MCU Supercut - The Road To Infinity War

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TheJklay : "Doesn't matter what you did, what you were. You walk outside that door you are an avenger. "

LawofCinema : That transition to Iron Man 3 was immaculate

Faizal Hira : Damn the last part of your supercut always makes me so emotional

의 토이리뷰#teamcap : This video is better than road to civilwar and more emotional. I can't belive Marvel Cinematic Universe it's been 10 years. When I was 14, I saw Iron Man 1 But now I'm 24 years old.

CINEMAZE: The Film Discussion Channel : Can't believe its been 10 years, so ready for infinity war. Awesome video gave me chills. Been watching you since road to civil war, this channel is awesome and you were one of my inspirations to start making videos on the MCU

Drumdums : Outstanding work on this MCUExchange. I literally had chill bumps by the end. I will watch this again right before planting my ass in my theater chair for Infinity War.

Jalilm17 : I really really hope Marvel and Kevin Feige know how thankful we are for what they have done in the past 10 years for us.

J Tevo : This just shows how well Marvel have crafted this story. Incredible stuff, that seems impossible, yet done to a superb level. Well done Marvel and Thankyou

LawofCinema : As someone who's made an MCU Infinity War supercut, I know how much time and effort this takes. Thanks for this, and good job!

Mr. Krepshus : This was impressive, great job

diandra rizvi : This is why Marvel rules the cinematic heroes series. Not by shortcut, but by journey...

the insurance : There was a man with idea. To bring together a group of b listers and below. To see if they can become A listers in a Cinematic Universe. So when the fans needed them. They can give the fans the love. That WB/DC never could. That man was Kevin Feige. He made that idea into a reality ten years in the making.

Rishabh Agarwal : I Tweeted this to Marvel Studios, Kevin, Chris, Chris and RDJ and Asked them to invite you for IW premiere. You deserve it for making this amazing supercut which absolutely captures the essence and feeling of last 10 years and 18 movies. Thank you Charles..

Calebe Sagaz : 17:13 *The end is the most beautiful part.* ♥️ ♥️

Amy Brown : This should be a required watch for everyone. Not just those that are seeing Infinity War, but for those who criticize the MCU. The storytelling and story-weaving, character introductions and arcs, world and universe building, themes and genres built through multiple franchises and trilogies is a modern marvel. This should be applauded. I am proud to be a MCU fan, and I refused to be ashamed for how much this movie will mean to me.

Cian Rivera : While this entire video is an emotional roller coaster, the most tear-jerking clip for me was near the end with the cut to Yinsen. Tony's anxious about "the end of the path he started us on", and that moment with Yinsen I believe was the beginning of that path. Tony went into that dark cave a selfish and arrogant man, and he came out into the light with his former self stripped away yet newly armored to help others out of compassion - all thanks to his own resourcefulness and Yinsen's brave sacrifice.

LevinJeez : I'm not crying. There's something in my eyes. I think Thanos threw a moon at me.

Roddy Rod : It's so beautiful 😭😭😭

B G : 10 years of buildup and it's only just mere weeks away. never thought I'd see the day man. This is history in the making.

James V. : Mindblowing, really puts in perspective the evolution of the mcu and it's characters. Can't thank you enough, btw that edit with Black Panther and Thor landing simultaneously was smooth. Hope they play something like this before the film.

Korg : “When the Earth starts to settle, god throws a stone at it” you made that line amazing, and possibly the best part of this tribute, very well done

Ramzy Firdaus : I really like the transition between 3 logos of Avengers Films in the end.. Well Done, MCUExchange..

Felix Uadiale : It is really crazy how I was seven when I saw iron man now I'm 17

Ruaumoko : To think that all this stated because Tony Stark built a suit in a cave, with a box of scraps...

kws2534 : Those last three minutes...powerful stuff. Definitely got choked up. Major props for this.

CZseventyfive : Great tribute to Kevin Feige and the his vision of what could be done. 10 years! And the MCU doesn’t look to sit on previous successes but continue to build for more success!!!!

King'SAnimus07 : 👀 Hope Kevin sees this.

Hitso Orvonen : Oo shii! It appears that Ultron hints Thanos to be the god throwing a stone at earth, when Thanos threw the moon!

Awesome4Life : I liked the video before watching it

Brendan : I just recently got into these movies and ended up watching all 18 movies leading up to Infinity War in the span of about 2 weeks... Best decision of my life.

의 토이리뷰#teamcap : I want song's name at 17:14

Taco1011 : I was 10 years old when I first saw Iron Man. I grew up on these movies. I can't believe what it has become. What a story. The story of the MCU could be most ambitious film project in history. April 27th can't come soon enough. I can't wait.

CaptainFilip : My goodness this was AMAZING, I loved the last few seconds especially, the MCU is the best thing to happen to cinema!! You guys did a great job with this edit and Thank You Marvel Studios!!

王琨 : It’s the best MCU cut I’ve ever watched. You know YouTube is forbidden in China but on Weibo this video has been watched for 8 million times. Chinese fans really love this video. Thank you for giving us such a gift. I can’t hold my tears in the end …

How To Speed Run : man I have to say this is one of the best touching edit I’ve ever seen in a while, I am a Chinese, and in China, you become very famous! A lot of people love this video and so many people put on it, you deserve better! Thank you!

Innershine 17 : Marvel is truly the best at their superhero movies in this build up it’s going to be tested infinity war and I can’t wait. Amazing video guys it got me really emotional. Thank you Marvel for bringing amazing characters in superheroes to life.

BMoneyrulz : Awesome job! 20 min well spent! I got teary-eyed at the end. Bravo, sir!

Hmongbie : This part of the video needs to be appreciated more. 17:30 when Vision is talking about "order and chaos" while the scene of Banner's face overlapping with Hulk's in Ragnarok is shown. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Big_Matty 1506 : 20 minutes of goosebumps, fricking amazing job.

navi en : Marvel > Star Wars

Ugly Edits Channel : the best edit i ever seen. Congratulations!! :'D

DARK STUDIOS : me: they can't one up the civil war video 20 mins later me:..........

FridayNightRaider : When I was 10, I went to the theatre to see the first Avengers film with my Dad and Brother. The only exposure I had to the superhero genre was the 1989 Keaton Batman film and the Christopher Reeve's Superman. I knew that there were films in the MCU That came before this one, so we watched them all in preparation at home. Avengers kicked off my love for the superhero genre in a way that no movie had done. Now after 6 years, my dad, brother and I are going to see Infinity War opening weekend after seeing every post-phase 1 Marvel movie in theaters. We just got done doing a marathon of every movie in advance. This really will be the movie of the year, if not the last few.

The Vault Master : 19:24 - THAT EDIT!!!!!!

Batman : this masterpiece should be played in every theater before every infinity war movie starts

MotherChucker : What’s better than a trailer? A 20 minute trailer.

Roni ZxZ : "When the earth starts to settle...God throws a stone at It"

Winston Haywood : dude i dont have the vocabulary to express how awesome this video is. It's amazing to see how far we've come in 10 years with the MCU. Marvel should be asking you permission to use this video as a recap. Great fucking job on this video.

QRITO TV. / Qリト : 16:40 Ultron : When the earth starts to settle.....God throws a stone at it

YoungerBlood21 : omfg, this is too good. as someone who used to make huge-ass trailers, I know how much work goes into this. too much work was done and it was done perfectly . Loved the editing/music choice. Only if video was widescreen then man, that would have been better. keep it up. hope a new video comes out soon., do aos road. this video is emotional , brought back memories. also makes me want to start making trailers again.