South Park - Canada Wants Internet Money

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joe momma : This was pretty much what the women's strike was...

Jacob D : This might be my favourite moment from anything, ever.

Stranger than Friction : WWee wwant mawrr munnayy

NostalgiNorden : It's still 2017 and people are still uploading clips filmed of the tv? This makes me a sad panda....

McMeevin : mo'monneh

aguy654 : Canada, no, Bitcoin is worth less than your money.

qwertyuiop3455 : The Canadian on the right is a young Mr. Stkrdknmibalz.

Big Nig : To this day we never got the internet money

Jesse Ward : compared to most countries Canada has a LOT of money but this was made by the all powerful USA

Kunt Destroyer : Canadian liberals have a panel of experts who are going to "modernize" our net neutrality laws so that stream services like twitch have both french and english shows or show up as results. So needless to say Canada does "want moe monnayy, more internet monaay!!!"

Lord Aaeru Vonikur the Third : Canada wants some Carbon tax money.

Christ Calzone : When somebody talks about Bitcoin

Rhys Myers : the invention of bit coin right here folks

xxdudeyy Dude : "Just more money! You know! Canada doesn't get enough money! Other countries have lots of money; we want, we want some of that money! Hu- how about- the Internet? The Internet makes lots of money! So give us some of that money!"

Frank Miranda : "Other countries have lots of Money" THAT is SO Wrong on so many levels!

Frank Miranda : More Money from Where? LOL

Jonathan Parker : Is it me or does Stephen Abootman, look a lot like Donald back in the day or even Donald Jr. Oh the irony they forshadowed the future