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Zombiekiller 9 : poor cat was scared asf

matthew garcia : If i was patty, i would have shot her for attacking me with a weed wacker.

Abi Wynd : her:GET OUT OF MY HOUSE patty:u are going to kill urself *cat comes out of nowhere* Me:CAT RUN CAT RUN *cat gets out safely* Me:thank God wait what's happening???

Yeah Maan! : damn! patty is really calm and has control over his actions. Was i there I'd have tazzzzzed her

Gaming Girl : Just eating chips while watching this girl screaming

dUsTjUnKy2000 : Damn bro. Your patience and mercy is legendary status. Major props to you. Subbed and clicked.

ItsJustLiza ! : I know her behavior was awful but she is going threw the hardest thing ever! No great job only food stamps has 3 kids and no one can help her. And she a single mom. I'm so glad that patty is willing to help her after her behavior. But that is super hard to be in that position. Honestly I would freak out instantly. But I'm a kid and not in that situation.

Ryan Whatford Is Cool : Craziest One YET!!!! Even scarier I can hear a weed wacker next door! Edit: Why is she yelling so much! Like he is right there!!!! THANK U GUYS FOR 129 LIKES!

SAROJA Band : Ahhhh, the joy and strength of single mothers...supported by our tax dollars.

Jay : *Patty:* How much do you make in a week ? *Girl:* Maybe $400 enough to buy groceries *Me:* Wtf she said she gets food stamps !!

diana : This lady better be thankful patty is a nice person bc god knows what would have happened to her if it was another agent.

The Gamer Lis : I feel so bad for the cat even though I prefer dogs XD

InfL ItrAtor : She looks like a teenager

Emma Voloczi : Was she on her period?

Avengers Assemble please : I feel really bad for her. She just wants to be a good mother, and struggling with money because she has no one to help her

diana : Why is she yelling? My ears are bleeding.

Motivegaming : Pat you've brought a tear to my eye man😭 I feel Her cause living with a single Mother it was a struggle i didn't like seeing my Mom so Broken every night, so i slanged a bit & would sneak the money into her purse without her knowing. I remember i could always see the pain in her smile but she did thé impossible & raised 4 kids by herself. My Mother is a Real Trooper💯 but anyway I Admire You for what you did, You Sir are a Real Hero to Me💪🔥 by the way wish me luck on my Asvab test im going into the USMC😈

RoofusGaming : This is why I don’t ever finish my homework

Hadley Tablet : If I where the cat or dog I would hate my owner

jmherr1 : Why is she screaming so much

Chaos Paddlers : She looks like she was going to war with that Weedwhacker screaming at the top of her lungs

Ali Hosseini : Poor Lady She doesn't know what she had to do

VortXMUFC : Lets hope patty got the cat back for them 😭😭😭😭😭😭

passion angel : Y is it that the wackos have the hugest properties ???

Avengers Assemble please : Number 1 badass kind cop ever

Brandon BPFP : Wow patty mayo was so nice to her

Shook_Alakye XD : She’s a disgrace to all Slitherins world wide😂

It's fuddernut : Single mom with mens shampoo and bodywash in the bathroom?

LuckyWolfStars : I feel bad for her yeah she should not have done some things that she did but I can relate to her so much While I am not a single mom I was a kid I was an only child but I had 3 cousins that I had to take care of one of there dads was a drug addict the other 2 kids belonged to my aunt who was always working her ass off with my mom and making just enough to put food on the table so I always had to take care of them and I almost started crying because she is going through so much I hope she gets better I mean it did for me so I really hope she is getting better and starting to change it takes a while but soon her kids will be able to pitch in and they will be fine so I really hope it gets better for her.

Abbie WASSELL : I fell bad for Patty Mayo and all his crew having to dell with all of other peoples bull crap and everyone else that has a job like this or similar to this because some of them get injured or killed even

Jonas Jensen : I love these videos, only action on youtube

maralee lingenfelder : thanks patty she is a mother she fights for the good of her children thank & love your vids patty

True Aussie : When she had the weed whacker i would have run away, im not brave enough

Daniel Khi : Patty I love you but you should cut down on the cursing

Nicklas Pedersen : Just because your a single mother doesn’t mean you can go crazy and use a weed wacker as a weapon she should have gone to jail

Noah Ross : Come on patty you had a good reason to use that taser

TheRealNerfNerd : It’s Mary Ann from Gta v

Edward Power : Who feels sorry for the cat

Luke The duke : lol shes got a slytherin shirt on thats here house all right

Jerak : She was screaming and using a weed wacker because she was clearly having a panic attack when she heard she was being arrested, not because she was crazy

wallie dizon : Ya she’s lucky that he’s a nice guy anyone else cuffed her they would have said to her f u and would have locked her up for the bs she pulled

The goodest Shiba : She’s *F E I S T Y*

tyler gravatt : Rip head phon users ears are bleeding

Timothy Bain : Patty,you are the kindest person I’ve ever seen.if the world had more people like you it would be amazing.thank you for being you.

Sport guys gang Alpha : Even thought it’s not Sunday today I like saying it .....ITS SUNDAY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Ricky Munday : Wow Pat, dude I give you much respect for your empathy and respect, man.

Oof Yeet : People don’t know what authorities have to go through everyday.

Elvis_T : Why can’t most officers be like patty? I mean seriously, we need more people like him.

Jase The Fish Guy : I feel bad for the dogs and cats

LynX TwiistZz : Let’s start a war... Weed wacker or strimmer/trimmer