South Park - Canada Wants Internet Money

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joe momma : This was pretty much what the women's strike was...

Jacob D : This might be my favourite moment from anything, ever.

Stranger than Friction : WWee wwant mawrr munnayy

NostalgiNorden : It's still 2017 and people are still uploading clips filmed of the tv? This makes me a sad panda....

aguy654 : Canada, no, Bitcoin is worth less than your money.

McMeevin : mo'monneh

qwertyuiop3455 : The Canadian on the right is a young Mr. Stkrdknmibalz.

Jesse Ward : compared to most countries Canada has a LOT of money but this was made by the all powerful USA

Christ Calzone : When somebody talks about Bitcoin

Lord Aaeru Vonikur the Third : Canada wants some Carbon tax money.

Big Nig : To this day we never got the internet money

Jonathan Parker : Is it me or does Stephen Abootman, look a lot like Donald back in the day or even Donald Jr. Oh the irony they forshadowed the future

Frank Miranda : "Other countries have lots of Money" THAT is SO Wrong on so many levels!

Frank Miranda : More Money from Where? LOL