BIG DATA - 3.0 - "L1ZY"

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Ross The Maker : Part of me wonders why this doesn't have more views... Then another part of me knows exactly why.

Adam Macdonald : Fantastic short film, very very Black Mirror-esque, the first scene reminds me of the Amazon Echo promotional video.

BrimfulOfWispa : this is so spooky L1ZY play monster

2skyland : I'm afraid to comment on or like this video.

ADVERSARY : Was hoping for a new song but this is even better

anaglyph : 3:33 I see what they did there 😂

GothOliveGarden : We live in a society

Lester Guidry : These are GREAT!

Smonkh : H e l l y e s

drottle : So unsettling, I love it! Again, ya'll rocked it in Nashville!

Bob's Brain : YESSS!!!!!

Johnny Chabin : So where do I buy one

Illegal Priest : This is it. This is the singularity.

Aaron Martinson : it is a funny video. but big data is not to be feared, it is to be harnessed.

Keith Hopkin : Excellent work!

SNIPER MIKE : Sign me up !! Just send the VR headset with my initial order please !!

Thierry Berton : Available on amazon and many other shops for a few bucks. Let's enjoy !!!

HomemAranha Brisado : What?

LightTrain : CALLED IT! The instant the first video for album 3 was released. quote me on it

Wayne Ware : BIG DATA - 3.0

Tim Mearini : im scared

Kendalind Dickey : This is glorious.

Aboreddude : Why dont this have 40 million views? Insanely good!

Bridgit Mendler is BAE : OMG I THINK I SHIT MY PANTS😭

Scott Bynon : this is really kind of scary because you know these artificial things that we have I mean I have a echo. And I actually just got the new echo Dot 3 so this is kind of scary you never know I mean we always talk about, that rise of the machine is a fairy tail but then again it's really not I mean who's to say that this can't really happen. I mean if we can build cell phones and smart devices why the hell can't we invent something like this or haven't we are ready that we don't know about yet plus what if it's possible that we actually are controlling the weather think about it all you need is the right satellite and the right you know precipitation and elements and you can actually control the weather maybe do you know these theorist people aren't so stupid after all hum

Norton Lee : For me it was actually really REALLY scary... Perhaps I'm just that anxious and nervous type...

usapilot78 : Chilling video.... could have done the video without taking my Lord Jesus's name in vain. REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL, JESUS IS COMING!!!! Turn and give your life to Jesus, He is the only one that can save you from this mess!!!!

Darin Brewster : Wow! This needs to be a full length movie. This is like something out of Tales From the Darkside TV show. So cool!


Eudaimonia Lazarus : Man.. I love this!!!

Menino Poeta : Very good!

User Name : L1ZY, predict the exact time 3.0 will be released

Gary Nguyen : This is perfect

Артём Андреев : Branton! BRANTON! *DAM DAM DAM*

alex perez : on a weird note how could this steal the answers to a test or look through someones laptop

chagi420 : Funny cuz it's true 🤣 L1ZY pause L1ZY PAUSE! 😰 BIG DATA 3.0

Raul Trujillo : When is this device coming out... i need one!!!! I hope it's android compatible. 🤘

LeedleWormSilk : This deserves some awardsssss

Les Zaldor : Awesome job, need more!!! I, for one, welcome our L1ZY overlords!!!

sobering saintpatrik : i just had one of those skynet daydreams we all worked so hard to forget

jerome guyard : Traduction en français ou sous-titre

germgoatz : i love how it cuts her off. you dont choose if you want big data 3.0. *you need it.*

Canadaisfat : Like the black mirror concept

Samuel Engwall : Yaaaas Queen!

Lexi McCrady Axon : whoa. i'm afraid to post about it. Allison Juliet

Miguel Plays : I need one L1zy

Martin LaVare : Wow! This explains a lot...

Akram Eddaikra : wtf 😒

Lunar Flight : I'm glad Allison came around to reason.

whetspeget : Isn't it a little creepy how every comment has been liked by big data?