initial order please !!

LightTrain : CALLED IT! The instant the first video for album 3 was released. quote me on it

jerome guyard : Traduction en français ou sous-titre

Keith Hopkin : Excellent work!

Miguel Plays : I need one L1zy

Colton Rodano : Happy Halloween

chagi420 : Funny cuz it's true 🤣 L1ZY pause L1ZY PAUSE! 😰 BIG DATA 3.0

Eudaimonia Lazarus : Man.. I love this!!!

Vientyl : "See Through" is so much more terrifying in this context though.

roxoto : Wrong. It's control through pleasure, desires and appetites. Huxley, not Orwell.

Cat in a Computer : Great job. I found this on Vimeo, can't wait to show some of my friends

Karlyle 7 : Hah! This is Great! 🔥

iwantmylauren : This is amazing!!!

adam perkins : l1zy would see me as a threat within a week and "FIX" my car to take care of the problem

Samuel Engwall : Yaaaas Queen!

Wayne Ware : BIG DATA - 3.0

whetspeget : Isn't it a little creepy how every comment has been liked by big data?

Norton Lee : For me it was actually really REALLY scary... Perhaps I'm just that anxious and nervous type...

Kendalind Dickey : This is glorious.

_gøldakill _ : What?

Tim Mearini : im scared