O Sole Mio , by the Amazing Jonathan Antoine

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Trung Nguyen : Pavarotti passed away and Jonathan appeared, thank God for this!

Linda Lawrence : I am a music fan. I can spend the day listening to AC/DC, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Ricky Skaggs, Travis Tritt, Vitas, Vitas, Vitas, :) and then Matt Cardle. Yet when I tune in to Jonathan Antoine, that's when I get the goose bumps. Just like when I listened to Pavarotti. Wow!

Theresa Daly : 'O Sole Mio' sung so well by Jonathan Antoine! One of my favorite songs too! Listen to that powerful last note held so long perfectly! Thank you, Sonya, for the great photos of Jonathan in this beautiful video! BRAVO!

andrea 51073 : Hello Jonathan Stavvy Antoine (Musician) ! Hello from Italy :) You are the new Pavarotti, congratulations!

Jenny Pugh : My goodness! This Jonathan is such a wonder, at age 19 he sings like an angel coming down from heaven...I was a solid fan of Pavarotti, followed all his concerts and I cried every time he sang...Jonathan is the new prince, a real Pavarotti back to life and can be the greatest in the long run...I get real emotional every time I watch and listen to him sing in you tube...Jonathan you're the greatest tenor alive...

María Araiza : Impresionante voz! Bellísimo!

John Lamb : The World's young Pavarotti. Sensational.

Hilary Thomas : I first saw this young man on Britain's Got Talent and thought WOW. He has matured over the last few years and now is astounding. He has an unbelievably beautiful voice, I could listen to him all day. I hope he will be touring Canada soon

Carla Childs : What can I say? Jonathan is such a delight, the real, the voice that only he can do. We love you, young man. God is good!

Ann Koscher : Jonathan, you are a special gift to the world. Never forget that, no matter what hurdles life may throw your way. Hopefully, there will be few. It is almost impossible to say how very much I enjoy your music and delightful personality. Although I have always enjoyed hearing a few favorites over the years, such as "O Sole Mia", I never became a fan of opera: until I heard you sing. Because you sing with such passion, it brings the songs alive. You have inspired me to look for translations of some of the songs that I am not familiar with, but love to hear you sing even without knowing the meaning. But in my almost old age, I have found a new world to enjoy. Thank you. As you are so young, you have much educational and musical training ahead of you. Try to keep on an even keel and enjoy life. My very best wishes to you. And, I adore "Tenore."

Mary Ann G : He is amazing. It is indeed to a pleasure to listen to someone that sing opera at such a young age and loves it.

Jenny Pugh : I hear Pavarotti singing again and more...more power to you Jonatahan you are truly amazing...

Mea G : Oh my goodness, this is just incredible...whenever I hear him sing the only thing I can think of is the holiness of Heaven.

irena dudek : beautiful performance , beautiful velvety voice and good presence of stage . I love this young man. Bravo!

HandwhistlerBen : Jonathan's has an even richer voice than Mario Lanza! He is destined to become one of the greatest tenors in the World in the past one hundred years!!!

Don Moore : As a tenor, his best voice will come in his thirties, he's just getting started. What an incredible gift he has.

NillocsKeep : I am so glad someone can take the title of the Pavarotti of this generation, fills me with some hope that maybe all of human culture is not doomed yet.

Nissa Arus : Sitting on my chair at work. During the last part of his singing, I felt like I want to stand in front of this laptop and give JA a standing ovation. 

Carla Childs : Amazing Jonathan! You can say that again!!!

Maria Barreto : Que voz mas maravillosa! celestial!

Partha Rajkonwar : Jon hello from India. It's a pleasure to hear you. I didnt understand the language but it melt my heart. I also heard the same in the voice of Pavoratti and Lanza but you are also exceptional on your own. wow.

1234Leona : Jonathan canta maravilloso. !!! su timbre de voz es igual a Pavarotti. 

jnormanton : We may be listening to the greatest tenor of all time.

Becky Jester : Wonderful!

Danilo Solano : Jonathan eres de los grandes tu voz es única, me has convertido en tu fan.

Family Tablet : nice voice Jonathan Antoine

jan rey : Jonathan literally takes my breath away with his voice. That has never happened before with any other performer.


Kath Parry : Brilliant use of all the most recent pictures, Sonya! So well matched to the music too! Thanks so much for sharing!

Inga-Lill Hägg Arvidsson : He is amazing , absolutely amazing singers!

Marcia Jesus : Maravilhoso !!!! Esplêndido !!!!

lyanna lyanna : he is amazing....

María de Lourdes Espinosa : I love this song ! You got an incredible and amazing voice Jonathan. Congratulations.

marcelo gordillo : Con el tiempo se va afianzando y mejorando mucho. No se si será el mas grande alguna vez, pero uno de los mejores seguro que si. Es un placer oirle cantar, aun cuando suenan notas que no espero... Felicidades, y ojala siga creciendo como hasta ahora.

Bb Oates : Oh Me encanta! I'm not a fan of operatic interpretations, but Jonathan's voice communicates with my soul or something along those lines.  Aside from his great voice I also enjoy his spontaneity and openness. Thank you Jonathan! 

L OBrien : More more please! Love this young man!

Eddi Hartmann : Jonathan du bist eine Sensation! Wenn ich dich singen höre, glaube ich, dass der Gott existiert. Solches Talent muss vom Gott kommen! Mach etwas Gutes daraus und viel Glück. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland (Germany). Wir lieben nicht nur deine Stimme, sondern dein ganzes Wesen.

Hester Myburgh : Wow I love his voice. You are the best Jonathan. Thank you God.for giving us Jonathan Antoine !!!!

Dario Ayala : una voz increible dios toco tu.ser que disfrutes de tu éxito saludos desde Argentina

Hal Bennett : Wow!  Glad I'm alive to hear that.  Way to go, Jonathan!

Santa Flores : Precioso, dios le bendiga y guíe sus pasos saludos de Juárez México.

Angela k : Love..

Josse RDZ : very well

Alex Pucho : amazing - He is good as Pavarotti. 

Patricia Quispe : Muy talentoso le espera un futuro exitoso, te apoyo felicidades.

Neasey Beamish : Gets better every year.

SONYA Ramage : New Debut Solo Album "Tenore"available to preorder at amazon.co.uk , it's going to be the Ablum of the Year

Kleiber Rangel : Bravo, bravo Jonathan magnificent, what a beautiful voice, you voice come out of your heart, God given talent, you are among the greatest of all time already, Congratulations..!! God bless you always..

Passi Flower : Great voice great eyes and great hair a cutie