MATTSHEA EATS DICK (for the first time)
Eating Dick for the first time

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The Ultimate Randomizer : watching this without earbuds, mom walks in like.. "dafq u watching?"

HolUp : omg how does he keep a straight face all the time i was laughing all the time through the video

Luca S. : Did I click on a buzzfeed video?

Digital HD : *gay silence*

Grafet : I will never look at mattshea the same

Obligon : This is the new version of the "I'M GAY" meme.

Charlie Gray : im aDICKted to this video See what i did there :))

Izzy : The level of troll in this video could cure cancer. Damnit Matt you genius!

Ronan MC Hugh : Best documentary I've ever seen

Arceus The Frog : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Asher : I love how he just doesnt break character XD

Workof : I hope you wrote "family friendly" in the tags so it doesnt get demonitized

lucia : I'm crying wtf you're so weird I love it

Charles Robinson : Just ask someone on the street, it's Canada everyone's nice, I'm sure they'll let you try theirs.

Cryson : Watch this video out of context. close your eyes... and imagine

Prestonsorrows : please do a bloopers, I know this didn't take on take

charzy : 1:36 the best joke ever madeXD

Of Frost And Flames : You're actual quite a good actor Matt! At least you've got an option if this whole youtube thing crashes and burns ;D

Noah Tumibay : This... ...this is the greatest video of all time! No joke Seriously Amazing

Toxicantzeus101 : Is matt okay

A Cactus : Your best vid yet.

Christopher Felts : too funny man!

Ken : Did Matt ran out of ideas before making this video?

Squirrel Buckets : Demonitized

Silver Spider44 : Wow,I can't believe matt was a virgin all this time.

Lily Coons : I think the best part of this video is the fact that it was most likely Ashley filming the whole thing

David Souza : DAMNIT! Everyone's a vlogger these days man.

Carly McCann : well this notification was hard to explain to my mum lol :/

Willy G Rags : WTF.................. a Samsung microwave?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Mr Moustache : Who's here after his recent video?

DanGamer : He looks so excited 😂😂

Lorel Holt : HOLY SHIT!! My cat jumped up on my computer and Matt said Hi Kitty! I thought I was losing it!!

Jack ASMR : this the quality content ive been waiting for my whole life

I play Gitar : Quality, love it!

Ayera : this is why i stan this man also props to ashley for not laughing through this ahaha

Alexander Buheis : Who else is here remembering when Matt had somewhat good content

Benjamin Ingerslew : Oh I'll show you sound ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Altruastic : Clickbait more like DICKBAIT

TV Head Guy : When MattShea started crying we could see he was trying to not laugh xD perfect

every snowflake's different just like you : Are you sure it was the first time?

professional connoisseur of extravagant bread : "(for the first time)" Are you sure this is the first time, Matt? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Null Kyanite : My first thought was "Damn it Richard why did you have to get eaten by Matt" ...I am not a cannibal (I think)

MrGaleor : As a person who is reasonably educated in British Cuisine. This intro was hilarious.

WHEEZE : You sure it's the first time? Just kidding, love you (no homo)

blackhud 303 opposite : No thanks I'm not watching

GDKawaii11 : please make more of these. I loved this so much, it was so so funny 😂

TOXIC FEESH : This video was so cringe! 🤣😂🤣😂

AudricExpress : i have a feeling its clickbait xDDDD idk i haven't watched the full video

McPrzoGamer : Ah, I see you have asked PewDiePie for ideas