Fonejacker - Dufrais - The Met Office is Wrong

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** Marmite ** : Quite like the MET office guy, seems like an intelligent chap.

yoe91 : this one's so brilliant.

Oly1810 : The one upside of working in a soul-less call center is that one day you might get a phone call from Terry or Dufrais

Bman Chu : "I'm in fact superior to everyone, including yourself." Genius!

Go home and get your shine box : so you're a receptionist lol

DragonsTooth : It’s really not very different from the actual calls received in a call centre.

OddSockGames : I can't get enough of this guy. He's hilarious. 

spn. : and S for... uh... Stratosphere 

Alan Montgomery : No you won't, no you shan't, no you don't 😂 😂

Gapehorner : rasbewwy

Muttley : 'I can think of plenty of words beginning with S' - LOL.

DJFREDHEAD2010 : A for a

Tommy Two-shoes : Dufrais sounds like the kind of person who would be disgusted by anti-semitism in the labour party.

SeumiseuTV - 스미스티비 : Dufrais looks different to facejacker

Reza Shia : No you won't, no you shan't, no you don't!

ohdear : s for..... stratosphere LOL

Tyler Mcay : Me and my dad watched this part in teli and we just Pissed ourselves quoting it to each other 😂

Umzie Cash : 1:19 The guys laugh fits perfectly with the smouldering stare 😄

PiecesofVinyl : The upward looking, cross-eyed stare is perfect for this character. Even noticed he's wearing a yamulka, too.

Gary J. : Dan handles this extremely well. Really well.

Christian Le Surf - Music : No you won't. No you shan't. No you don't.

Cult Fiction : Comedy gold

Grumpy Retro Gamers : And there's another word beginning with 's' just there... :D [Ben]

Marc23 : I for 'is'

shirajul islam : there is a tornado in the background

onesickpuppy84 : R.... for Raaaasp-berry!

Steve Tanner : Haha omg its brilliant

ady shorrock : still so funny well done

Gym Tuppernation : Lmao

DJFREDHEAD2010 : no you dont!

mark durcan : Priceless,i would like to make a complaint please!

Carl Schmitt : Lol at him being Jewish.

hofhere : That stereo in the background ... Mcintosh and Thorens , very nice

Mal big : have you seen the alien pass the window

Adam Jenkins : A for...... a 😂

James Johnson : A for 'A' Lmaoo.

ProducedByZenith : jokes

Oliver Butler : Long-term wild priority oven presidential vehicle unusual extra.

thingyee1118 : Hello I would like to make a complaint please

Regele Brânză : Shit

D : hi dufrais its me dem dem wondering if you would like to pop round mine for a nice cup of hotty

Adam. : Quite agree quite agree, silly silly silly! Now then now then what's going on here?

bishbosh80 : 0.40..... Erm!!!

andeancondor1 : the campaign continues !!!!!!!!!!! any iDEAS!!!!!!!!!!

billy44551 : u for up

99Boiko : Epic Fail. Sorry! Call centre handlers tend not to get wound up, particularly by people of evidently low education. Bottom line, the assistant would have had management backing so he would generally entertain for a short time only. The best targets are the 'unemployed' simpletons.

Andre Thomas : Doesn’t read the Sun? From Liverpool is he? 🤣🤣🤣

Daniel Riley : 1:40 Burn!

onesickpuppy84 : R.... for Raaaasp-berry!

Morrigan Ravenchild : Is this funny?