you blew it

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PinStripes41 : This might be the funniest thing i've ever seen

XYtoTheDoubleG : I LOVED HER!

likeriver : I wish this guy was my boss.

Brian Joseph : Ya blew it. Kapish?

Jabronie Johnson : "DAH WHATYA MEAN WHAT?!"

Zabs McGee : you ruined the ending!!!!!

xErikTheRedx : You took out the last part with his eye thing, WTF!

thatguyizzy6 : ya blew it

fuckthisshit9999999 : Larry always takes it too far.

Evan Alpert : I'm glad I'm not the only one who is pissed off there isn't a video with the full expressions afterwards <3

InVigor8 : They shouldve prolonged the beginning

Light Blind : ya blew it

Zabs McGee : you blew it!!!

Will Grello : ya blew it

INU2HM : greatest manager of all time... its like if you got fired and he told you *"you've been employee of week for a full hour and you're always on time. The other employees all seem to like you but I think I'm gonna have to let you go, ok? Ya blew it, kopeesh?"* would make it all better I'm sure of it

Edan MacIver : hahaha he fucking sits back down


Michael Getachew : he taught larry a valuable lesson

Beat Junkie2016 : Best three words!

Niatona : I'm getting some mixed messages from Mr. Henderson.

Pjams Mataeo : You're a Hogg.

jwardbass : c'peesh?

PhilloBaggins : you blew Great Job!

reminder: : Plus an extra 5 seconds for the time you spent commenting here about your dissatisfaction over wasted time. Great job!

PhilloBaggins : That's 33 secs I'll never get back.

es____5 : /watch?v=SkNqsvR9ApM just check it out :D

Robert Taylor : Uploader

Robert Taylor : Thanks uploaded

Robert Taylor : I uhh got a little out of hand.

Chris B : DYOU MEAN WHAT? YOU JUST WACKED HER IN THE HEAD WITH A COFFEE POT. I loved Her.... Ya blew it... kah peeesh

jetpackcowboy : peesh

Founder : I love that womans expression 0:16

camaroman101 : i know! that was the best part

jevicci : He loved her. Like this if you cry every time.

jb60135 : Yer a hog, capeche?