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10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : I feel bad for that cat

HannahNoelle2158 : We love a sensitive Patty. ❤️

HannahNoelle2158 : *poor cat*

KawwaiiFoxDreams Foxy : Poor kids and cat still sub and liked

ANONY MOUSE : Story lesson: use condoms

dUsTjUnKy2000 : Damn bro. Your patience and mercy is legendary status. Major props to you. Subbed and clicked.

cadenbake : MOM USES WEED WACKER TO KEEP ME BACK! *insert Ali-A intro

Darth Swagger : She yelled at the dog to get him and he ran past 😂😂 Nice fukin gaurd dog 😂😂😂

Evan Halle : I feel really sorry for the poor kitty cat

Insta Pro : Do an update on her

Slixter 3000 : LMAO!!! his vids keep getting better and better😂😂😂😂👍

Mason Weller : I honestly can’t help but feel so bad for her, she put in a situation where she is scared and afraid and not sure what to do. She may have over reacted but I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be in her shoes.

Miranda Miller : This is a perfect example of a person who doesn't shut up. Dang she might have a career in singing, THIS IS MY YARD GET OFF ITS MY KIDS. like if you find this funny

Eric Bishop : Irresponsible and very impulsive mother with no foresight. Ridiculous. Glad things worked out for her. I hope she learns from this and grows as a person. Patty is a very compassionate man.

Tyler Riehl : My faith in humanity is restored god. Bless

Chaos Paddlers : She looks like she was going to war with that Weedwhacker screaming at the top of her lungs

MadAttack : 6:25 Rainbow Six siege players be moving like

Bryan Rule : Because of this show I'm becoming a bounty hunter

Emma Paignton : How amusing. A mop and a gun

Jay Lion : Patrick I wanna let you know that you're a warm hearted person, you are an inspiration and I have huge respect for you and it was nice to see an ep. Like this 😊

Mariann Gonzalez : Omg her screams!!! oml my ears it's so annoying!!

HowWin : This was sweet. keep up the good work Patty!

Donkey - : Anybody wanna buy drugs?

Ramon Buenaflor : REE Lax

Game Viper : She may not be able to pay bonds but she can afford internet if you see on one of those shelves she got WiFi router

Justin Omoi : Super happy about the hug. She really needed that.

Ethan Amendola : It’s Sunday for cryin out loud

Ghala Alkhaldy : The Poor cat

Bri Love : Poor kids that have to be raised by this women.

Tomis Muska : Shes on drugs I think, or just has a weird way of speaking.

KreatriX Z : Is there a ever a time when they don’t fight back?

Talzoid : PLEASE follow up on her.... I'm a single father in the same place she is and I want to see someone make it out of this heel we call the system.

Anthony Pickering : We need more people like patty out there

jayjtheplug 2319 : Who calls it weed eater ? Tf is a weed wacker. 😂

leonardo barboza : Eventually it's going to run out of gas

Tank 103303 : I feel patty should carry a mop seems it was going to help alot if he needed it just saying 😂😂

Captain blue berries : I like it has weed in its name

BadChu Kun : She is a true slytherin

YouTuber Milestones : 6:18 Lol that cat is like “I’m outta here!”

ExtremePayback : I kinda feel bad for her.

diana : This lady better be thankful patty is a nice person bc god knows what would have happened to her if it was another agent.

xAnnaLeeLaax Official : Omg. He said Wafu. I have to correct your pronunciation if Waifu. *Why-fu* There ya go. *Laughs nervously*

MisterSwaggs : Stuff like that could go a lot more smoother if they just calmed down and hear him out

STORM Productions : If I was Patty this video wouldn’t even be half as long 😂 (I would have tased her and arrested her way too quick)

Leighton Roberts : He us truly, a one man army

Brandon BPFP : Wow patty mayo was so nice to her

Kailer Krueger : Patty is so nice that girl is lucky

Moneyandtime Freedom : Tuff situation, Patty was firm but understanding and sympathetic towards the situation. PATIENCE OF A SAINT

SkyWayMan90 : Porno bout to start if u pause at 12:07 XD

Imoogi 2 : Great video things turned out to be good