Penn and Teller on Vaccinations

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Jiggy Wiggy ASMR : "So even if vaccinations *did* cause autism - *WHICH IT FUCKING DOESN'T*. -" lollll

LeifgoesLive : i got vaccine when I was a kid and I havent had sex yet. I blame vaccine

Matthew Heath : Notice at 1:10 when he yells "chicken pox", he misses the window and has to throw another ball. Then at 1:25 he's feeling around for that extra ball that he threw earlier and it's not there, so he improvises and throws the box.

zz tarry : Angry moms' reason for disliking the video:"he threw more balls on the right side."

Michael 마익흘 Aronson : Where are the paranoids' evidence that vaccinations cause ANYTHING bad? Oh right, they're paranoids. Evidence for anything is unnecessary.

ScienceIsTruth : Best video i've seen on anti-vaccininators BS. Great job on demonstation.

Slasler : Does this confirm that a plastic box kills more vaccinated children than all the diseases?

DarkdustDragon : It still amazes me that even after the research of the guy who proposed this link was a) debunked, b) exposed as fabricated and c) connected to a conflict of interest, people continue to believe it.

Neileo182 : Apparently a buzzfeed article written by a recent grad from a state school with a 2.2 GPA outlining how dangerous vaccines are is more credible than doctors with 30 years of medical experience

Elias Marklund : This is very misleading. Im sure it would protect them from the oranges, but a plastic container? I don't know man.

Are You Mad ? : Our teacher made us watch this in class. No joke

James Kasal : Vaccinations can't melt steel beams.

iloveyoshi0xo : So people are basically saying that having autism is worse than getting one of those diseases that vaccinations prevents?

Pocket Slimes : I got vaccined and I'm still not a billionaire, vaccines are causing economic problems!!!!!

Ryan M. : Reading some of these comments makes me weep for humanity.

hilary witt : I don't even have a kid yet and I already know I'm going to get them vaccines

Sharkmouth 13 : Vaccination doesn't affect your genes (which can contain autistic gene). A vaccine is like a book which is blank. A vaccine is giving your white blood cells the correct anti Body/ shape to destroy it through recognition of shape and size using enzymes thus the information to fill the book. If you are blaming a vaccine for the autism of your child fuck off, you were the one who passed the autistic gene to them, which you got from you parents.

957metadeth : Plot twist: Teller has non-verbal autism.

Mααrʈεn : I'd rather have autism than the hundreds of other diseases we are vaccinated against

Edward Cullen : I got vaccinated as a kid and ended up catching the autism. Thankfully, my very woke parents gave me a glass of colloidal silver laced with chtihtinhiornthoieniotehtial oil before each night and rested me up for two weeks, and before I knew it, I was cured :)


aymon verheij : it would be funny if the board falls over ad the end

flirtyguy34 : the 3076 people that dislike this all think Jenny McCarthy is smart just because she's pretty!

Roger Benoit : Problem is that the victims are the children of stupid parents. The victims should be the parents. I wonder how many parents who had their vaccinations refuse to vaccinate their children?


Paul Johnson : Sad thing is the anti-vax crowd won't listen to reason anyway.

CoDRagna : can't wait for them to moderate the libertarian debate

Kelsi Snow : What kind of fairy tale mumbo jumbo is this? Next you'll be telling me the earth is actually round, lizard people don't exist and steel beams can warp and melt with enough heat. Wake up sheeple.

Nikolaj Ruppert : i am not against vaccination, but this demonstration ha a problem. The wall in this demonstration shield 100% of the balls. Vaccination though is not a 100% protection...

Tenzuka Kitashi : The same people who say vaccine's cause autism are the same people who go to McDonalds and shove fries drenched in salt down their throat without having any knowledge of how deadly pure sodium and pure chlorine can be. But I guess if they actually knew science and knew about what chemical components actually go into vaccine's, they wouldn't be so hypocritically stupid to begin with. *Shuts the door behind him as he leaves*

PikePiegal : well looking at the dislikes-likes ratio, i get a rough percentage of how many of us are fking dense

Videos of the Ground : I got vaccinated and I have no friends, must be autism.

J Mizzy : Why are magicians lecturing me on vaccinations?

soundslave : Why vaccinate against chicken pox? Kids just get itchy for a few days.

Corey : Anti-Vaxxers will be the reason for the zombie apocalypse

Actually D0NG : Vaccines *don't* cause autism? Shit I don't have an excuse anymore.

Euphoric Moustaches : le reddit armie has arrived

Ztygs : My grandfather was vaccinated with several vaccines. Because of this he's started wrinkling and getting grey hairs. Because of vaccines he's becoming an old man instead of dying at the ripe old age of 5. Vaccines causing aging, please be aware of the dangers.

Steven Zettel : Dayum even when he threw the bucket it didn't hit one of the kids.

joeboxer carl : 1:25 Where can i get a vaccination for a large plastic container being thrown at me?

Mark Zink : The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans were also Anti-Vax. Where did that ideology get them?

Alpha Miner17 : I swear most of these people in the comments section are actually autistic. Vaccinating is good. The good outweighs any bad you can dream of. Done. Period. Finished. Its over, anti vaccs are all wrong. Plain and simple.

Tony Estrada : Get Vaccinated people you'll write better comments!

UrbanVision313 : So... did anyone see Vaxxed yet?

Dylan Beavon : This was the best thing I've seen all day.

mAtt : I love when he throws the bin and moves the glass and not a single pin gets knocked down.

Gregg S : Why are the swear words in the closed captioning starred out, but Penn actually says the whole word? Closed captioning should be FAIR and should ACCURATELY represent what is being said. Please fix this.

Marti Ortiz : Like true magicians fooling their audience.

Matt McConaha : As long as the vaccination rate is above the herd immunity percentage, then you don't really *need* to get vaccinated. Teller's side isn't entirely accurate to modern society for that reason, even if someone doesn't have their kid vaccinated, as long as everyone else's kids are vaccinated then the disease won't be around anyway. That being said, I think everyone should still get vaccinated anyway since it's super easy and has no negative side effects except mild discomfort if you're a little bitch.

BuddyNovinski : Missing: measles. I had them before the vaccine. I can still remember being sick at 5. While having measles did help me ward off chicken pox seven years later, I don't recommend natural immunity.