The Story Of The Famicom Modem - Nintendo's Famicom Network System

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Wrestling With Gaming : I highly recommend visiting the website below for more info on the Famicom modem. I normally have a ton of sources for my videos and while I had several this go around, is by far the best one on this topic. I purposely left out some info that can only be found on the site so that people would go check it out. There's all kind of great info on there. Please give it a visit.

Cars Simplified : I had no idea such a thing existed! Interesting stuff. Really liking the channel.

Talon The Retro Gamer : Your channel is so underrated. You deserve a lot more subs, dude. Keep up the good work.

Satoshi Matrix : 3:19 Hey, there's my subbed Famicom modem commercial! Very kind of you to give me credit and not claim it as your own. I've previously had Brent Black (Brentalfloss) steal my stuff as his own and when I kindly asked him to credit me, he (and his fanbase) were assholes. So.......thank you for doing the right thing. Although I should point out that you misspelled Famicom as "Fammicom" in your title card. Aw well, we all make mistakes. Now looking back at my own commercial, I wish I hadn't used such obnoxious font. If I were to re-do it, I'd use something less garish. But anyway, awesome to see a doc on the Famicom modem. I loved your documentary on the Power Glove - it actually enticed me to go dig mine out and re-experience the badness all over again.

Ehrisaia O'Shannon : This was interesting, baby! thanks for this. ♥♡♡♡♡♥

Jenovi : You know we've come a long ways when it would be considered ludicrous in this day and age for a athlete to be the spokesman for a home console or home console accessory that wasn't sports related. Crazy ad.

On the Stick : Hey brother, discovered you when your Saturn/32x video popped up in my recommended videos. Dig what you're doing here. I am also a (former) indie wrestler with a gaming focused YouTube channel, so you might dig my stuff as well. Keep up the good work.

UXXV : Did you steal this videos content from Kelsey Lewin's video in January? Some of it is word for word !

hey yo : That Mona Lisa commercial was awesome!

Gokado Retro Reviews : if the historicnerd loves your content i needed to check you out for sure and he is right, got another sub!

Robby Frick : I've been watching your channel the past couple weeks and didn't realize how relatively new at this you are. I figured you have been at this for 5 years and had 500k subs: These documentaries are great and very well produced. Great job!

Jan Patrician : Things like this explain why Nintendo was so slow to adapt internet capability in their consoles. Great video!

osgeld : one thing that popped out to me, buys a device meant to hook up your tv to your phone, returns device cause they could not figure out a way to connect it to both the tv and phone ... sounds like the typical adult in the 80's (and 90's)

Ernest Jay : Sega Dreamcast always claim "WE ARE THE FIRST online-capable home console !" Famicom is already online since 1988, older than AOL and 56K dial-up modem.

Jake Thompson : History of the GameShark maybe????

srvfan42 : Your videos are always top-notch. I wish you much success in the near future.(:

Kent Depamaylo : Just subscribed, you should do more of these gaming history documentaries.

Drew Lewis : This is great info.

George Watanabe : dang! I've watched all of the video game documentaries videos! What do I do now?

Razor Vermillion : I'm really loving these videos. Keep up the great work.

thelegend92399 : Great vid! Looking forward to more!

VisionThing : You are so good!

ravager48 : I just stumbled upon your channel today! I'm glad I did.

ravager48 : I hope you'll talk about The Atari GameLine and Sega Channel somewhere down the line.

Laberge : Awesome video as always dude! Never knew this existed. (can't wait for the Jaguar video too!!)

Thomas Pleacher : I had no idea this product even existed! What craziness.

Milton De La Cruz : You make amazing content!

Richard slater : Awesome...but where's the Atari Jaguar documentary?????

H. Celine : Fantastic as always

angbald : Just discovered your channel. Love it. Super informative videos. A+++ work sir. And I'm sure you get this all the time, but damn look just like Al Snow.

Jonny Sorensen : Good stuff man. Will watch some more of your videos on the weekend.

Corey Trevor : All of your videos are new information for me, I never knew any of this! I was still using dial up until damn near 2008 😂😂

Anas Elfellah : I never thought the famicom could be used for horse racing stuff. thanks for the video

GetStainedAlready : the only reason this channel doesnt have more views is because of the 'Wrestling' part. I understand it was a past profession or hobby and you have a passion for it but its generally unrelated to the gaming videos. Also the alcohol element in the live stream title turns me off but thats just me. Great video like always!

Mike Mitchell : Another great vid

JozaeJA : Excellent documentary! I came to be educated on a Famicon peripheral I had no clue existed and educated I was. Much respect to your channel for uploading high-quality content, keep up the good work!

1daniel66 : Would love to see you do the 64DD. Great stuff BTW.

Ezio Auditore : Whoa! I didn't know that the family com have a modem. But for stock checking? It's a game console for heavens sake. If this was launched say today, Nintendo will be scoffed at and there will be no sale at all. Also the company will be skinned and fried alive on social media. Though at least there's a lesson here about online gaming which is prevalent today. Again nice job and continue making these kinds of video. You rock. 😁💪

Andy Ng : Love your channel! It popped up as a suggested video and I binge watched all your gaming documentaries. Great job and I can't wait to see more!

The Lost Souls : Awesome video! Would love to see one about the Sega Channel.

raveboy004 : What happened to the atari jaguar video please please please finish it

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Ryan 石虎龙 : Your videos are better than most documentaries ever. Seriously you do an amazing job. Simple, direct, easy to follow.

Burak Crystal : I love watching your videos. They're so well made and informative. Really hope you get more subs because you definitely deserve it

Milo Zabál : Man you're like a Gaming historian in steroids, your content is great! Didnt know you or your channel, but it was instant subscription. Keep up the good work.

adamlee007 : Y does this seem better online solution than any Nintendo system since?!

tin pin : Wow, I had no idea this was a thing! Dial-up gambling, banking, and stocks (arguably gambling on its own) _on a Famicom_ of all things! Madness!

The CrisGamer : Your channel needs more attention,I think nobody (except Japan) knows about that! Thanks for telling us!

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