Cells at work Intro BUT in their cell forms and its animated :d

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Oliver Kirkland : Is this the Netflix adaptation?

Yureta Bay : When hataraku became real :v

Namas'cray : *a heavy reminder what we are shipping*

KennedyEbony : You even kept the hats.. <3

Kecoa Terbang : if you using ULTRA HD graphic

【Emiko】 : This is the best thing I've seen all day.

Potato Mato : Someone make a comparison video with this and the original

Shynderu : *Includes paid promotion*

Yukihira Soma : Do you wanna lewd the platelets now after seeing this?

Niggachu : Quien hubiera imaginado que en mi clase de biología habláramos sobre el sistema inmunológico y había visto este anime xd

Thomas King : I have bio test tomorrow... NOW I AM FULLY PREPARED

The ping : Red blood cell isn't Sickle... *Literally* *Unwatchable*

Broken Nibba : T Th Thi This This I This Is This Is S This Is So This Is So G This Is So Go This Is So Goo This Is So Good This Is so Goo This Is so Go This Is So G This Is So This Is S This Is This I This Thi Th T Iam desparate for likes tbh

StreamIt : Anyone make a side by side comparasion vid yet? This is epic

Pinq : lets wait til this mastah piece gets 1 mil views

Limuruu : What on earth is this?! Is it really Cells at work?! Interesting~~

Some Doofus : Main character red blood cell is sickle shaped, it would explain why he/she has trouble exploring things.

Ive not watched 1 episode of my hero academia : I'm so uneducated i didn't know wtf what was what

豆腐と桃 : 血小板が可愛くない、、、

みょん : 何か、手とかひょっこりしてるの可愛すぎる

Jeffrey Gao : Is it wrong that I love one of my red blood cells?

茶々丸・みやファン : 現実見ろって言われてるみたいwww

千多 : PLATELET 。・゚゚ ''゜(*/□\*) ''゜゚゚・。 ウワァーン!!

Daddy Meme Master : The platelets ruined my life

もずぴーす : うん、まぁ普通はこれが正しいんだけどなんか違和感しかねぇな...

ヤマダ : いや、擬人化マンガをまた元に戻すなよwww 細胞から手が出てるのめっちゃかわいいww

68歳オーマジオウ : B細胞カメハメハ撃ってんだけど

macaron姫 : なんだろう…なんかわかんないけど、ちょっと動きがかわいいww

Exxelenen Setijadi : Anime : guys fighting with combat knives at the threat Real life : some spiky balls flailing their tentacles at the threat Where did all these likes come from ?!

眠いzuzu : 絶対誰かやると思ったwww

ふぇる : やめろォ(´;ω;`) リアルにするなぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ

ただのcrew : なんかジワジワくる…w

753%みんと : 無駄にクオリティ高くて草

Mark Patena : I'd be laughing even more if every episode was like this

扇風機愛好家 : 擬人化前でも可愛く見えてきた

Xion gaming : Lol if anime was actually like that xD

仕晴 : わぁーっ!リアルゥ!!

彩虹 : これはこれで面白いなw

tea wrecks : Expectations: adorable anime waifu with a cute ahoge and booty shorts, delivering cargo throughout the body systems Reality: red donut


整形失敗してホモになった松風天馬 : 現 実 を 教 え る な

누룽지 : 현실판 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미치겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

闇野瑠輝松 : 現実すぎて草

幼幼euclid : 最悪で最高なのを見てしまった

Dinosuar Lover : Anime : knifes Reality : literally eating the bactirea whole

Cobra Royality32 : This was oddly satisfying to watch. *hits replay*

Melony m.m : I can’t even rn XD how did I stumble on this


TheWalkGames : hahaha so Creative

轟くギガプリン : ちょっ、やっちゃあかんやつw