Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

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How To Make Sushi : he is a great public speaker!

Karol Scott : amazing!!! this is so true!!! as an Army SGT. I learned that I must make sure everyone is taken care of before I take care of myself

Crisshaun Nelson-Jackson : Dude's got a powerful snap.

Echo Zoolu : when he mentions companies and our jobs are killing us, i think the same thing goes for high school

Capture Your Flag : Brilliant new talk from +SimonSinek  on Trust, Love, and Leadership. We recommend you take time in your day to watch this and start a conversation with friends, family and / or colleagues about what it means to build trust and feel trusted at home and on the job. #leaderseatlast #simonsinek #leadership  

Philip Etienne : "If you"ve ever met someone and you are nervous meeting them, you are not the alpha" well stated!

papillon : “If you’ve ever met someone and you’re nervous meeting them, you’re not the alpha.” Damn, so all those hot women I was chasing were all alpha!

Xogroroth666 : I was a 1st Lieutenant in the army. I refused to use the officers mess, the officers cantine, instead, i ate and drank with the privates. To much dismay of the other officers, of course. I should annoy the living piss out of the troops, command them into silliness, brake them, be... an 'officer' (read, jackass). I cleaned the toilets with them, I peeled potatoes with them, I did everything they did. When we were on maneuvers, I often asked my men for advice, rather than just command them, because, even though 'merely' a private, this private could have a marvelous idea I did not think off. We discussed the upsides and downsides of ideas. Now, here's the funny part... When others 'commanded' the same troops, they did not really feel up to do it. I, on the other hand, only had to ask, and they went further than I asked them to. How you approach a certain group, makes the whole difference...

Prince OOCHIE : How does anyone dislike this? This is brilliant!

Vishalakshi K.M. : i think just watching this video gave me a huge rush of oxytocin. Thankyou Simon Sinek. The world needs more people like you.

mohamed jameel : Amazing video simply amazing. Why isnt this taught in schools?

Rik van der Ploeg : There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

Noj Hinkins : Great talk and book. I was fortunate enough to track wild dogs as they hunted in the Okavango Delta a few years ago. The alpha female was the best hunter. She and her lead hunt dogs would catch and kill an impala, then sit to one side and let the pack eat. They repeated this until the whole pack was satisfied, then finally they took down the last kill and ate themselves. This was a big healthy pack and I understad that this approach means African Wild dogs are way more successful in hunts than lions for example. A great example of what Simon talks about here- leaders literally eating last.

Chris Gunter : I am transformed by this talk. I've been thinking about what I can do to contribute to humanity as a whole and this has affirmed it for me. I know what I want. Thank you.

walter white : If i were to ever become a CEO and reap massive amounts of money, i would pay tons of money to implement his philosophy within my corporate culture.

Chris-Anthony : I've been binge watching his talks like tv series and they've been so rewarding. His views are very refreshing, human, sincere and authentic Onward to more videos! Thanks for uploading!

Arch Angel : The Title was the first lesson in leadership I ever learned as a young man as a recruit in the U.S. Marines. My squad ate before me and it was my responsibility to know which recruits were 'Diet' Recruits and which were Dbl Ration ones. After they went through the line and were fed, then I ate. The Platoon Guide or Senior Recruit ate last of all. Then the D.I.s......I can still eat a full meal in about 4 minutes. LOL.....and I'm past 50 LOL

downbntout : I'm a caregiver to senior disabled people, under the heel of a shareholder-driven company, with angry people on all sides, and this made me see how I can be part of the solution.

Augure Zera : One of is best speeches!

we BEEN here : The tricking of Seratonin is something that evolves and lessens over generations. That's why all the empire's fall after 10-11 generations, because in order to be greater than our parents, we need shortcuts to feelings like pride. And so, we come to the point that we know we used to be great, and we used to be special, but we don't feel it anymore. That's exactly where we are in western societies right now, by constantly tricking our systems to generate Seratonin. The real human revolution will take place as soon as we realize that we need to do good to feel good. There is no other way, that is not supposed to fall apart sooner or later..

Stahpitt : Just to correct something said in this 8:10 He said's dopamine is responsible for pleasure from reward, it's not quite right, dopamine is released for the chase of the goal, endorphin are released when the goal is attained. This is why adderall doesn't necessarily cause euphoria, rather it lets us focus and amplifies the effects of the euphoria from the goal we set out to do.

Etouke Efon : Absolutely awesome. I follow many motivational speakers. Simon Sinek is the best. I know what to do now.

zak edelman : I dont know your process, but..GOOD SYSTEM!! :)

Niteesh Yadav : Best 45 minutes spent on NYE!

