I Want Breakfast - Falling Down (HD)

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Breenud39 TV : And that's how the 24 hour breakfast came into place.

IVAeroVI : All I know is Sheila could catch the pipe.

Sans The Skeleton : this is why Mcdonalds started serving 24 hour breakfest

4o7KeV : Rick has the face you just wanna put your fist through 👊

intsoccersuperstar1 : Gordon Gekko sure fell a long way...from steak tartare and bespoke suits to Whammyburger breakfast and Homer Simpson's wardrobe

Mc Lovin : The fact that I haven't seen this movie concerns me

josh bentley83 : Welcome to San Andreas

A. Cat : This is how I feel everytime I see a McDonalds 😕

Ooger Sevenson : This was so much of a problem that by 1993 a movie is made expressing in one scene what everyone feels about it and it took McDonalds 23 years to capitalize on obvious market interest.

23 : tec-9 rush b

Dylan Klebold : 2:15 As Somone who Has Owned and Shot a TEC-9 I can Confirm it's Trigger is Highly Sensitive

unseated oak957 : And You mam? How's the food? *GARGLE*

Pyro XVI : Is that why mcdonalds serve breakfast all day long?

mwood341 : "How's the food?" *violently throws up*

M Afaq : He was HANGRY!

Jason Mendez : This happens daily in america. When are these fast food places GOING TO get there shit straight. ¡WOrlD StAr!

Aris Stefanidis : I love the camera view of this movie

nexus prime : Tec 9 rush to BBreakfast

TheHunter5301 : Al capone said it: you'll get much further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone

lil boi aka lil broom stick : whammy burger ? more like whammy pancake. ok ill leave.

Living among vultures : you know ! usually you can have a good and logical conversation to stupid people when you have a gun in your hand XD !

Jimmy's Brother : The man just wanted his damn breakfast. and after the fact, he is polite enough to agree and take lunch instead. and you serve him some sorry ass burger? You deserve to be shot geeez

Kyle Frank : I never even heard of this movie until I watched this video, and I didn't realize that I really needed to see Michael Douglas holding up a restaurant because he wants the breakfast menu.

yaco faco : "I don't want to be your buddy, RICK."

ARCTIC TOWER : My favorite movie and nonfiction story EVER! Sequel soon to be reality.

Simply - K : I need my schezuan sauce MORTY!

Jason Popa : Too bad the tec9 is nerfed..

ya boi Guts : the bullet could go through ricks teeth, dude needs braces

Pol ar : *Good lord just give the man some breakfast, ITS ALL HE WANTED*

th_goat 1 : lol the gun he used In thumbnail is called a tec-9 ik cuz I play ROBLOX phantom forces LOLOL

Elvis Sundvall : Now I'm hungry :(

Titan Bear : Me when I'm hungry

Constantinos Spartiatis : There's more. You cut it too soon.

Navneet : Stephen Paddock wanted breakfast at 10 pm, Mandalay Bay told him they can't serve him breakfast in the night time, five minutes later, he does the same thing as this guy.

Arianni For ever : This is how i order my breakfast

abobjenkins : He left his gun on the counter and turned his back to the counter.  But, no one thought to grab it? Movies... On another note, in light of what just happened in Vega, and with all of the white schools being shot up, this doesn't look so funny, does it?

Ravishastri Raastogii : Liked the clip , specially where the man point's about marketing and misrepresentation in business.

Click Bait : The little kid at the end😂😂😂😂

shoaib btt : Local black kid reviews burger joint, I'll watch that!

NinjaWarriorDude : Rock should have everything grabbed the gun when he turned around.

Ryan Ramos : At first i thought it was steve kerr.

Versace Diaper : Sheila lookin American when he asks what’s wrong with how the burger looks 👀

LiveLife 101 : 2:14 lol the guy trying to hide behind the burger mascot lol

abac yolo : I wan't to hear what the kid at the end says about that picture

The Mr. Man : *_its real life clickbait DON"T TRUST THE BURGERS_*

Edkush : I like how I see this video Pause it Watch the movie Come back and watch the video ~The circle of life continues~

DJ Zurge : I can vision this being in GTA 6 Rock star presents, Holding up The Diner:GTA Style🔥

Gunther The Brave : This was a really sad movie

RAYTHEONGAMING : He should have shot Rick

LARAIDER 44HUNDREAD : Best burgers in Lynwood