Stuck in the middle of the Atlantic with no wind or engine - Ep33 - The Sailing Frenchman

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Experimental Fun : What happens if a huge storm comes or hurricane?

Slavic Affairs : Not interested in sailing but I have to admit this is super interesting 😁 There's certain calmness and excitement about this video, bon voyage!

be m : Trust the French to have more litres of wine than diesel

80MileKyle : Hi if you need help or company you can go to Somali coast and they will meet you

Sr duvidos : It would be amazing to smash my girlfriends ass in the middle of the ocean omg

Natog : that is some blue ass water

hollysaga : Thats the perfect condition for an extraordinary extreme panic attack to me

Mythagoras : The middle of the ocean like that... is simultaneously the safest place and the riskiest place to be

VenoFuj : is this legend seriously sailing across the atlantic and posting in on youtube? damn wtf thanks for recommending me this

Cody S. : It's hard to comprehend how huge the oceans really are.

The Lucas Higgins : 11:37 That was a lot of wine for the sea.

Nokia : wow shaves and doesnt do a hitler [-respect]

Unknown Heights ッ : *I'd lay on top of the boat every night and just look up at the milkyway*

Ant Bee : In the thumbnail I thought you were in a plane

fjoa123 : 1:38 there was another classic moustache left to feature there but you're forgivven since you're a frenchman.

Connor Goldy : Why didn’t they just use a big fan?

Gregor Zavadlav : No obligatory hitler mustache while shawing... i did not sub.

Edison Siew : I don’t trust that small of a boat in such a big sea.

JTsuits : I give you the Seaman seal of approval ! Very impressive my good friend !

Randomnick123 : Getting health problems after 2 weeks on the sea would be even worse than a storm

Nic k : 7:23 that's quite the meatstick you have there m8, cheers

Что Один Гопник : *Suddenly the Yamato Battleship appears*

mister Moody : I am getting anxiety just watching this.

Haseeb Maqsood : Its all fun and games until a hurricane or storm shows up

jaskari1 : 1:44 lmao. " I know, looks like im 12 years old..." and got the most hairy chest in the entire atlantic ocean

Cody : @ 1:45 "i know i look 12yo" Bruh... You still look 35... Don't you worry.

Evan7 : The sea tipped your boat so it could have more wine

Rocky Clark : The ocean is so beautiful and so scary at same time

Nocturnal Recluse : I think I've found my calling in life.

ItsOkToBeALoser : Do i wanna know how deep its there i hate depths when you cant se the bottom

guido7095 : 7:13 there's a banana

Brandon Lee Sanders : Strange question but... Where do you poop...? The ocean?

Mike Targon : Guy from vessel with weather forecast @ 7:00 has the strong Russian accent

Bthaboi D : This was like a movie lol 👍🏼

Obsolete Technologies : Dude you got solar panels, y u now buy some electric trolling motors for like fishing boats???the sun could have moved you at a turtle pace, but at least you'd been moving forward

Ernest Jay : The most peaceful sea i ever seen

Colby and Brennen : I'm too white and suburban to do this

Dale Gribble : What happens if you smoke sea water ?

Lithostheory : It looks really relaxing to be honest... completely separated from everyone with such quiet and peace :^)

starvalentinobeatz : How do u not jerk off for that long... Or do you guys... Nevermind.

Gold silver : Love this video , you will always have that memory of that time spent with your dad .

Iz Zan : A few cocaine bricks back

Mills , : 4:23 Wow haven't heard Manu Chao in a loooong time :))

Dwight Schrute : So cool!!! Europeans charted the seas and we’re still doing it. Reality is stranger than fiction!

Controlled Chaos : She won't say no.... Because of the IMPLICATIONS....

Thumbnail Finder : Don't sweat it. Everyone who shaves feels like they look like they're 12.

Dnox Gamingx : one question... *How Can He Upload In the Middle Of Atlantic Ocean ??*

neato : My friend jon is gay

Эвертон : 14:40 che guevara book, urgh!

Sugary_King : 11:37 well dang why don’t you just pour out the whole cup while your at it