Fonejacker - Dufrais - The Met Office is Wrong

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Dufrais calls the Met Office to complain about an incorrect weather report. Subscribe for more: Fonejacker acts as Dufrais, prank calling the met office to complain about the weather report being wrong. Taking cold-calling to an artform, the Fonejacker is a man on a mission. He's addicted to making prank telephone calls, taking on various guises and voices to satisfy his need to confuse anyone at the end of the line. Welcome to the brand new home of Hat Trick Productions. Here you'll find all your favourite Hat Trick productions from Have I Got News For You to Father Ted, Outnumbered to Fonejacker plus our brand new original YouTube comedy channel Bad Teeth and everything in between. If you like what you see then hit subscribe and we will keep you well stocked: Subscribe for more: Bad Teeth: Google+:

Comments from Youtube

Oly1810 : The one upside of working in a soul-less call center is that one day you might get a phone call from Terry or Dufrais

Bman Chu : "I'm in fact superior to everyone, including yourself." Genius!

yoe91 : this one's so brilliant.

Go home and get your shine box : so you're a receptionist lol

Tommy Two-shoes : Dufrais sounds like the kind of person who would be disgusted by anti-semitism in the labour party.

ED209 : It’s really not very different from the actual calls received in a call centre.

spn. : and S for... uh... Stratosphere 

Martin Heidegger : Lol at him being Jewish.

OddSockGames : I can't get enough of this guy. He's hilarious. 

Lloyd Christmas : No you won't, no you shan't, no you don't 😂 😂

Chimera XDX : I never noticed he was a jew before.

Muttley : 'I can think of plenty of words beginning with S' - LOL.

DJFREDHEAD2010 : A for a

ohdear : s for..... stratosphere LOL

Gapehorner : rasbewwy

Declan Hampson : ‘F.... for... Fwwwwiiiiidaaay’

Tyler Mcay : Me and my dad watched this part in teli and we just Pissed ourselves quoting it to each other 😂

Umzie Cash : 1:19 The guys laugh fits perfectly with the smouldering stare 😄

Gary J. : Dan handles this extremely well. Really well.

Awesome Face : I wish I could talk to my callers like this guy :(

Martin Shkreli : I would slap Dufrais!!!!

Kimchi Gang : Dufrais looks different to facejacker

Eightiesboy : I for 'is'

thingyee1118 : Hello I would like to make a complaint please

Jessica Belcher : An avid reader lmao

Oliver Butler : Long-term wild priority oven presidential vehicle unusual extra.

Billy Blyghton : 2:10 the tornado

atomicmrpelly : hah, nice one, there was no fooling that guy!

ZD433 : Spurs supporter

Grumpy Retro Gamers : And there's another word beginning with 's' just there... :D [Ben]

andeancondor1 : the campaign continues !!!!!!!!!!! any iDEAS!!!!!!!!!!

D : hi dufrais its me dem dem wondering if you would like to pop round mine for a nice cup of hotty

Cult Fiction : Comedy gold

hofhere : That stereo in the background ... Mcintosh and Thorens , very nice

Adam Jenkins : A for...... a 😂

James Johnson : A for 'A' Lmaoo.

bishbosh80 : 0.40..... Erm!!!

billy44551 : u for up

Christian Le Surf - Music : No you won't. No you shan't. No you don't.

Adam. : Quite agree quite agree, silly silly silly! Now then now then what's going on here?

Reza Shia : No you won't, no you shan't, no you don't!

onesickpuppy84 : R.... for Raaaasp-berry!

Jim Gassican : The upward looking, cross-eyed stare is perfect for this character. Even noticed he's wearing a yamulka, too.

TheJuggernauts321 : So funny

Mal big : have you seen the alien pass the window

Regele Brânză : Shit

Kazuki x : F... For... FRIDAAAYYYYYYEEEEE?

ProducedByZenith : jokes

Prince Gym Tuppernation : Lmao