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diana : Why is she yelling? My ears are bleeding.

William DiPillo : the poor cat 1 like one not thrown cat

The Gaming Shinobi : I think she can only talk with caps lock on

Isabella Zannelli : Mop vs weed whacker.......who will win? 😂

Kelly Butler : Patty mayo is the best like if you agree

diana : This lady better be thankful patty is a nice person bc god knows what would have happened to her if it was another agent.

Stephanie Martinez : Wow! This guy is a bail enforcement angel.

Jeffrey Ray : That cat was getting his ass out of that house lol

MissUnknownGirl28 : Anyone notice she's wearing a Slytherin shirt?

Liam Redpath : One day pat will get someone who just says "oh hi yh ill talk bond payments without running or trying to kill U"... on day pat one day

dUsTjUnKy2000 : Damn bro. Your patience and mercy is legendary status. Major props to you. Subbed and clicked.

XIczy : I don't get it why do they resist they will get arrested anyway

Speedy : Patty wagon? Naa MayoMobile

Racing Rivals : I surprise no one died from carbon monoxide poisoning

Vio Lectra : You all have to understand what this situation must have been like for her, to be so desperate... you could hear it in her voice, and with the system we live in and being a single mom who used to struggle like this myself, I completely understand. All she needed was someone to give her a hand and he did that, it’s beautiful. Take notes, America. ♥️

Sup Im TAQ : This one touched my heart, respect Patrick

Kitten Kraft : The poor kitty at 6:18

CK KiD : this one hurt my soul :'( feel bad for her. but she really seems to be doing things legit i like that

Remmie Max : DISCERNMENT. Noun, "the ability to judge well" Patty you did the right thing. You have my utmost respect. Subscribed and liked.

xBoDDy 7 : i see your weed wacker so i raise you with my mop

Zombiekiller 9 : poor cat was scared asf

Rum Runner : 16:11 It's all I've ever known. I can relate with that too. I really feel she is sincere ... and just scared beyond her limits. I'm available to help if she needs it. But I'm not going to waste my time in the comment section any more than I already have. I've spoken what I needed to say, and how strongly I feel. So I really hope things are on the brighter side with her. I know from personal experience what its' like to be a single parent ... my coworker is one. I've tried to help her so many times, but she can't seem to grasp the simple things in life. I'd like to find someone who can though. Someone who would appreciate 10 fold what a complete stranger is willing to do, become friends and really turn the life around. It can be done, but only if they're willing.

Sammy Daluz : 6:18 Cat jumps out of nowhere 😂😍😍

wolf pack savages : Patrick is so nice 1 like = 1 nice deed for Patrick

Petty Princess MSP : patty is so sweet >.<

Blue Sheep : This is the first video ever i got emotional over, my Mom is a single Mom, We have struggled before, but We are doing VERY good now. She has a job and She is the boss! I really love the way you dealt with this... words cant bescribe how happy you made me for just giving her a chanse

Rum Runner : 13:11 Not to side with this crazed person ... She knew exactly who you were. But she did have a point "it looked like you had something drawn" I noticed at the point in the video when she spotted you, @ 4:04 , you had your hand on your gun. Yeah, it wasn't drawn but ... You had your hand on your gun. A defensive Posture sure, but it isn't perceived like that by whomever you're approaching, even if they DO know who you are. I understand the necessity for personal safety and defense, especially in an unknown environment ... but this whole situation "MAYBE" might have gone better if you didn't have your hand on your gun. Holstered or not, it was an advertisement that was received incorrectly by the woman. Or maybe she was spooked by the cameras, and maybe she thought the cameras were some sort of death ray? LOL Who knows. My point is that having your hand on the butt of a holstered, concealed or sheathed weapon might be a defensive tactic, but it solely advertises hostility..... You act the same way when someone reaches into their pockets or wields an exhaust pipe.... even touching an object that might look threatening, you perceive it as a potential hostility ... even if it is only a defensive stance. So back to the point I was trying to make ..... I think perhaps if you showed less hostility, you might .... "this is a very very big might" .... you might get a better outcome. Think on that for a moment..... Or tell me to go back to my corner and that you already know what you need to know, and what I said is just bullshit. Either or is ok ;) I enjoy the hell out of your videos!!! And I am going to follow you on your next adventures! Tho... I can't believe you're in the Sheriff now!!!!! :'( I really liked you as a Bond Agent. I guess I have to adjust to the change.

Emery Melendez : He grabbed a whole mop😂

Keesha Maney : Her mouth going from side to side tells me she’s high on meth

DrSkeleton ghost : Patty is a good man he cool

The Jeffrey 27 : That poor cat, he/she looked terrified

Mr bosh : The tactical mop ,love it.

Rum Runner : and the more i watch this................ the more I really want to help her. I really want to. If she is sincere

ZEUS GAMING : 7:20 at this moment I realized that she is fking out of her mind. This isn't fun?!?

Joshua Roberg : That's every woman excuse.


Tom butler : Poor cat

Indigo O4 : Patty your an amazing person

Ari !!!!!!!!!!!!! : Man that woman crazy (coo coo)

Randoom Planet : No wonder she's a slytherin...

Ricky Munday : Wow Pat, dude I give you much respect for your empathy and respect, man.

Kawaii Kiwi : Me: SHOOT HER DAMNIT!

Daniel Montgomery : I thought that she had a chainsaw

Laura C : More entitled BS! By the way, food stamps ARE a form of welfare. And rent paid by someone else is a substantial contribution so she needs to quit the Boo hoo crap that “no one ever helps” her. I actually feel more disappointed that she is ENABLED to continue with her pathetic behavior. She repeatedly commented how NO ONE helps her. But, it sounds like many people (including the TAXPAYERS) help her and she has ZERO appreciation for it! It actually makes me angry that many WOULD fall on their feet with praise for the privileges she gets and yet she actually uses a lethal weapon against him and SHE gets special privileges. Not ONE TIME did she say thank you for what she is given until the very end. Unbelievable!!! If she has so much lawn equipment, she has the ability to make some money rather than (spending so much time on her own lawn). And, obviously engaging in behavior that leads to jail (and/or a warrant) in the first place. Yes, ppl make mistakes out of desperation; however, many learn from their mistakes and DON’T turn around and admit they had NO intention of paying and committing FURTHER criminal acts. Ultimately, SHE ISN’T doing “nothing but taking care of her kids”!! Certainly, kudos to HIM for his generosity. However, call me horrible, she didn’t show ONE example of why she deserved it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ilias Riouch : I think my screen was too bright . Because my eyes where hurting 😢😢

Chaos Paddlers : She looks like she was going to war with that Weedwhacker screaming at the top of her lungs

Lillian Sena : This chick is crazy

Denys Kolotov : Respect!!! I would like to work with you!!! I have an army background.

Destroyer Riga : You're really great PATTY. I love you bro.

Phorza : Damn he a bounty hunter, storm trooper, dad, sales man, and beyond scared straight all in this one video