Fonejacker - Dufrais - The Met Office is Wrong

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yoe91 : this one's so brilliant.

Oly1810 : The one upside of working in a soul-less call center is that one day you might get a phone call from Terry or Dufrais

spn. : and S for... uh... Stratosphere 

** Marmite ** : Quite like the MET office guy, seems like an intelligent chap.

Gapehorner : rasbewwy

OddSockGames : I can't get enough of this guy. He's hilarious. 

Alan Montgomery : No you won't, no you shan't, no you don't 😂 😂

ohdear : s for..... stratosphere LOL

Reza Shia : No you won't, no you shan't, no you don't!

DragonsTooth : It’s really not very different from the actual calls received in a call centre.

SeumiseuTV - 스미스티비 : Dufrais looks different to facejacker

Grumpy Retro Gamers : And there's another word beginning with 's' just there... :D [Ben]

shirajul islam : there is a tornado in the background

Cult Fiction : Comedy gold

Marc23 : I for 'is'

Christian Le Surf - Music : No you won't. No you shan't. No you don't.

DJFREDHEAD2010 : no you dont!

Umzie Cash : 1:19 The guys laugh fits perfectly with the smouldering stare 😄

Carl Schmitt : Lol at him being Jewish.

Steve Tanner : Haha omg its brilliant

Bman Chu : "I'm in fact superior to everyone, including yourself." Genius!

Gary J. : Dan handles this extremely well. Really well.

Tyler Mcay : Me and my dad watched this part in teli and we just Pissed ourselves quoting it to each other 😂

Muttley : 'I can think of plenty of words beginning with S' - LOL.

ady shorrock : still so funny well done

Go home and get your shine box : so you're a receptionist lol

Circle 25 : why do people sometimes do that thing where they say a letter clearly then put it in a word. annoys me for some reason.

Andre Thomas : Doesn’t read the Sun? From Liverpool is he? 🤣🤣🤣

Daniel Riley : 1:40 Burn!

Adam. : Quite agree quite agree, silly silly silly! Now then now then what's going on here?

D : hi dufrais its me dem dem wondering if you would like to pop round mine for a nice cup of hotty

onesickpuppy84 : R.... for Raaaasp-berry!

atomicmrpelly : hah, nice one, there was no fooling that guy!

onesickpuppy84 : R.... for Raaaasp-berry!

Mal big : have you seen the alien pass the window

Big Tuppernation : Lmao

andeancondor1 : the campaign continues !!!!!!!!!!! any iDEAS!!!!!!!!!!

billy44551 : u for up

James Johnson : A for 'A' Lmaoo.

Regele Brânză : Shit

bishbosh80 : 0.40..... Erm!!!

Adam Jenkins : A for...... a 😂

hofhere : That stereo in the background ... Mcintosh and Thorens , very nice

Tommy Two-shoes : Dufrais sounds like the kind of person who would be disgusted by anti-semitism in the labour party.

Billy Blyghton : 2:10 the tornado

mark durcan : Priceless,i would like to make a complaint please!

Oliver Butler : Long-term wild priority oven presidential vehicle unusual extra.

ProducedByZenith : jokes

thingyee1118 : Hello I would like to make a complaint please

TheJuggernauts321 : So funny