you blew it

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PinStripes41 : This might be the funniest thing i've ever seen

Brian Joseph : Ya blew it. Kapish?

xErikTheRedx : You took out the last part with his eye thing, WTF!

XYtoTheDoubleG : I LOVED HER!

likeriver : I wish this guy was my boss.

Zabs McGee : you ruined the ending!!!!!

thatguyizzy6 : ya blew it

Zabs McGee : you blew it!!!

Gibby Carson : The strongest, and undoubtedly the most unrecognized joke or this century. So far.

anom : I love how larr's like.. "what?"

r0y02 : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

DylanDaPickle : Kapesh

Jared K : Hahahaa

Beat Junkie2016 : Best three words!

Pjams : You're a Hogg.

jwardbass : c'peesh?

Alex Carter : I LOVED HER! Tyche do you even know what love means? |LO|VE|: *Low Vector* Love's supposed to dignify us but it just brings us to our knees. "He who loves the more is the inferior and must suffer..." -Mann A lot of smarties have said some wiseass things in human history but that is the entire Logos of Love. Those made low go to Heaven. I am poverty incarnated and you are boundless wealth. I live in the nexus of all nightmares in Olympia and you live on Olympus shaking your peasant-smiting stick for all the unwashed witless masses. The peasants just want to be fooded, you don't have to cudgel us unmerciful and cuff all our hopes and dreams to rust and dust. You should be fooding and moneying the peasants because there is a direct link between the purchase of goods and services and the having of money. You can look around the world for yourself to be sure but I can promise you that the people buying things are the people who possess money. But what are you buying into this? You are going to learn from Anteros the meaning of charity. Anteros also wields a large trouncing stick and it is said that those hit with the stick develop a taste for crayons and soap until they give all their money away to the poorest. THAT'S WHAT IS SAID?! I'm just relating the relevant rumors that I am currently creating. If one suffers a bludgeon from Anteros they begin to hunger only for the crunch of crans and the soothing suds of fine soaps. A second bludgeon will make the victim crave only the sanguine crayon from every box he or she can find. People cannot live on a diet of only sanguine crayons! And you don't even want to know what the third strike entails because Anteros is the most hot-headed glue-sniffer and no one has ever lived to tell of a third encounter. These are time-tested facts proven by empirical hearsay contrived by me this very instant. This, you do not question. My magical realisms are neither pessimisms or optimisms or solipsisms. They are stories for you so we can make modernity more closely resemble mythology and avoid the thricewise approach of Anteros in the midst of a seasoned huffer's hallucinatory frenzy.

PhilloBaggins : you blew Great Job!

reminder: : Plus an extra 5 seconds for the time you spent commenting here about your dissatisfaction over wasted time. Great job!

PhilloBaggins : That's 33 secs I'll never get back.

es____5 : /watch?v=SkNqsvR9ApM just check it out :D

Robert Taylor : Uploader

Robert Taylor : Thanks uploaded

Robert Taylor : I uhh got a little out of hand.

Chris B : DYOU MEAN WHAT? YOU JUST WACKED HER IN THE HEAD WITH A COFFEE POT. I loved Her.... Ya blew it... kah peeesh

InVigor8 : They shouldve prolonged the beginning

jetpackcowboy : peesh

Founder : I love that womans expression 0:16

camaroman101 : i know! that was the best part

Evan Alpert : I'm glad I'm not the only one who is pissed off there isn't a video with the full expressions afterwards <3

fuckthisshit9999999 : Larry always takes it too far.


jevicci : He loved her. Like this if you cry every time.

Light Blind : ya blew it

Edan MacIver : hahaha he fucking sits back down

jb60135 : Yer a hog, capeche?