Braulio Cassule : you see how he describes humans as animals? he must be an alien

Rich Russet : "Leadership is not a rank. Leadership is not a position. Leadership is a decision. Leadership is a choice. It has nothing to do with your position in the organization. If you decide to look after the person to the left of you and to look after the person to the right of you, you have become a leader."

Stacy Mitchell : TL;DR become Jonny Bravo

Linda Yo : Wow, Bravo Simon Sinek!! I literally clap my hands in front of my computer monitor!!

Billder Inbaja : I can tell you why I eat last. I am a Construction Manager, big jobsites, big crews. When work is on, it's ON.... lot's of dangerous activities in construction. Everyone needs to focus. When lunchtime comes and the guys sit down to relax, that's when I go out to talk to them. Real leaders care about people, and they know non-work conversation is the way to get to know them. I spend lunchtime forming relationships, sharing what we care about outside of work. I pride myself on forming high performance teams that work together to accomplish amazing things. Lunchtime is too important a time for a real leader to sit locked away in the office eating and reading the internet.

Manuel Hernandez : Just thank you. Thank you so much for this. I watched it at the right place and the right moment.

maddball party produktions : Such great teachings. This lecture is spot on and a must see for those who aspire to become leaders!

jtan163 : The title is not a difficult question to answer. If you're over 25 and you don't know the answer you can watch all the videos in the world and you will probably never understand. You want a successful business you serve your customers like those soldiers and those pilots. But to do that you have to make your business or your customers matter to your staff. If you're under 25 and want to know the answer sign up at your nearest recruiter and you will learn the most valuable lessons in your life about people. And if you get hurt you'll learn a lot about politics and politicians.

Ian Colman : awesome video! *get's a release of serotonin*

Joshua George : This is very interesting. Since I'm currently reading Steve Jobs biography I can tell from what I read that Steve is the opposite from what Simon Sinek says is a great leader.

Robert Wootton : This talk should be watched and listened to by the people who are in charge of the UK NHS. The politicians and government officials and executives who are responsible for the NHS.

Nathan Butler : Oh my god his shirt is a breadboard.

Palmetto Park : This video is one of the best I have seen. Awesome!

Buhlebezwe Ntiwane : This Guy right here is awesome....!! Loved the talk.

Derek Currie : Keep in mind that Simon Sinek is not giving a chemistry lesson. He's not a chemist. He's not a physiologist. What he's saying is NOT from a scientist's point of view and therefore is significantly incorrect. He's applying what he knows, which is incomplete information, toward his concepts. IOW: There's a lot more to know, understand, learn beyond what he's discussing. Ideally, don't limit your understanding to what is his.

Jose Morales : Great topic. Even better speaker. Wow. Cannot believe that more than 340 people disliked the talk?

icecubeguy202 : This is a fantastic message. Regarding addiction and cell phones - this is right on. I have students and fellow teachers who go through withdraw if they cannot get to their phones. iPads - same thing. These devices are a mess when used without restraint or in place of a textbook or notebook. Learning is held back by these devices.

Adrian The Earthling : Great video however Simon said to please explain to him why heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer is on the rise at 42:09 well, the truth is that the consumption of animal based products cause those diseases, nobody want you to know because animal agriculture is the biggest money maker in all of the world, more than war or education. If you don't believe me search up Dr Michael Greger - Uprooting The Leading Causes Of Death on youtube and you'll see the studies for yourself. Just thought I mention that. Apart from that, great vid! :)

you tuber : others may not may never become Johnny matter how much time n energy you put without expecting any return. a change of transformation may never happen n it may leave one exhausted. sucked out of energy totally. a giver has to know when to stop completely.

David Ramos : I feel like I should take notes!

yamizer0 : Now I'm start watching every video of him

77maximus77 : Great concepts and learned some things.  The only thing that is apparent is he is attributing the "knowledge" of our bodies and the interactions of the physical world to some hypothetical "mother nature" power.  If we think about "mother nature" we must acknowledge there is a power above us that is not finite and has created this system.  Based on the testimony of Jesus Christ, I believe this "knowledge" and know how our bodies have is a result of the almighty God making an incredible design, not some arbitrary made up concept we don't know what to name other than "mother nature."

Jiwan N : Brilliant. Human.

bakayaroo44 : Good public speaker but should have checked the scientific accuracy of the claim that women's cycles converge. That was sloppy.

Alex Clark : Turned my phone off at 13:00

Akshay Gavhane : The 1.5k people who dislike this thought it was the download button