Stuck in the middle of the Atlantic with no wind or engine - Ep33 - The Sailing Frenchman

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And this is the last video for the Atlantic crossing. Stay posted for some Caribbean adventure coming in hot! Hope you guys enjoy the video. If you do, please suscribe. More on Instagram #thesailingfrenchman and on the facebook page: Music: Samuel Scott McCumber : and The Dying Wake: Gypsy Thief Holly’s Hat Trick

Comments from Youtube

dream : this man legit stuck in the middle of the ocean and he is calm af

Mythagoras : The middle of the ocean like that... is simultaneously the safest place and the riskiest place to be

depreston : Me : Mom can we go to the Caribbean? Mom: plane tickets are to expensive *Shows video*

be m : Trust the French to have more litres of wine than diesel

Ptguy0618 : Psssh, this is nothing, one time I got stuck in an inflatable ring float in my pool and couldn’t get out for an hour. It was pretty hot out too.

jaskari1 : 1:44 lmao. " I know, looks like im 12 years old..." and got the most hairy chest in the entire atlantic ocean

A b e r z y _ : Damn subnautica update looks so realistic.

leftyfourguns : Where's those sea turtles when you need them

Sugary_King : 11:37 well dang why don’t you just pour out the whole cup while your at it

PilzEtosis : I had no idea the middle of the ocean could get so glassy and smooth!

JTsuits : I give you the Seaman seal of approval ! Very impressive my good friend !

Iz Zan : A few cocaine bricks back

Gwapo sa daan : Wasnt really interested in sailing and oceans though, but this video is just nutsss. Amazing video mannnn

Mo Bazuri : Why did he suddenly start speaking like Borat at 13:10

kwaiper : I thought you was in a plane looking at the thumnail 😂

Josip 7 : 1:44 that's some hairy 12yo chest you got there

Natog : that is some blue ass water

Tommy Plays : The fact the water looks that calm amazes me. I never have been that far from land and it looks so calm and relaxing. Stay safe you guys!

TTV MannorX : Why does he sound like Gatus kandus ?🤷‍♂️

O B Y K V N X B Y : Try blowing the sail

Len Gaming : I found this in my reccomended list, i have never watched sailing videos, But i really enjoyed it!

Experimental Fun : What happens if a huge storm comes or hurricane?

Mandrião nomaR : Amazing! How did you came back home?

kai : This video gives me anxiety, the open ocean is my biggest fear

Ben Joseph : im way 2 high for this. why i thought it was a plane when i clicked

FBI : Anyone else started with captions on?

80MileKyle : Hi if you need help or company you can go to Somali coast and they will meet you

iRacing Rookie : if you sold the boat you'd probably have enough to buy 2 return tickets.. just saying

Sr duvidos : 7:12 nice nutsack tho

MaNameMaJEFF : You are lucky my guy... always wanted to go in the middle of the sea....and see the clouds like the movie *Life of Pi* Check dat out tho

Waves SC : You know this man has the gas on deck

hollysaga : Thats the perfect condition for an extraordinary extreme panic attack to me

Gods Country Bumpkin : Pretty outstanding people are the French, very courageous people and it's great to see some good father and son memories being made. First sailing video I've ever watched and listened all of the way through. I'm now a new subscriber.

ItsMatty : I absolutely hate this kind of ocean and I'm terrified of it at the same time, just being in the middle of nowhere with no land for hundreds of miles and the sea is like 5000m deep. Hats off to you man for braving this transatlantic crossing.

Ryan Bitter : Finally an interesting YouTuber who creates authentic content! Keep it up dude, subscribed! 🤙

sublime929 : You shave the same way I do! Also sometimes I'll shave half way and make it look very messed up and tell my wife my razor broke lol. That doesn't work anymore but to stay consistant I still do it.

Cody S. : It's hard to comprehend how huge the oceans really are.

weblife nomaz : is anybody else rocking back and forth while watching this video?

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures : you are so brave to do this. although I love cruising, I would be terrified to be in a small boat in the middle of nowhere.

grace calis : 4:57 Good god that is so surreal. Just calm waters for endless miles around you

Controlled Chaos : She won't say no.... Because of the IMPLICATIONS....

Slavic Affairs : Not interested in sailing but I have to admit this is super interesting 😁 There's certain calmness and excitement about this video, bon voyage!

Freizeitflugsphäre : Really enjoy such videos as someone wo has no acess to the sea.

Dan : Brother this was amazing!!! You are a FREE SOUL!!! and TRUST ME.. not many people can say that nowadays!!!! Cheers to you!

Agus Bolch : Hearing Manu Chao.. time goes even slower

FiFiFilth : This is recommended to me after my dad invited me to go sailing with him, I'll sure as hell take him up on that after this video.

Nokia : wow shaves and doesnt do a hitler [-respect]

Mr. Lince : Go swim ! I like you music Damm i was waiting 2 saisons in canary island and i try to find a ship for crossing, pls next time you cross tell it to me :D

E G : You are truly living and I am inspired. I don' t have the cojones for a trip like that though.