Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

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How To Make Sushi : he is a great public speaker!

Karol Scott : amazing!!! this is so true!!! as an Army SGT. I learned that I must make sure everyone is taken care of before I take care of myself

Crisshaun Nelson-Jackson : Dude's got a powerful snap.

Niteesh Yadav : Best 45 minutes spent on NYE!

Arch Angel : The Title was the first lesson in leadership I ever learned as a young man as a recruit in the U.S. Marines. My squad ate before me and it was my responsibility to know which recruits were 'Diet' Recruits and which were Dbl Ration ones. After they went through the line and were fed, then I ate. The Platoon Guide or Senior Recruit ate last of all. Then the D.I.s......I can still eat a full meal in about 4 minutes. LOL.....and I'm past 50 LOL

Prince OOCHIE : How does anyone dislike this? This is brilliant!

Philip Etienne : "If you"ve ever met someone and you are nervous meeting them, you are not the alpha" well stated!

Echo Zoolu : when he mentions companies and our jobs are killing us, i think the same thing goes for high school

Stacy Mitchell : TL;DR become Jonny Bravo

Etouke Efon : Absolutely awesome. I follow many motivational speakers. Simon Sinek is the best. I know what to do now.

mohamed jameel : Amazing video simply amazing. Why isnt this taught in schools?

Vishalakshi K.M. : i think just watching this video gave me a huge rush of oxytocin. Thankyou Simon Sinek. The world needs more people like you.

Chris-Anthony : I've been binge watching his talks like tv series and they've been so rewarding. His views are very refreshing, human, sincere and authentic Onward to more videos! Thanks for uploading!

Linda Yo : Wow, Bravo Simon Sinek!! I literally clap my hands in front of my computer monitor!!

Rik van der Ploeg : There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

Chris Gunter : I am transformed by this talk. I've been thinking about what I can do to contribute to humanity as a whole and this has affirmed it for me. I know what I want. Thank you.

Avinash Seth : One of the great talks i heard 😍

Stahpitt : Just to correct something said in this 8:10 He said's dopamine is responsible for pleasure from reward, it's not quite right, dopamine is released for the chase of the goal, endorphin are released when the goal is attained. This is why adderall doesn't necessarily cause euphoria, rather it lets us focus and amplifies the effects of the euphoria from the goal we set out to do.

Kaiser68 : LOVE this talk! This is why we struggle at work to put up with a shitty boss. Fantastic talk!

Nathan Butler : Oh my god his shirt is a breadboard.

Manuel Hernandez : Just thank you. Thank you so much for this. I watched it at the right place and the right moment.

Lights & Latte : A lot of Eureka moments from this talk! Very informative and useful!

walter white : If i were to ever become a CEO and reap massive amounts of money, i would pay tons of money to implement his philosophy within my corporate culture.

Alex Clark : Turned my phone off at 13:00

Ian Colman : awesome video! *get's a release of serotonin*

Nobert Stanel : Wow, what a great speech, felt all of those hormones while listening .

we BEEN here : The tricking of Seratonin is something that evolves and lessens over generations. That's why all the empire's fall after 10-11 generations, because in order to be greater than our parents, we need shortcuts to feelings like pride. And so, we come to the point that we know we used to be great, and we used to be special, but we don't feel it anymore. That's exactly where we are in western societies right now, by constantly tricking our systems to generate Seratonin. The real human revolution will take place as soon as we realize that we need to do good to feel good. There is no other way, that is not supposed to fall apart sooner or later..

Jose Morales : Great topic. Even better speaker. Wow. Cannot believe that more than 340 people disliked the talk?

CBMaster2 : So why do leaders eat last ? I thought he said alpha eat first and alpha are leaders ?

woro : "They work towards that goal because they want the bonus." You mean they work towards the bonus, the goal is merely a vessel to get there.

红月亮 : This man is pretty smart. Pretty smart..

Braulio Cassule : you see how he describes humans as animals? he must be an alien

Buhlebezwe Ntiwane : This Guy right here is awesome....!! Loved the talk.

prabakar veer : best 45 min in my life .. hats off ..!

Jiwan N : Brilliant. Human.

Kh Bye : As a student myself, I have a very weird plan...maybe students should study the same lecture notes together in a quiet environment (no communication for, say, a full hour in a library). Then after 1 hour students would just have a break by discussing the problematic ideas they have, but with a twist. They must hold each others' ears throughout the discussion. Companionship (studying together) along with some physical contact might boost their oxytocin levels sky high :) Wards off the endless scrolling through the feeds of whatever social media platform available on their phones and makes for a memorable experience XD

Maria Kazmaly : This guy should do a TED talk - so good!

Stacy Mitchell : 43:10 leader ship is a decicion

Robert Wootton : This talk should be watched and listened to by the people who are in charge of the UK NHS. The politicians and government officials and executives who are responsible for the NHS.

Free Music : Recognizing scammers like you is easy, Simon Sinek. You probably have a complex from wearing glasses and someone in your childhood told you "alphas don't wear glasses". Since then, you are producing this non-conflicting entertainment material that you think can make you into an alpha, while powered by your fears and neuroses. Think for a bit, if you were an alpha, you wouldn't have to produce these cavemen-conforming materials. You are a beta by choice.

Capture Your Flag : Brilliant new talk from +SimonSinek  on Trust, Love, and Leadership. We recommend you take time in your day to watch this and start a conversation with friends, family and / or colleagues about what it means to build trust and feel trusted at home and on the job. #leaderseatlast #simonsinek #leadership  

Sparks791 : It's not cortisol; it's adrenalin or norepinifrin. Cortisol comes nice talk, but with some real errors.

Joshua George : This is very interesting. Since I'm currently reading Steve Jobs biography I can tell from what I read that Steve is the opposite from what Simon Sinek says is a great leader.

Joseph Kibuchi : Simply, awesome!

Jessica Martin : I could watch this 1 million times and it still wouldn't be enough. So SO good.

ReconDoc189 : Leadership at the 26 min mark, SPOT ON, love this guy.

Stevo : Fantastic. Quite how you apply this to the shark pool of office politics is another matter

000000AEA000000 : the military example introduction annoyed my guts, the talk itself was rewarding though

Anas Ali : He nails it down so well.

Shiela Brown : Simon, Kisses and hugs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for putting out a video that in 45 minutes not only explains so much but could change peoples lives.  Blessings be to you!